Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1047: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 71)

“Luo Qing Chen, listen well.  Young master Li already has a fiancee, so not mentioning a commoner like you, you aren’t qualified to marry into the Li Family even if you were a noble!”  Mi Zhi’s voice lost confidence as she reached the end since she wasn’t a member of the Li Family, she was a bit fearful saying these words in front of the young master of the Li Family.

But with old master Li behind her, she had nothing to fear!

“Un humph.”  Luo Qing Chen took a sip of the orange juice on the table, “I do know about the matter of his fiancee.”

Li Si Nai saw that she wasn’t nervous or timid at all, so he knew that they had the same idea on this matter.

“You know?”  Mi Zhi looked at her in disbelief, even Mi Xue Na beside her looked at her with the same gaze.

They couldn’t believe that Luo Qing Chen knew about Li Si Nai’s fiancee and still was with him, this meant that she really was shameless!

The old master’s face looked more and more ugly when he heard this.  It was said that those who knew bore no crime, but if one still did it after knowing, it showed their character.

This was no different from being someone’s mistress.

“He, he.”  Mi Zhi said with a cold snort, “Commoners are commoners in the end, they can shamelessly say these kinds of words.”

She crossed her arm and looked like a madame, like she was Li Si Nai’s wife.  She mocked Luo Qing Chen like she was the mistress.

“The problem is……”  Li Si Nai took the cup she drank from which still had the strawberry flavoured lipstick on it and he took a sip, “She is my fiancee.”

The room fell into silence at that moment.

Luo Qing Chen raised her hand and pushed back the loose strand of hair on her forehead before saying, “Mister Li, my mother’s surname is Luo.”

Old master Li heard this and as soon as Luo Qing Chen’s voice fell, his eyes popped out as he trembled.


Mi Zhi knit her brows and quickly said, “This really is a joke, so what if your mother is surnamed Luo?  Could it be that you are young master Li’s fiancee just because your mother is surnamed Luo?  Please, you are just a commoner, alright?”

Every word was filled with rage!  Revenge for her big sister and to take back face for herself.

After all, for a young miss like her who was half a noble, she had never been rejected by any man.

But now that she was back in China, she had lost to a commoner!

No, she wouldn’t submit!

“Mi Zhi is right, lowly commoner!”

“Scram, this isn’t a place for you!”

“Stop defiling young master Li, trash!”


“Shut up, all of you scram for me!”  Old master Li narrowed his eyes as he looked at the ring on Luo Qing Chen’s finger.  That blue diamond ring that glowed, it could only be ‘Fate’.

The ‘Fate’ designed by his beloved daughter.

Mi Zhi was stunned, feeling a bit strange, but she still said, “Are you death?  Didn’t you hear grandfather Li telling you to scram?”

“Peng!”  The golden cane slammed down, “I’m having you and this mob scram for me!”

Finally his grandson had found the other half of the ring.

Everything had happened too suddenly back then, he didn’t even know that girl’s name before he lost contact.

He had always been looking for the girl with the other half of the ring, but it seemed like his grandson was better as he found it first…..

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