Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 104

Finally, he carried Ah Jin to the temple's back room.

Jian Hu waited for a long time in the temple, but no one came out.

He was a little anxious.

Why wasn't the old man done yet?

Did she taste so good?

He waited a long time, but no one came out.

For some reason, he was a little uneasy.

He got up and went to the back room.

The closer he got to the backroom, the uneasiness in his heart grew more intense.

It was too quiet!

He stood at the backroom door.

He carefully smelled the air, and there was no scent of blood.

He was slightly relieved and pushed the door open.

"You dirty man, what's taking you so long and still not …."

But before he could say anything, the words got caught in his throat.

The woman was sitting with both arms casually resting on the armrest and leisurely crossing her legs.

Her eyes were like a painting, cold and beautiful.

When he opened the door, the woman's cold eyes fell on him.

Jian Hu only felt the temperature around him dropping suddenly.

His blood also began to circulate slowly.

The woman's thin lips parted and said, "You're here?"

Jian Hu got scared because of the woman's aura.

His legs even began to tremble a little.

Then he looked at the ground.

That old man's eyes were round and staring at him.

His face paled while his limbs stiffened, and he fell straight to the ground.

The old man was already dead.

Jian Hu looked at the old man's eyes and felt that those pair told him something.

A gust of cold wind blew by.

Jian Hu's back seeped a cold sweat.

His legs went weak, and he collapsed on his knees.

"Lady, please spare my life! Lady, I beg you to spare my life!"

Ah Jin was still sitting there, carelessly playing with her fingers.

"Want to live? Do you know what to do?"

Jian Hu kowtowed repeatedly.

"I know, I know. I will immediately release the captured women now."

Only then did Ah Jin got up.

"Then let's go."

Jian Hu kneeled and crawled in front of her, leading the way.

It was quiet as the two walked into the temple that night.

Jian Hu gently touched the signal in his sleeve as his eyes kept moving.

"No longer want your hand?"

Jian Hu was shocked, and he quickly threw the signal on the ground.

He raised his hands high, "Lady, spare my life. I won't dare again."

From behind him came a cold voice, "Next time, you'll be a corpse."

Jian Hu nodded his head repeatedly.

He stopped his small movements and obediently guided Ah Jin to the temple.

He fumbled behind the broken Buddha statue, and a tunnel appeared right in front of Ah Jin.

"Lady, the women are all locked up in here."

He said, then went down the tunnel first.

Ah Jin followed closely behind him.

The tunnel was brightly lit.

She could even feel the breeze blowing, so there was probably another exit leading to the outside.

Jian Hu had just taken a few steps to show Ah Jin when a sudden gust of wind blew in from the front, instantly extinguishing the light in the passage.

The passage was pitch black.

Jian Hu's voice was heard from the darkness, "Lady, this place is full of traps. You'd better behave yourself and not move."

Ah Jin sneered.

He refused a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.

Her legs moved, and she walked forward.

Seeing that she was not frightened, Jian Hu hated her.

With his familiarity with the tunnel, he felt a small protrusion on the wall in the darkness and pressed it.

Ah Jin only heard the "swoosh" sound of arrows shooting through the tunnel.

Countless arrows attacked her.

She used her qinggong and listened to the sound so she could easily avoid the incoming arrows.

On the way, she took out a flint from her sleeve and re-lit the candle on the wall while dodging.

When the last arrow fell to the ground, Ah Jin had lit all the candles as well.

The passage was bright again.

Jian Hu had already run away to who knows where.

Ah Jin did not care and continued to advance along the tunnel.

The tunnel was not big, but there were indeed many mechanisms.

Ah Jin stepped on a brick, and several sharp weapons suddenly pierced out of the ground in front of her.

Ah Jin looked at the mechanism speechlessly.

These little tricks were more than enough to deal with ordinary people, but to use them against people with strong martial arts skills was simply treating them like idiots.

Ah Jin jumped over effortlessly with one foot.

Before she landed, the ground suddenly sank, exposing a deep pit.

The pit was filled with sharp-cut bamboos, and venomous snakes were crawling underneath them.

It turned out that the real killing move was there.

Using the fact that people in the air had no room to escape, so they would fall down and get stabbed to death.

And even if you were lucky enough to avoid the bamboos, there were still venomous snakes waiting for you there.

Ah Jin expressionlessly smacked out a palm towards the deep pit and hit it with powerful internal force.

The venomous snakes instantly flung away, and the bamboos shattered into pieces.

Ah Jin did not fall down.

Using the strong wind that rebounded, she landed smoothly on the ground.

Hidden in the shadows, Jian Hu witnessed this scene, and his heart froze.

It was over.

The last killing move was useless.

The matter had reached the point of helplessness.

There was no other good way but to leave.

Jian Hu sneaked towards another exit.

"Where to?"

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

Jian Hu was terrified, and he felt that this time his life would soon be over.

His instinct turned out to be correct.

He did not know what the person behind him had used, but he felt that his body was rapidly losing vitality.

It wasn't related to internal force but the exhaustion from the soul.

He wanted to close his eyes and slept like that and never wanted to get up.

As soon as that thought came to his mind, his eyes widened in horror.

The old man's dead face flashed in his mind, died without shutting his eyes.

Just when he thought he was going to end up like the old man, Ah Jin stopped.

He felt that he was not losing any more of his life.

He fell weakly to the ground and looked at Ah Jin in horror.

"Get up. Keep going."

On the way back, Jian Hu did not do any more tricks.

His life, with only one breath, could not afford another round of death.

Ah Jin successfully found the captured girls, but unfortunately, only five remained.

The other had been sent to the Demon Sect.

Ah Jin rescued the young girls from the tunnel and placed them in a decent room.

"Wait here. Someone will come to rescue you later and take you home. Remember not to run around. Got it?"

The young girls nodded their heads in tears and agreed.

Ah Jin asked Jian Hu for a list of the other hideouts.

She gave it to one of the women.

After all this, Ah Jin took out the sect's signal and shot it out.

She mentally informed San Qi, "San Qi, lead my brothers and the others here. Be fast."

San Qi's birdlife was hard.

Which system was worse than it?

A few disciples were fretting on the rooftop, considering the direction in which their eldest senior sister had been robbed.

Time had passed for a long time, and they were almost at the limit of their patience.

It was at that time, a faint bright light exploded in the distant sky.

Before they could confirm it, a small yellow bird that their eldest senior sister bought was seen flapping its wings and flying over.

"Hey. You wait!"

The fourth junior brother immediately followed suit with his qinggong.

"Let's follow too."

The second and third junior brothers also set off together.

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