Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1050: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 74)

Li Mo had never planned on telling Li Si Nai about this, but now the other half of the ring his daughter left behind was here.

The new generation of the Li Family should begin.

“Child, can you let me see your ring?”

Luo Qing Chen nodded and took the ring off her finger.

Li Mo took the ring and didn’t speak for a long time.  His hand trembled and his tears were flowing when he turned around.

“Grandfather……”  Li Si Nai knit his brows, looking a bit worried.

“Don’t worry.”  Li Mo waved his hand, “Now grandfather is assured in handing the Li Group to you, you and Qing Chen will be fine.”

Luo Qing Chen thought that when Li Mo said these words, it was him showing concern for them.

But she didn’t know that there would be bad news from the Li Family three days later.

The old man who had always been strong never woke up again after falling asleep after a rainy day.

The doctor said that Li Mo had a serious heart illness, but he had always held on for the Li Family and for his daughter’s last wish.

When Li Si Nai was in Li Mo’s office, the people who had been with the old master for many years told him what happened.

“The old master’s situation hasn’t been good over the past few years.  The doctor said that he wouldn’t live more than three months last year, but he said that he couldn’t die. There were times where living was more painful than death.”

Li Si Nai saw the drawer filled with painkillers and his eyes couldn’t help misting over.

He always thought that his grandfather was a strict person who cared about his position.

But he didn’t know that in Li Mo’s life, he was immersed with helping his daughter find that girl.

After all these years, he used all his resources, but he couldn’t find the girl with the other ring.

When he felt it was impossible, his grandson had brought that girl to him.

What an incredible fate to appear at the end of his life.

“Young master, the head disciple of the French foreign affairs minister will be coming tomorrow, I’m afraid——”

“What?  Is Mi Zhi planning on using this relationship?”  Li Si Nai raised a brow as a deep look appeared in his eyes.

He was the only member of the Li Family left.  Because his father had married into the family, he was decided as the Li Family’s descendant and took his mother’s surname.

As the only successor of the Li Group, Li Si Nai seemed to have become a very calm person overnight.

“Young miss Luo isn’t a member of this circle, if they make it hard for her, it will be hard for the Li Family to deal with it.”

“No one can bully my fiancee even if my family collapses, not to mention a diplomat’s apprentice, it’s the same even if it was the diplomat.  I still haven’t seen anyone trying to cause trouble on my territory yet!”  Li Si Nai’s eyes turned cold.

The next morning, Li Si Nai sent a text message to Luo Qing Chen to not let her come to school today.

She could also guess what was happening and didn’t plan on going.

Because Mi Zhi didn’t want to just deal with her, it also included Su Xiao Xiao.

The Royal Academy of A City was currently having an exchange program with a royal school in France.

At this point, the people from France were all distinguished guests of the school.

“This is miss Bai Na, she came from France.  It really is an honour for you to come all the way to our school.”  The principal gave a bow, speaking in a respectful voice.

“Un, the environment isn’t bad.”  Bai Na nodded before deliberately saying, “I heard that your school also enrols commoners?”

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