Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1053: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 77)

Everyone looked in the direction of the voices and two youths with their backs to the sun came over.

The principal slightly knit his brows and Bai Na narrowed her eyes with a bit of pride.

After spending years abroad, she didn’t know anything about the four great families of A City.

So when she saw Li Si Nai and Nan Luo Ze, she wanted to teach these two young masters who couldn’t separate between commoners and nobles.

“Ke, ke……”  She cleared her throat and said into the microphone, “I’ve heard that these two students are the ones who transferred from A Class to F Class, right?”

The hall was silent and Bai Na’s strange sounding Chinese was unnatural to listen to.

“He.”  Li Si Nai narrowed his cold eyes.  With his white shirt and black tie that wasn’t too tight, he looked very casual.

He put his hands into his pocket with a cold laugh, walking towards the stage step by step.  Everyone’s eyes fell onto him.

When he walked in front of the microphone, he said with a cold smile, “When did this so-called diplomat have a say in our school?”

“This…..young master Li.”  Seeing that Bai Na’s expression looked ugly, the principal came forward.

But when he wanted to speak, Nan Luo Ze cut him off.

“Brother, you’re wrong.”  Nan Luo Ze said with a tactful smile, “We should call her Mi Zhi’s mother.”

“Si.”  Everyone took a cold breath as they turned their eyes to Mi Zhi.

She didn’t feel it was embarrassing, rather she proudly raised her head.

Bai Na calmly said, “I am Mi Zhi’s mother, so what?  This proves that the nobles of the Royal Academy have more pure blood.  In our country, nobles are above all!”

“What a joke.”  Li Si Nai looked at her with cold eyes, “That is your country, this is China.”

“You.”  Bai Na arrogantly rolled her eyes and gave a cold laugh, “This is the school’s decision, what does it have to do with a kid like you?”

“How are the school’s decisions related to you?”  Li Si Nai immediately answered her, “I don’t know how many shares this foreign lady owns of our Royal Academy.”

Li Si Nai’s voice wasn’t heavy, rather it was very lazy, but there was a natural dominance.

“Young master Li…...this is the French noble academy’s…..”

“Does it matter to me?”

“Young master Li, the board of directors needs to decide this together.”  Because Bai Na was beside him, the principal’s voice was very confident.  He looked at Li Si Nai and said, “Some things are different from before.”

“Oh?”  Li Si Nai’s eyes were cold as he revealed a smile of contempt, “I think the principal no longer wants a job, right?”

“Li…..What does young master Li mean?”

“Don’t you know that the Li Family with 50% of the school’s shares can sell this school whenever they want?”  When Li Si Nai said this, everyone was stunned.

The principal and Bai Na never expected Li Si Nai to say this.

This was just destroying the boat and killing everyone.

“Young master Li, this school is old master Li’s blood, sweat, and tears, you can’t sell……”  When he said this, the principal didn’t speak in the microphone and leaned in to speak to him.

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