Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1049: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 73)

After a night of ‘recognizing relatives’, old master Li was speechless from how moved he was.

He was not just the director of a large group, he was also an old man.

When they returned to the Li Manor, he brought Luo Qing Chen and Li SI Nai to a dusty room.

The hall was clean and the room was surrounded in fresh flowers.

Old master Ye took out the key from his pocket with trembling hands and his tears came out.

“I always told you this was a forbidden part of the house, but actually it’s something that grandfather has never been able to face.”  Li Mo spoke very slowly.

It was like the memories of the past swelled in his mind.

“I know.”  His memories of his mother were too vague, he only knew that she was a very powerful designer and the blue diamond ring on her fingers was her final work.

It was named Fate.

“Ai.”  He gave a sigh and opened the door.

It wasn’t darkness, but rather a very warm light.

The room was very big, at least a hundred square meters.  In the center there was a comfortable bed and the walls were covered in photos.

Luo Qing Chen recognized her mother in many of those photos.

“Is your mother doing well?”  Li Mo suddenly asked, making her heart tremble.

She didn’t know what happened back then.  She just knew that the French royal family was in turmoil when she was born, so her father had her come back incognito to comfort them.

She was only one years old then and didn’t have any memories.  Her mother should have met Li Si Nai’s mother at that time and became friends.

“Quite good.”  She said with a bit of melancholy in her voice.

Because when she turned, she saw Li Si Nai with a bit of a sparkle in his eyes.  He was standing in front of a wedding picture and in that picture were his parents.

“If you’re having a bad time, you can talk to grandfather……”  Old master Li’s voice was filled with ripples.

From this position, it was already hard for him to walk and his hand holding the cane was trembling.

“My mother is very good.”  She slowly walked to Li Si Nai’s side and patted his shoulder, “With Si Nai here, I’m fine.”

“Good…...Good……”  Old master Ye saw that they could find each other in the darkness, so he felt comforted.

Although the process was a bit tortuous, it had ended well.

“Grandfather.”  Li Si Nai turned and there was a darkness that covered him.  He looked up slightly and said, “Mother’s car accident that year……”

“It wasn’t an accident.”  After a while, old master Li’s eyes turned cold and a chill came from him.

“They worked together?”  As the young master of the Li Family, he had to take revenge for this evil.

He narrowed his deep eyes and he was very calm on the surface, like he was talking about the past.

But Luo Qing Chen knew that his eyes were serious.

“All dead.”  Old man Li crossed his hands and looked at him, “Do you remember the turmoil ten years ago!  There in only the Li family and the Nan Family in A City, there is no longer the Yuwen and Ning Families.”

“It’s them?”  Li Si Nai was very surprised.  He never thought that the matter of the past would be related to them.

“Killing my daughter and forcing my son in law to death…..”  Old master Li narrowed his cold eyes, “I want their family to pay the price of extermination.”

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