Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1058: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 82)

“Ma…..Master…..Why are you here?”  Bai Na panicked when she saw Jitov.  She never thought that she would see her master here and it would be in this circumstance.

Wasn’t her master attending the annual royal meeting in France right now?

“You know that you still have a master?”  Jitov gave a cold snort and gave a deep bow to the principal on stage, “I’m very sorry my brother from China, I didn’t manage my disciple properly, I really am sorry.”

Jitov’s Chinese was very good since he was a diplomat.  Not only was he good at Chinese, he was very proficient in many different languages, he was a legend in France.

The principal immediately recognized this person and rushed off the stage, firmly taking his hand, “Hello mister Ji, I sincerely welcome you to China.”

“Un, it really is a beautiful country!”  Jitov continued, “I think that the Royal Academy’s system of letting in commoners really is good.”

“Ma…..Master, what are you saying?”

“You shut up for me!”

It was clear that mister Jitov’s Chinese was much better when they spoke at the same time.  Each word was pronounced with a clear intonation, it wasn’t just words being put together.

“I always thought that you didn’t allow commoners and nobles to be together.”  The principal was very surprised, even Li Si Nai on the side was very surprised.

France had a deeper concept of a gap between commoners and nobles than in China.  Nobles in their country had a certain status and were above commoners.

“There’s nothing like this, this concept was abandoned in the last era.”  Jitov seriously said, “We firmly believe that those with high intelligence are the pillar of development for our country.  Therefore our France’s noble academy will be recruiting commoners with excellent grades, giving them high scholarships and waiving their tuitions!”

“Master!  You can’t do this, how can you do this…...How can you stand on the side of the commoners!  Before…..”  Bai Na never expected her master to say this since her master always emphasized the bloodline of nobles.

How did he suddenly change…...

“It doesn’t matter what it was like before, I think this way now!”  Jitov glared at Bai Na, “As for you, you are no longer my disciple from this day!”

“What?”  Bai Na took a step back and her face turned more pale.  She never thought that her master would say these words because it didn’t fit her master’s style at all!

“Mister Ji, miss Bai’s original intentions were……”

“Principal, you don’t need to defend her.”  Jitov patted the principal’s hand and shook his head, “This person is only half a noble in France, but she uses her little bit of power to do what she wants!  She actually has a very bad character!”

When Jitov said this, all the students turned their eyes onto Bai Na and Mi Zhi.

The person who kept calling themselves nobles weren’t actually nobles.

“God, does this mother and daughter feel no shame!”

“They really are embarrassing, I would want to dig a hole to hide in if it was me.”

“This is simply getting your face slapped swollen…..”


There were commoners and nobles whispering.  Things had already drastically changed, but the true exciting thing had yet to come.

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