Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1042: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 66)

“Fiancee?”  Mi Zhi narrowed her eyes, “Why haven’t I heard of this!”

In order to understand Li Si Nai, she had carefully investigated everything about him before coming to F Class.

She really didn’t find out anything about him having a fiancee.

“You’ve been in France for a long time, so it’s impossible for you to know everything in this circle.”  Mi Xue Na’s eyes opened wide as a dark glow appeared in them, “Young master Li’s mother used to have a very good friend, her friend’s daughter is young master Li’s fiancee, the only person the old master has recognized!”

Since she couldn’t get Li Si Nai, she couldn’t let Luo Qing Chen get him either.

Li Si Nai was still a student in the end, as long as the old master didn’t agree, he couldn’t do a thing.

Unless he was willing to abandon his status as a young master to elope with a commoner, then she, Mi Xue Na, could only shake her head and laugh: Poor couples really were sad!

That kind of Li Si Nai with no money, no status, no power, she didn’t want him!

“God, there’s actually such a thing!”  Mi Zhi asked in a voice of disbelief, “So where is that girl?”

“Who knows!”  Mi Xue Na gave a shrug and took a cigarette from the bedside table, “In short, you just need to tell the old master about young master Li and the commoner Luo Qing Chen, they definitely won’t last!”

“I got it, big sister, be assured!”  Mi Zhi narrowed her eyes as they filled with a dark look, “Not only will I have the old master of the Li Family take care of them, once my mother knows that you’ve been bullied here, she will definitely come back from France!”

As the main disciple of the French diplomat, her mother’s status at the Royal Academy was no less than Li Si Nai’s.

“Ha, ha, ha.”  Mi Xue Na took a deep puff before laughing, “You really are my good little sister, big sister won’t forget your help this time!”

“Hee, hee!”  Mi Zhi had a touch of emotion in her eyes as she said with a smile, “Big sister, you don’t need to be that polite, I also hate commoners!  A good man like young master Li will only become dirty by being with a commoner like her!”

Mi Xue Na could hear something in her tone, something that concerned her little sister’s emotions.

But she was too lazy to pierce it.

After all, they had the same enemy!


The next morning, the story of Li Si Nai and Luo Qing Chen being together spread through the school.

The domineering school hunk had insisted on holding hands with her as they came to school.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t stop him since she already had plenty of rumours about her.

It was just a few more words, she didn't really care when she heard them.

Not to mention, these people didn’t matter to her.

As long as the people she cared about were happy, she was satisfied!

Although Han Zai Zi’s blessings seemed like ‘he had lost something’!

“Aiya, so angry!”  Han Zai Zi pursed his lips and lowered his head to mutter, “Whether it is abroad or in the country, you are good at getting the handsome men!”

When they were in France, there were many noble young masters who chased Luo Qing Chen, but she rejected them all!

Among them…..was the man that he had liked!

But to him, a good friend like Luo Qing Chen was much more important than that man!

That trash had almost taken her life from depression.  Thinking about it now, there was nothing wrong with coming back.

At least she was better!

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t find the memory of the previous host and was a bit surprised!

“Infinite charm, my prin……”

“Shut up!”

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