My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 106.1: Naraka Tower pt. 2

Jing Yue, “Did you discover something?”

Wei Zhentu slowly said, “I’m just thinking that the heavenly Dao will never allow one world to have two hells, which means the black tower is not a magic treasure born by nature but was refined by a predecessor. Since this is the case, this magic treasure must involve many kinds of formations and prohibitions, which means…”

Jing Yue, “There must be an eye of the formation here.”

Once Wei Zhentu gave an indication, Jing Yue understood immediately. It should be known that although a man-made magic treasure could create space, for the space to have its own logic or even rules, one could only rely on formations and prohibitions.

Wei Zhentu smiled slightly. “A-jing understands me. Since there is the eye of the formation, we can leave by destroying the eye. As for where it is…”

Jing Yue, “Avici Hell.”

The Avici Hell was also the Hell of Infinite Space and the most terrifying layer of the 18 hells. The suffering would continue infinitely until everything was exhausted, hence the name.

The two looked at each other and laughed, but Wei Zhentu said then, “The layers of hell don’t connect with each other. How do we get there? Are we supposed to deliver all the evil spirits in this layer to the afterlife?”

Jing Yue, “The Four Elephants Villa has been preparing for this for at least several hundred years. I'm afraid that the evil spirits in each layer of hell must be countless. I wonder how long it will take to deliver all of them. Even with the help of magic treasures, it will be useless if it’s restricted by the laws of the black tower.”

Wei Zhentu sneered, “That goes without saying, otherwise, how dare he take all of us in?”

When everyone was at a loss, Jing Yue suddenly said, “How about I try to be the master of this hall?”

No one understood his intention. “What do you mean?”

Jing Yue, “Although the 18 hall masters cannot leave hell, they can go to any floor at will. If I become the hall master, I can naturally take all of you to Avici Hell.”

Wei Zhentu, “A-jing, to become the 18 hall masters, you must be refined. You…”

Jing Yue, “I have my way. When the time comes, don’t try to stop it for me.”

Wei Zhentu frowned and transmitted a secret message, “A-jing, it’s inconvenient for you to say too much, but at least let me know a general idea. Otherwise, I’ll feel uneasy.”

Jing Yue had reached golden core and could also transmit his thought. “Twin-switching Formation.”

This formation could replace the real body with a fake body to confuse the enemy. Many years ago, he and Qin Yanzhi used it to catch the queen mini frostmouse.

Wei Zhentu had obviously heard of this formation and was full of disapproval. “The twin-switching formation can deceive people but not the laws of the demonic tower!”

However, Jing Yue opened his palm and looked at a little red mole on his palm.

There was a door in the Haotian Realm that he could enter and exit at any time. Although he could only exit from the same space he entered and couldn’t escape from the demonic tower using this method, what if he only left the fake body here while the real body had disappeared, would the laws not be deceived?

Once the fake body became one of the hall masters, he would return and control the fake body. Perhaps there was a possibility of success.

Even if it failed, there was no loss for them. Anyway, he was absolutely safe in the Haotian Realm.

Jing Yue, “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

Thus, a group of people watched as Jing Yue left behind a puppet made of spirit wood to act as a fake body, while he disappeared from the spot…


Everyone was stunned, wondering how Jing Yue did it. However, the laws were really deceived, because the energy from the fake body was consistent with Jing Yue, which also carried a hint of Jing Yue’s divine consciousness.

Endless demonic energy could be seen pouring into the puppet. Since the puppet had no spiritual power, it was naturally corroded and refined quickly.

After some time, the living hell suddenly shook violently. The flames grew hotter and all the jailers and evil spirits bowed to the fake body—waiting for the birth of the hall master.

In the Haotian Realm, Jing Yue was waiting outside the stone gate of the Inner Sea. As the only link between the World of Seven Continents and Haotian Realm, he could naturally perceive the divine consciousness left by him in the World of Seven Continents. When the hall master was born, he laughed and said, “It’s quite easy to trick, huh?”

Thus, he stepped into the stone door.

Jing Yue disappeared and reappeared again. He swept a group of dumbfounded cultivators into his sleeve and controlled the divine consciousness in the puppet. He only felt that this side of hell was within his grasp. Then, he entered the Avici Hell with a thought.

As soon as he entered this place, Jing Yue released all the cultivators. What entered the eyes at first glance were countless copper pots full of boiling molten iron. Countless spirit beasts were being tormented and boiled, flesh and bones from the inside out melted into the molten sludge.

The hell fires of Avici never ended and the suffering of evil spirits also continued ceaselessly.

Several people floated in the air—there was no place to land at all.

The Amethyst Abode cultivator suddenly said, “There's someone ahead.”

Everyone saw several figures faintly in the extreme far end. Jing Yue took the lead to fly over.

“Master Jing Wu?”

When he flew closer, Jing Yue saw that one of them was none other than Jing Wu. He held praying beads in his hand and chanted scriptures, the magic charms hitting the iron pot one after another. The evil spirits in the pot were constantly being delivered to the afterlife, turning into green smoke and dissipating.

Several other cultivators around also did the same, but they were not as professional as Jing Wu, so the effect was naturally reduced.

These people suddenly realized that some living beings had arrived at Avici Hell and revealed a look of surprise. However, the Avici Hell was infinite so they only assumed that Jing Yue and his gang had landed elsewhere before and only found them now.

Jing Wu stopped his movements and greeted Jing Yue. “Jing-laozu, we meet again. You…”

Jing Yue, “We came from the living hell.”

Jing Wu was startled, and his face was somewhat solemn. “Where exactly is this place? Why can it replicate the 18 hells?”

As a Buddhist cultivator, he could naturally perceive that this place was not a real hell.

Jing Yue explained their speculation and experience just now. The few people who heard it was a little taken aback.

Most people's first reaction was anger. Even though all of them knew that Mo Qianyun had something to do with them being trapped here, but at this moment, after the analysis, the truth made them even more furious! But very quickly, anger was replaced by excitement, and someone asked expectantly, “Does it mean that we don’t need to deliver these evil spirits at all, and we can leave just by deciphering the eye of the formation?”

Jing Yue, “First, we must find the eye of the formation.”

Jing Wu, “There is a large hall in Avici Hell where the Lord of the Underworld resides, but the Avici Hell is infinitely large and I have no idea where the hall is.”

Wei Zhentu, “A-jing, since your fake body is already one of the 18 hall masters, can you sense it?”

Jing Yue, “I’ll try.”

He connected with the divine consciousness of the fake body. Although Avici Hell was unlike the Living Hell that he could control, he still received special treatment. For example, the jailers dared not approach him, and he could indeed ‘see’ the Underworld Hall.

“I can,” Jing Yue breathed a sigh of relief. “But it’s very far. I can’t teleport at will on this layer, so we can only walk there.”

No one had any objections. The current situation was enough of a pleasant surprise. They originally thought that they had to stay here and deliver so many evil spirits that they could puke. It was very likely that before the evil spirits were delivered, they were eroded by the demonic energy first.

Thus, everyone followed Jing Yue to the Underworld Hall.

There was no danger along the way. Jing Yue took the opportunity to ask, “Master Jing Wu, you actually came to Four Elephants Villa for another purpose, right?”

Jing Wu smiled bitterly. “There’s no point in hiding it from you now. I came here this time precisely because I found something fishy about Four Elephants Villa.”

It turned out that when he returned from a trip to the west, he passed through Dachuan City and accidentally overheard about the disappearance of cultivators in the city. He made the same conclusion as Wei Zhentu and suspected that there was a problem with Four Elephants Villa, so he went to check it out. When he arrived at the Four Elephants Villa, he was vaguely aware of the demonic energy, but before he could find out more clues, he was taken into the Naraka Tower.

Jing Yue, “The Naraka Tower can conceal its presence. Even for a powerful monk like you, it’s difficult to perceive. I reckon that the demonic energy you sensed belongs to someone else.”

Jing Wu was startled. “Are you saying that there are other demonic cultivators in Four Elephants Villa?”

Jing Yue nodded. “It’s highly possible. To refine the Naraka Tower, it’d be difficult to rely on Mo Qianyun alone.”

Everyone looked thoughtful but the current situation didn’t allow them to dwell on it. Their priority was to look for the eye of the formation and leave this place as soon as possible.

Time was an unknown entity in hell and no one could feel the flow of time at all. Fortunately, the direction was clear. After walking endlessly, they finally found the Hall of the Underworld.

This hall had 3 palaces and 9 manors, grand and majestic, sitting at the highest point of Avici Hell. Once awakened, the lord could travel anywhere in the 18 halls and command billions of spirits.

Jing Yue deliberately explored the place with the fake body. There was no danger in the Hall of the Underworld, except for an ice coffin placed at the south of the main hall, with a person lying in it.

The group cautiously entered the Hall of the Underworld. When they approached the ice coffin, they saw a handsome young man lying in the coffin, his face serene as if he was just asleep.

However, from the stillness of his chest and the stark white face, it was clear that he was dead.

At this moment, the only Amethyst Abode cultivator around suddenly said, “He’s Zhao Qingyuan.”

The others froze and no one could remember who Zhao Qingyuan was. Only Wei Zhentu had investigated Four Elephants Villa before and said, “Is he Mo Qianyun’s Shizun?”

Amethyst Abode, “Exactly. I have met him once, so I recognize him.”

Another person said, “I’ve heard the Mo Qianyun was unruly and refused to obey orders when he was younger. Later, he went traveling with the sect leader but the sect leader soon died. He received the token from the sect leader and returned to Four Elephants Villa to succeed the position as sect leader.”

“That’s right. There were rumors outside that Mo Qianyun secretly harmed the previous sect leader just to get the position.”

“But why is the body here?”

“I got it,” Jing Yue suddenly said. “Mo Qianyun wasn't trying to be the Lord of the Underworld. He's trying to resurrect Zhao Qingyuan.”

Wei Zhentu, “What do you mean?”

Jing Yue, “This is the Hall of the Underworld, and Zhao Qingyuan is located in the main seat of the Lord of Underworld. If there is an eye of the formation, it must be here.”

Wei Zhentu nodded. Of course, he had noticed that.

Jing Yue, “If the Naraka Tower is refined successfully, the Lord of the Underworld will naturally awaken, and whoever is in the seat of the Lord will benefit from it.”

Wei Zhentu was puzzled. “If that’s the case, what about Mo Qianyun? If he doesn’t become the Underworld Lord but created such a stir at the same time, is he going to just wait for others to come after him?”

Jing Yue, “If his Shizun becomes the immortal Underworld Lord and controls this tower, wouldn’t it be easy for him to take a living person inside?”

The Amethyst Abode cultivator added, “I really didn’t expect the truth to be so different from the rumors. All the evil deeds committed by Mo Qianyun were for his master.”

Jing Yue smiled. “Since we found the eye of the formation, let’s break it. We can’t let Sect Leader Mo wait too long.”

Everyone laughed. “Exactly!”

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