Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1046: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 70)

Mi Zhi’s words were clearly filled with implications, but it made Li Mo hate Luo Qing Chen even more.

“Since you are here, sit down!”  Li Mo tapped his cane before saying to the waiter on the side, “Bring the dishes.”

Li Si Nai took Luo Qing Chen’s hand and sat down in front of the old master.  Nan Luo Ze also sat down beside him.

Since the table was very big, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t clearly see the old master’s expression.

But it shouldn’t have been…..very good…...

“I invited everyone here because of my grandson.  I know that you were all classmates with him before, so I want to hear your opinions of him!”  Li Mo’s starting point was very good.  It was disguised as a classmate meeting, giving everyone the right to speak.

The most important thing was that they could embarrass Luo Qing Chen.

“Young master Li is very good to our classmates, he is eager to help others and never boasts.”  Classmate A said.

“Un!  Young master Li’s grades are very good, the teachers all like him.”  Classmate B said.

“Right, right!  Young master Li is no longer in our class, but we all miss him.”  Classmate C said.

This seemed like it had been rehearsed, it sounded so fake that people felt embarrassed listening to it.

Actually Luo Qing Chen knew why Li Si Nai brought her here, but she didn’t tell the old man her identity was because of something.

It was more interesting to slap people’s faces until they couldn’t stand up.

“Oh?”  Li Mo asked in a profound, “Hasn’t young master Li always been in Class A?  Why don’t I know about the fact that he changed classes?”

“Grandfather Li…..”

“I changed classes to fulfill the task grandfather gave me.  What?  Is it related to all of you”  Li Si Nai’s cold eyes narrowed as he looked at Mi Xue Na.

“Nonsense!  When did I ask you to change classes!”  Li Mo looked at Luo Qing and cleared his throat, “If you still remember the task I gave you, you should know that you have a fiancee.”

When the word fiancee was said, old master Li’s voice became more heavy.

Mi Xue Na looked a bit awkward since she was cut off by Li Si Nai.  But she felt more confidence when the old master spoke, so she said, “Young master Li should know your identity, you shouldn’t let the old master worry!”

“He, he.”  He gave a cold snort and his eyes narrowed with a dangerous look, “When did you get to care about the matters of our Li Family?”

“Si Nai, you can’t be rude to young miss Mi!”  Li Mo spoke in a heavy voice with a bit of prestige.

“Rude?”  Li Si Nai raised a brow and had a deep look in his eyes, “If you don’t even care about this girl bullying your granddaughter in law, then I can’t help finish mother’s last wish.”

When his mother was mentioned, Li Mo was stunned.

The last thing he would mention would usually be his mother because the Li Family knew that his mother was dead…...

Mi Zhi saw that the situation was wrong, so her mind quickly turned.  She bit her lip and said, “Old master, you have to be decisive or young master Li will be tricked by this fox.  If the old master can’t say it, how about Mi Zhi do it for you?”

She really couldn’t wait to say those words that would humiliate this commoner.

Li Mo hesitated a bit before he said with a frown, “You say it then!”

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