His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 106 - You're Like Me

Sometimes, Shen Ziqiao admired Sheng Peiyin a lot. It seemed like she could just turn and forget the harmful things she’d done to other people easily. She wouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed as if she was the victim that people should pity.

Just like now. She was clearly almost killed by her but Sheng Peiyin acted like the victim instead.

“Third Miss Sheng, if you have anything to say, you can just say it here.” Shen Zikai said with a cold face, not giving Sheng Peiyin any time alone with Shen Ziqiao.

“Elder Brother, it’s fine. Let’s hear what Third Miss Sheng has to say.” Seeing that Sheng Peiyin came alone, she naturally wouldn’t make a move here. She indicated for Shen Zikai to move out of the way. She really wanted to know what Sheng Peiyin had to say.

Shen Zikai knitted his brows in disapproval. “Jiao Jiao!”

“It’s fine.” Shen Ziqiao smiled and led Sheng Peiyin to the other side to talk.

“Why are you looking for me?” Shen Ziqiao asked in a faint voice. She didn’t really act like she hated Sheng Peiyin but she didn’t act that intimate as she did in the past either.

Sheng Peiyin stared coldly at her and said, “I know. You’re just like me. Otherwise, you won’t be that lucky.”

Shen Ziqiao lifted her brows slightly, not really understanding. “What are you saying?”

“You don’t need to act dumb. That’s right. I hate you a lot. I want you to die badly. If you were your original self, you would’ve died so many times but you didn’t. Even more, you changed a lot of things that should’ve happened. You can’t hide it from me. You’re just like me. You lived again.”

Shen Ziqiao stared flabbergasted at Sheng Peiyin. So...she thought that she had been reborn like her.

In Sheng Peiyin’s eyes, it seemed like she had guessed right.

“I knew it. I was like how could an idiot suddenly become smart? So what if you had been reborn like me? Idiots are idiots. You think that you can win me? Shen Ziqiao, there’s still ample time. Just wait. I’ll make sure Shen Family won’t have an easy time in the future. I will get my revenge.” Sheng Peiyin swore gloomily.

Shen Ziqiao shook her head, finding this funny. “Just what enmity does my Shen Family have with you? All along, you’ve been wanting me to die. Just who did the Shen Family hurt? Sheng Peiyin, as a person, you shouldn’t be too excessive.”

“You don’t know how your father destroyed my family?” Sheng Peiyin asked sternly. “Everything I’m doing now is to protect my Sheng Family.”

Shen Ziqiao still didn’t believe that Shen Xiao was a ruthless and sinister person. No matter how ruthless a filial man was, he would never be heartless to that point.

There must be a misunderstanding.

“When did my father destroy your family?” Shen Ziqiao asked. Wasn't the Sheng Family in a good state right now?

Sheng Peiyin laughed. “It won’t happen this time naturally. Let’s wait and see.”

Shen Ziqiao thought that Sheng Peiyin was already fixated on the belief that Shen Xiao had framed the Sheng Family. Thus, no matter what, she believed that everyone in the Shen Family was bad.

“Then let’s wait to see. If you have the ability, find the person who is actually behind this. What’s the use of dealing with me? You’re doing this because I look easy to be bullied? Sheng Peiyin, are you doing this to manifest your talent or your ability? No one will pity you if you mess with me.” Shen Ziqiao said faintly then turned. “Instead of thinking about hurting people to receive safeguard in the future, why not take this chance to change yourself?”

Sheng Peiyin glared at Shen Ziqiao in resentment. “What right do you have to scold me? You’re just a useless idiot.”

“Right, I’m a useless idiot. That’s why I won’t be like you. Unsatisfied even after seducing the Ninth Prince and then turning to seduce the crown prince in the palace. You really think that everyone’s after you because of your beauty? Idiots have idiots’ happiness. As a fake white lotus, you can’t understand.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

Shen Ziqiao continued to talk under Sheng Peiyin’s ashened expression. “That’s it then. We don’t have a common topic to talk about. The more we talk, the more we argue. I’ll see you next time.”

Shen Ziqiao returned to the horse carriage and finally got back in after bidding farewell to the others.

The horse carriage faded into the distance.

Sheng Peiyin took in a deep breath and glared at the corner in which Shen Ziqiao’s horse carriage disappeared before trying to calm down the anger inside her heart.

She slowly walked towards her own horse carriage. Shen Zikai stood by the horse carriage staring coldly at her.

“Eldest Master Shen.” She curtsied and stared at him elegantly, not feeling guilty in the least bit.

“Third Miss Sheng, if you dislike my sister, you can express your dislike for me instead. My sister won’t be in the capital anymore.” Shen Zikai said in a deep voice.

Sheng Peiyin’s expression changed slightly, looking at Shen Zikai with teary eyes. “Eldest Master Shen, is there a misunderstanding?”

“Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, you know best.” Shen Zikai said.

“Eldest Master Shen, you treat Jiao Jiao so nicely. No wonder you guys never fight. I admire you.” Sheng Peiyin seemed to be saying this sincerely.

Shen Zikai looked at her expressionlessly.

“Don’t you feel unbalanced at all? Your father gave everything to Jiao Jiao but you get nothing. In the future, your father will give everything to an outsider. Don’t you feel like this is such a pity?” The moment Sheng Peiyin recalled how much dowries Shen Ziqiao obtained, she’d feel her heart tightening.

Shen Zikai suddenly laughed. This girl is actually thinking about driving a wedge between their relationship!

“Third Miss Sheng, don’t mention my mother giving all the dowries to my sister, but even if she marries in the future, I’ll even add onto her pile of dowries. You don’t need to drive a wedge between our relationship. This doesn’t work on me.” Shen Zikai looked at Sheng Peiyin in disdain.

“That’s not that I meant…” Sheng Peiyin’s face paled and she said feeling wronged.

Shen Zikai said, “My sister treats you like her real sister, but how exactly did you treat her? You know well in your heart. Remember. No matter who wants to hurt my sister, I won’t let her go.”

Sheng Peiyin fisted her hands that she hid inside her sleeves, her nails digging into her palm. “You guys are really close.”

Shen Zikai looked coldly at her before turning to enter Shen Family, ignoring Sheng Peiyin’s pitiful expression.

The third day after Shen Ziqiao left the capital, Madam Zhou had Old Madam Shen go propose marriage to the Chen Family.

Old Madam Shen was originally moved but somehow she heard news of the Chen Family not giving that much dowries to Chen Xueling. It was only a few thousand ingots of silvers.

This ruined her mood completely and refused to talk about proposing marriage anymore.

The fourth day, Shen Zikai and Qi Zheng left the capital and headed for the northwest leading the soldiers.

Half a month or so later, Shen Ziqiao finally arrived at Minyue.

Minyue and the capital were completely different places with different customs. Minyue was near the water and the only port that accepted overseas trade. They just entered Minyue when Shen Ziqiao eagerly pulled the curtains to the side and looked out.

The buildings on the streets were different from the courtyards in the capital. The Minyue’s architecture style was unique. There were tons of interesting and appealing teahouses on the streets. People bustled around and it was very lively.

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