My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 106.2: Naraka Tower pt. 3

At this time outside the Naraka Tower, as the core person to refine the tower, Mo Qianyun sensed that the eye of the formation was in danger. He got anxious and urged his spiritual power frantically, ignoring the load on his body.

A cultivator in gray clothes next to him was also affected, his face looking unpleasant. “Sect Leader Mo, if you continue like this, you probably can’t hang on until the refining of the tower succeeds.”

Mo Qianyun ignored him. Under his control, the demonic energy from the other 17 layers of hell poured into the Avici Hell!

Next to the ice coffin, more than a dozen cultivators were about to take action. Suddenly, layers of demonic energy swept in, like the angry waves of the ocean, so vast that it almost swallowed the entire Underworld Hall. They were concentrated next to the ice coffin, like a wall a hundred feet thick, not allowing the enemy to get near at all.

The demonic energy carried the resentment and anger of all the spirits in hell. As long as a person touched it, he could feel all the sufferings in the other 17 layers of hell, without breaks, without end.

“Retreat!” Jing Yue saw that the situation was bad and quickly reminded. Any delay and they might get embroiled in the demonic energy.

However, it was too late. Some cultivators couldn’t react in time and were instantly caught in the thick black smog. Others only heard a short scream, then nothing.

Jing Wu released the Buddha's power and bought some time for everyone. Thus, everyone started grabbing and pulling each other and fled quickly.

By the time they exited the hall, the demonic energy could be seen ravaging the hall, like thousands of twisting poisonous snakes.

“It seems that if we get close to the ice coffin, it can be sensed outside the Naraka Tower.” Wei Zhentu’s tone was grave. “Since the person who refined the tower is so nervous about the ice coffin, it’s enough to show that our intention to break the ice coffin is not wrong.”

Someone said worriedly, “But the demonic energy in the hall is too strong. We can’t get in at all.”

The demonic energy didn’t take the initiative to attack, as if the only purpose was to protect the Hall of the Underworld and the ice coffin. They enveloped the entire hall without disclosing a gap.

This was really tricky.

Jing Yue thought about it and said, “Should I try with the fake body? Since he has become a hall master, perhaps the demonic energy won’t hurt him.”

So, he carefully released the puppet and urged the fake body to walk towards the hall.

When the fake body approached the demonic energy, it paused briefly. But seeming to sense that the fake body was one of the hall masters, quickly moved out of the way, leaving a line of passage. When the fake body walked into the passage, the demonic energy quickly closed again, completely submerging the fake body, looking very vigilant.

Everyone was a little nervous and unconsciously looked towards Jing Yue.

Jing Yue was oblivious, his full attention on the puppet. Seeing that the fake body finally walked to the ice coffin, he grabbed the opportunity and ordered, “Break it!”

With that command, half of the puppet's arm shot out and was about to hit the ice coffin when suddenly, the entire Avici Hell shook, and millions of spirits roared!

Mo Qianyun’s furious voice could be heard, sounding both near and far, “You liar! I want you dead!”

The demonic energy surged and formed a giant pillar ten feet thick, shooting like an arrow launched from the bow, like a giant python with jaws wide open!

At the same time, the fake puppet shattered, and the divine consciousness imprint left by Jing Yue was also completely devoured by the demonic energy.

Jing Yue endured the throbbing pain in his forehead and threw out a whip formed by spiritual energy, wrapped around the demonic energy in circles, and quickly froze the long whip, trying to freeze the demonic energy in the process.

However, how could he stop the demonic energy? Wisps of black smoke suddenly burrowed into the ice-blue whip and instantly exploded. Ice crystals fell and the demonic energy rushed to him in a blink of an eye!

“Watch out!” Wei Zhentu shouted, throwing out a scroll in front of Jing Yue. Other cultivators also used other weapons to block the attack. Everyone knew that they could only watch out and help each other at this time. Otherwise, it would be a dead-end for them.

Jing Yue took the opportunity to retreat, but the demonic energy seemed to have locked onto him. It compressed itself into a thin sliver and passed through the gap between the weapons, before abruptly growing thicker and slamming into Jing Yue!

The demonic energy was extremely and Jing Yue couldn’t evade it. He was about to escape into the Haotian Realm to dodge it when a figure stood in front of him, his hands clasped together, and golden light burst out of his fingers.

The cassock of the other party swelled and a big shadow of an ancient Buddha rose from behind him. The Buddha had four faces, sitting on the lotus platform. The one facing Jing Yue had the eyes closed, the face kind and serene.

Incantations echoed and everyone smelled the fragrance of fresh lotus.

Sensing danger, the demonic energy curled up like a snake, and raised its head again, swaying slightly as if to test the waters.

Jing Wu said, “Bloom!”

In an instant, countless flower buds grew in the air, and countless lotus flowers bloomed.

One flower will purify the land, one land will transform into Tathagata.

(TN: From Buddhist saying 一花一净土,一土一如来, translation accuracy not guaranteed.)

The shadow of the ancient Buddha pointed at the demonic energy and a black lotus bloomed on the phantom python’s head, body, tail, and neck. Where the lotus fragrance passed, the demonic energy slowly dissipated.

However, more demonic energy still surrounded the Hall of the Underworld but dared not attack for the time being.

Everyone breathed a temporary sigh of relief but Jing Wu swayed on the spot. Jing Yue hurriedly stepped forward to support him and thanked him sincerely.

Jing Wu steadied his body, chanted the scripture, and said, “Jing-laozu, I have an item that I’d like to ask you to pass on to Three Realm Temple.”

With that, he took out a wooden token from his arms.

Jing Yue was startled and subconsciously took it. The front of the wooden token was engraved with the forest tower of Three Realm Temple, while on the back was Jing Wu’s name. In the corner were three characters ‘Zhang Yishun’ the size of a grain of rice, which should be Jing Wu’s common name before he entered the temple.

He looked at Jing Wu in confusion and the other party said, “I once made a great wish back then that I won’t salvage myself before I salvage all the demons in the world. I traveled west to salvage the demons but my cultivation is limited and I can’t do much. Now that I’m trapped in this hell today, it must be heaven’s will.”

As he spoke his last word, Jing Wu walked towards the Hall of Underworld that was shrouded in demonic energy.

“Master Jing Wu!” Jing Yue reached out to stop him but only caught the corner of his robe. Jing Wu was already ten feet away.

The touch of the cassock was left in Jing Yue's palm and it felt a little cool. He stared distractedly at Jing Wu’s back as he stepped into the demonic energy until he was completely gone.

Someone suddenly held his arm. Jing Yue looked back and saw the concern in Wei Zhentu's eyes.

“I know, I understand everything,” Jing Yue whispered.

Everyone was silent. Although the evil spirits still howled in their ears, they were as quiet as a sleeping world under a moonlit night.

After that, they heard the sound of Buddha.

Just like what they heard in front of the Melody Tree the other day, it was wonderful, peaceful, pure, and clear.

Under the Buddha’s tune, the demonic energy was obviously more ferocious. It curled into several whirlpools and emitted a shrill cry.

Suddenly, a golden light burst out from the center of the demonic energy. It instantly split into several beams, shining brightly like colored glaze, enveloping everything.

Amid the golden light were millions of Buddha and infinite Bodhisattva. Where the light fell was also endless darkness.

Jing Yue felt the boundless power of the Buddha and suddenly realized that he was clear of all evil energy.

But for the demonic energy, the golden light was the world's most terrifying weapon, completely tearing it apart, swallowing it, and dissolving it.

At this time, everyone in Avici Hell heard a sigh as if next to their ears. Jing Wu’s old voice rang out and it was the sentence everyone had heard before.

“Who will enter hell if not me.”

With that said, thousands of Buddha and Bodhisattvas opened their eyes in unison, with vast wisdom and endless compassion in their eyes.

A glance at the other shore and transcend all beings.

The demonic energy dispersed in a flash!

Next to the ice coffin, a golden Sarira was left behind.


Outside the Naraka Tower, Mo Qianyun howled in pain. He could feel that the demonic energy accumulated in the magic tower for thousands of years had dissipated in an instant. His cultivation level, which had been improved by refining the tower, also fell rapidly. Hatred consumed him momentarily and he just wanted everyone in the tower to die!

But he still had ties and more important things to do. He must protect his Shizun!

Mo Qianyun made the last desperate attempt and ordered all the evil ghost jailers of the 18 Hells to enter the Avici Hell. He even wanted to force out the Amethyst Core to lead all evil spirits to the Hall of the Underworld.

The grey-clothed cultivator next to him with a bleeding nose and mouth said anxiously, “Sect Leader Mo, don’t be impulsive! If you send everything to the Infinite Hell, the Naraka Tower will be completely rendered to its original state, and our hard work over a thousand years will be in vain!”

“It’s just a thousand years. As long as I can preserve Shizun, I still have a thousand years, ten thousand years! If you are afraid, just run away!” Mo Qianyun's face was pale with a frenzied look in his eyes.

The grey-clothed cultivator was furious. “How the hell am I supposed to escape? We have refined the magic tower together. If you go crazy, I can only get implicated!”

He would have escaped long ago if he could, but if he retreated at this point, he would certainly suffer a backlash!

Mo Qianyun turned a deaf ear and accelerated the Amethyst Core. The core spun non-stop and Mo Qianyun’s jade-like face also gradually withered.

Just when he was about to force out the Amethyst Core, a dozen leaves as sharp as small knives shot at him. Mo Qianyun felt pain in his body and his movements stalled. The Amethyst Core immediately stopped spinning and quieted down.

The grey-clothed cultivator breathed a sigh of relief, but Mo Qianyun's eyes were blood-red. He stared fixedly at a trembling small blue chicken, and the hatred in his eyes could almost kill it.

He grabbed with one hand and the blue phoenix was caught in his palm. Mo Qianyun squeezed hard and immediately heard the blue phoenix’s screams of pain.

He was about to break the blue phoenix’s neck when a loud bang was heard. The Naraka Tower cracked into two, half of it collapsed, and the other half was about to crumble.

Amid the smoke and dust, he saw Jing Yue walking out of the ruins of the demonic tower, with a sword in his hand, his lips pressed tightly, his eyes were as cold as the wind and snow.

Dozens of cultivators followed behind Jing Yue but Mo Qianyun paid no heed to them.

His gaze swept over these people and landed at a certain point in the ruins where there was only a broken ice coffin and a pile of broken bones.

“No!!! Shizun!!!”

Mo Qianyun's eyes seeped with blood. Suddenly, he felt numbness on his wrist. The palm he grabbed the blue phoenix with fell to the ground and blood gushed.

The pain struck but Mo Qianyun seemed unaware of it, not even bothered to take a look. He stared blankly at the ice coffin and white bones in the dust. Suddenly, he looked up to the sky and laughed wildly until there was a metallic sweetness in his throat.

“Go to hell! I want all of you to be buried with my master!”

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