Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 106: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (11) Part 2

He looked at the crumbled house and felt his heart in his throat.

If he hadn't dodged, what would have happened to this house would have been his end.

Jian Hu was also scared to death.

His body was already weak, and now it was even more useless.

If he hadn't been so smart and pressed himself to the ground, he would have been torn apart by now.

Ah Jin looked at the two people who had escaped from death.

"I would never have thought that the people of the Demon Sect would have such a backbone. They would rather perish than sell their comrades."

When the old man heard this, he looked at the destroyed house and around the area.

Ah Jin then said, "You two are holding out here, but your buddies are hiding in the shadows watching the show."

They fought for so long, but none of them came out.

This was not normal.

Ah Jin had long felt the prying eyes of the Demon Sect people from all directions.

With six people killed in front of them, no one would want to be the seventh.

If Ah Jin were to show any sign of weakness, they would undoubtedly swarm to peel her skin and drink her blood.

The old man thought too little of Ah Jin.

He would have been part of the audience had he not thought so.

Among the Demon Sect, there was no such thing as friendship.

It was only profit and competition.

The old man did not want to die, so he told Ah Jin, "I'll take you to others. Do not kill me! Still, I can't guarantee how many people are left alive."

Ah Jin took away her sword and headed to where the old man's hand was pointing.

Before leaving, she said to the people hiding in the shadows, "Feel free to send your head anytime."

Then a brilliant smile appeared.

That smile made people feel as if they were on a freezing day of the winter solstice.

Ah Jin had nothing better to do than to walk on the road and asked, "Where is your sect master?"

The old man answered honestly, "He's gone out to practice."

"Oh? He's gone to wreak havoc again, right?"

The old man shook his head, "No, no, no. He really went into seclusion to practice."

Ah Jin was a little sad that she couldn't get rid of them in one go this time.

She asked again, "What is your relationship with Gu Qingmei?"

The two men looked at her confusedly.

"Who is Gu Qingmei?"

"My junior sister."

The two men shook their heads again together in confusion.

"Do not recognize her."

"I don't know."

Ah Jin got a little more interested then.

"You guys don't know her even though she's obviously involved with your Demon Sect."

The old man explained, "There are too many of us in the Demon Sect. Many of us are not familiar with each other. Chances are, if it was a pawn planted a long time ago, the only person who would know it would be the sect master. We often move from one location to another. It is normal not to know each other."

His voice got softer as he said it that he seemed to feel a bit ashamed of himself.

So, the only person who knows Gu Qingmei was probably the Demon Sect master.

The matter then came back to the original point.

Ah Jin spoke, "Then your life has not been easy."

She understood a little how they came to this run-down village.

When you could not even recognize your own people, what else could you expect from him?

Ah Jin finally arrived at one of the houses where the young girls were held according to the old man's directions.

Ah Jin dropped the two men in the yard and went into the house.

Jian Hu was thrown x 3

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