Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1052: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 76)

Su Xiao Xiao was stunned as she watched Bai Na slowly walk over.  Although she didn’t know who she was, with how humble the principal was standing by her, she naturally knew the other side wasn’t normal.

At that moment, no one dared to speak

“This is a distinguished French diplomat here to observe our school and to promote international exchange.”  The principal cleared his throat and explained to everyone.

“Royal academies are for noble students to have exchange.”  When Bai Na saw Mi Zhi, she came to her side and said, “This kind of student is qualified to participate in the international exchange.”

The principal never expected Bai Na to be this direct.  The commoners entering the Royal Academy was something that old master Li had supported.

But now that he was no longer here, the position of the Li Family on the board of directors had dropped.

Li Si Nai was still a child no matter what and the other board members objected to commoner students in the first place.

It seemed like the Royal Academy really would change this time!

“What do you mean by this?”  One of the students from F Class bravely came out to ask this.

“What do I mean?”  Bai Nai rolled her eyes at him in disdain and her voice filled with disdain as well, “It means that you shouldn’t be here!”

“That’s right!”

“Things like commoners should scram!”

“There’s no need for F Class!”


When Mi Zhi started with the first line, the rest of the noble students in Class A followed to attack them.

The principal knit his brows and only spoke after a while, “Come to the conference hall in half an hour to welcome our exchange students.”

As soon as his voice fell, the principal left without turning back.

F Class’ heart fell from this.  The noble students were bullying them, if the school didn’t want them, there was no meaning in keeping them.

“You should withdraw if you’re aware of this, otherwise you’ll be embarrassed in front of the school.”  Bai Na looked at his daughter’s strange smile and said, “After all, the ones that can communicate to the nobles from France are not you people, you'll be a hindrance.”

When Su Xiao Xiao heard this, her heart trembled.  These words could always be applied to her and Nan Luo Ze.

That youth who always smiled at her couldn’t be with her in the end.

Half an hour later, at the conference hall.

The principal was on stage welcoming the French diplomat and then he said with a serious look, “Everyone knows that our Royal Academy is the only noble school in A City, all the people here are very rich…..”

“When old master Li was on the board of directors, he allowed common students with good grades to enter the school.  But since this goes against the standard of the school, as well as annoying our foreign exchange students, we will no longer accept commoner students in the next term.”

“Ke, ke.”  Bai Nai said, “Actually, I don’t know why these Chinese commoners could come to a noble school because of good grades, could it be that good grades was related to being a noble?”

“Understanding your position and identity is something that a commoner should have.”  Bai Na’s words didn’t contain any profanity, but it greatly pierced one’s heart.

The principal knit his brows and gave a sigh, “As for the commoner students, we are planning on sending you out…..”

“Send out?  Based on what?”  A cold voice sounded with absolute pride.

“French nobles?  Speak properly before you start doing anything, alright?”  There was a voice that sounded like the sun with a bit of laziness to it.

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