My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 104.2: Four Elephants Villa

Jing Yue wanted to ask Wei Zhentu about the mountain-entry formation but the other party changed his previous enthusiasm and said, “A-jing, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After that, without waiting for Jing Yue's answer, he walked straight to a guesthouse.

Jing Yue's eyes flickered slightly and stood there for a while before he turned and walked to another room.

In his mind, blue phoenix said, “Jing-jing, this person is fishy!”

Jing Yue, “I know. He may not be here for the melody fruit.”

But no matter what purpose Wei Zhentu had, it was not targeted at him, because he came to Four Elephants Villa completely by accident.

Therefore, Jing Yue didn't take it too seriously.

At night, the mountain wind blew through the shadows of the trees and produced faint whimpers.

Jing Yue sat in the room cross-legged in meditation.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and asked, “Ji-ji, what’s wrong?”

Blue phoenix was shivering while hiding in his arms at this moment. “Jing-jing, Ji-ji heard a lot of miserable screams.”

Jing Yue looked aghast and listened carefully but heard nothing.

Blue phoenix, “It’s true! They are all spiritual beasts. Ji-ji can hear them. They are all calling for help.”

Blue phoenix never lied about this kind of thing so Jing Yue got up, tucked blue phoenix away, pushed the door open, and walked out.

It was very quiet outside. The pale moonlight poured down in the courtyard, creating monstrous shadows. Jing Yue released his divine consciousness and discovered many hidden formations.

Four Elephants Villa was good at formations but the ones in the courtyard were only used to confuse people. The difficulty level was not too great but there was a divine consciousness in the formation. Once in the formation, the master of the divine consciousness could easily sense the movements of the people inside the villa.

Jing Yue's control over the divine consciousness was not something an ordinary person could compare with. Without alarming the other party, he identified the loophole of the formation through his divine consciousness and said, “Ji-ji, lead the way.”

Meanwhile, in a secret chamber somewhere in the villa.

An old man in a weird-looking costume sat cross-legged in the room. Suddenly, a cultivator in red robes appeared in the room.

Although the red-robed cultivator was a man, he had an extremely beautiful appearance. His face alone was born more beautiful than most women. At this time, his red lips twitched slightly, and said to the old man, “It's all done. Please take care of it tomorrow and make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Old man, “Sect Leader Mo, rest assured. We have worked together for hundreds of years. Do you still not feel at ease with my work?”

The red-robed cultivator was none other than Mo Qianyun, the sect leader of Four Elephants Villa. He smiled slightly like a spring flower blooming. “Of course, I know Laozu’s skills but this group of cultivators is not that simple. As far as I know, not only are there monks from the Three Realm Temple, there is also the genius from Scattered Star Villa, and even… that child patriarch of Frostcloud Sect.”

The old man's expression changed. “Jing Yue is here too? Hmph! Just nice. This time, I must make Frostcloud Sect suffer a great loss!”

The two discussed for another quarter of an hour. The old man disappeared from the secret room, leaving only Mo Qianyun looking at the silent room, and mumbled, “We are finally going to meet.”

Suddenly, his gaze sharpened and looked at the passage leading to the main hall before he sneered disdainfully.

Outside the main hall, Jing Yue was hiding in an old tree.

“Ji-ji, are you sure it’s here? This place seems to be the residence of the sect leader of Four Elephants Villa.”

“This is the place! Ji-ji really heard it!” The blue phoenix stirred its wings. “It's just that those voices suddenly disappeared. Ji-ji is not a liar!”

Jing Yue stroked its head and was about to speak when he suddenly sensed that someone was coming.

Not far away, the young man held a magic weapon in one hand and tweaked his fingers with the other hand. Like a puppet, he turned around from southeast to northwest, groping for the life gate of the villa’s formation, slowly coming this way.

When Jing Yue’s divine consciousness detected the other party’s jittery look, he suddenly felt amused. But after thinking about it, the other party had just reached the golden core stage and could already decipher so many hidden formations by himself, and truly deserved to be known as the Formation Dao genius of the cultivation world.

The visitor was of course Wei Zhentu. Seeing his gradual approach, blue phoenix asked curiously, “Jing-jing, is this person acting oddly because he wants to steal the formation?”

Jing Yue, “… It can’t be, right? The Scattered Star Villa is the first formation school. What is there to steal from Four Elephants Villa? Could it be that he also heard strange voices?”

Blue phoenix, “Impossible! Only a phoenix could hear it! Even Jing-jing can’t hear it, let alone him!”

Jing Yue, “Well, maybe he wants to know the secrets of the Four Elephants Villa so he came to investigate secretly.”

Blue phoenix, “Then should we wait and see what happens?”

Jing Yue, “No, let’s tell him not to waste time. With his movements alone, even though he didn’t trigger the formation, he has long alerted the person who branded the divine consciousness on the formation. I think that person didn’t make a move just because they wanted to ignore him.”

Blue phoenix nodded in agreement. “Pig teammate!”

Wei Zhentu never expected that he would actually get the title of pig teammate. He held a secret treasure of Scattered Star Villa in his hand that could conceal his form. He was confident in his formation-breaking skills and he shouldn't have alerted anyone. However, when he focused his mind and found another life gate, he was suddenly hit on the shoulder.

Even though he was usually calm, he couldn’t help sweating at this moment, but he still forced himself to remain calm. He turned around and found a stone on the ground. Not far away, Jing Yue was sitting on a tree, smiling at him against the moonlight.

“…” Wei Zhentu was trying to find a reason to disguise his behavior when Jing Yue said, “Go, you've been discovered.”

Wei Jintu was shocked, but thinking about it, since Jing Yue could find him, it was most likely he was really exposed, so he had to leave.

Looking at Jing Yue's back as he swept through the trees, the scene where he lost to the other party during the bamboo-picking event came back to his mind, causing something strange to well in his heart.

A few moments later, the two returned to the courtyard. Wei Zhentu wanted to play dumb but Jing Yue blocked him and asked, “What are you doing in the main hall?”

Wei Zhentu smiled. “What is A-jing doing there then?”

Jing Yue said directly, “I heard the screams of the spiritual beasts.”

“What?” Wei Zhentu was about to rush out in an instant, but he stopped abruptly, his whole body tensed.

Jing Yue frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Wei Zhentu smiled bitterly, knowing that Jing Yue would not let him go. After thinking about it, he said, “It’s a long story.”

It turned out that the reason why he came to Four Elephants Villa this time was really to compete for the melody fruit. However, as one of the most valued disciples of the Scattered Star Villa, it was unlikely for him to trek through mountains and water to deliberately seek one fruit. His real purpose was to find someone.

Jing Yue, “Are you saying that your two senior brothers have disappeared within Dachuan City?”

Wei Zhentu, “Yes, not long ago, their soul lamp went out. The sect knew that they wanted to go to Four Elephants Villa to exchange formation techniques, so the sect leader asked Mo Qianyun for them. However, Mo Qianyun said that he has never seen them. We have no other choice but to do our own investigation and found out that in the past ten years, many cultivators have disappeared near Dachuan City. Without exception, they are all golden core cultivators.”

“Obviously, this is not a coincidence, and the most likely and most powerful force around Dachuan City is the Four Elephants Villa. More suspiciously, I found that since a thousand years ago, Four Elephants Villa had been buying spiritual beasts for hundreds of years, but those spirit beasts disappeared as soon as they entered the villa. No one has seen them raised in captivity, and no one has seen them released. 400 years ago, the Beast Fortress suddenly issued a notice to never sell spirit beasts to Four Elephants Villa, although the reason has not been disclosed. However, for the Beast Fortress to get so angry, Four Elephants Villa likely did something bad to those beasts. Now, listening to what A-jing said, I believe my guess even more.”

Jing Yue, “Four Elephants Villa is a formation sect. Why do they need so many spiritual beasts for? Moreover, according to what you said, they even mistreated them?”

Wei Zhentu shook his head. “I don't know, but there must be something strange about it. Their methods are so wicked, and many golden core cultivators have disappeared inexplicably, so I wanted to take the opportunity to compete for the melody fruit to find out if there are clues. Unfortunately…”

Wei Zhentu laughed self-deprecatingly and asked, “How did A-jing discover me?”

Of course, Jing Yue couldn't say it and replied, “I have my way. Anyhow, I can tell you that there’s a divine consciousness in the formation around Four Elephants Villa, enough to be Amethyst Abode stage, most likely from Mo Qianyun.”

Wei Zhentu was taken aback for a moment. “Why does he want to imprint his divine consciousness on the formation?”

Jing Yue said casually, “Perhaps there is a secret that must not be discovered by anyone.”

Wei Zhentu, “Could it be that Mo Qianyun is practicing some evil art?”

As far as he knew, Four Elephants Villa used to be a weak sect before. The sect leader was only a golden core, and the disciples' aptitude was even more uneven. Only Mo Qianyun’s talent was acceptable.

Later, Mo Qianyun and his master, Zhao Qingyuan, the head of the villa at the time, went out to practice together. Unfortunately, only Mo Qianyun came back. He took out Zhao Qingyuan's token and thus inherited the position of the head of the sect.

After that, Mo Qianyun seemed to have eaten some treasures of heaven and earth. His cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds and took him less than 1,000 years to reach Amethyst Abode from the Foundation Establishment stage.

Jing Yue had never seen Mo Qianyun and couldn't answer Wei Zhentu's conjecture. He only said, “You have alerted the enemy. Even if you have any ideas, I'm afraid it won't work. As for Mo Qianyun, we can only observe more in the future.”

Wei Zhentu sighed, “That’s all we can do for now.”

A night without words.

The next day, a Daoist boy came to invite them to the Listening Pavilion at noon.

Jing Yue said as he walked, “I wonder how many cultivators will compete with us later.”

Wei Zhentu asked instead, “I wonder which musical instrument A-jing is good at.”

Jing Yue sighed. “I’m not good at any of them. Can we only use musical instruments?”

Wei Zhentu, “That's not true. As long as you can produce beautiful music, even singing is fine.”

Jing Yue, “… I can’t do that either.”

“Jing-jing-jing-jing-jing!” Blue phoenix immediately got ecstatic. “JI-ji can help you get the fruit. I have a huge playlist on hand! I can sing it to you! When does the moon shine bright, ask the sky by the wine…”

Jing Yue's face was expressionless. “I want to kill myself.”

Blue Phoenix felt insulted and puffed up like an angry pufferfish, lying on top of Jing Yue's head and ignoring him.

Jing Yue and Wei Zhentu followed the Daoist boy to the Listening Pavilion. There was a sturdy tree in the courtyard, which was the legendary Melody Tree.

The tree had countless branches but only one flower. The flower had nine petals, pure white and somewhat transparent, like ice crystals.

But Jing Yue didn't care; his attention was attracted by another person. “Master Jing Wu?”

Jing Wu of Three Realm Temple was the monk who accidentally killed his own disciple under the control of a heart demon back then, destroyed the enchantment of the Yao tower and opened the door, and harmed many people in the process.

As self-punishment, he traveled the world to save sentient beings.

Why was he here too?

Author’s Note:

Jing-jing: Lost to me and came to ask for advice on formation again.

Wei-daoyou: No… I didn't come to ask for advice that day…

Jing-jing: Such an enthusiastic student.

Rouge: Your hunch is right.

Ji-ji: That's right, that's right!

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