Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1045: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 69)

The phone call didn’t last long, but Li Si Nai didn’t say a word.  Only at the end did he softly say, “Alright, I got it, grandfather.”

“What is it?”  Nan Luo Ze asked with a frown, “I rarely see you with this expression, did something happen with the old master?”

“Un.”  He had a faint sparkle in his deep eyes as he looked up and he revealed a ghost of a smile, “The Imperial Court’s seven star banquet, does young master Nan want to come together?”

It was the most luxurious restaurant in A City, each item cost at least five figures.  The people who went were all rich people.

Li Mo was sitting in the highest room of the Peony Pavilion holding a golden cane.

Beside him were Mi Zhi and Mi Xue Na who had heavy makeup, as well as Mi Xue Na’s follower Yan Shui Qing.

The rest of the people were all people whose families had some position in A City.  Everyone was decided by Mi Zhi and the old master was responsible for paying the bill.

This was the reward that Mi Zhi got for telling Li Mo about this news.

For Li Mo, there was only one person who was qualified to marry into the Li Family.

Everyone else was impossible no matter who they were!

“Old master Li, this girl is very arrogant at our school.  At first young master Li didn’t like him, but then she kept bothering him until young master Li had no choice but to accept her.”

Mi Zhi said this while not forgetting to wink at the other students.

Everyone was in compliance and all began complaining.

“That’s right mister Li, you don’t know how arrogant that commoner is, she keeps bullying with young master Li’s backing.”

“Isn’t that right?  Young master Li went from A Class to F Class because of her, he was tricked by this commoner!”


Li Mo heard this and his eyes became very sharp.  This woman was bothering his grandson, he had to use a special method to let her know that not anyone is allowed to meddle with the Li Family.


In the elevator of the hotel, Nan Luo Ze’s expression became more ugly after a few calls.

He took a deep breath and said, “Don’t show your affection!  Haven’t you heard that it causes trouble?”

He could understand most of the situation, which meant that Li Si Nai also knew what would happen next.

In this situation, why would he bring Luo Qing Chen to suffer!

Li Si Nai was wearing a light blue suit that perfectly fit his figure and his right hand was placed in his pocket as his left hand firmly held Luo Qing Chen’s hand.  He casually replied, “How do you know the old master won’t like her?”

“Damn, Li Si Nai, did your brain go to waste after dating someone!”  Nan Luo Ze anxiously pursed his lips, “You should understand the temper of your family’s old master better than me, could it be that you are planning to elope with Qing Chen?”

“Ding.”  The elevator stopped at the eighteenth floor.

Li Si Nai raised a brow and said with a confident smile, “If he wants me to elope with my fiancee, I don’t mind.”

As soon as his voice fell, he walked in while holding Luo Qing Chen’s hand.

This ‘shaming the commoner event’ was different from what these nobles thought.

When the door opened, everyone’s eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen and Li Si Nai.

Mi Zhi had a confident look in her eyes.

Since she and her big sister can’t get this man, how can that trash commoner get him?

When Luo Qing Chen walked in, Mi Zhi lowered her head and whispered in Li Mo’s ear, “That person is young master Li’s so-called girlfriend, it seems like young master Li really treats her well!”

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