Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1037: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 61)

“Ai, haven’t you noticed that Luo Qing Chen has been coming to school and leaving every day with that new handsome transfer student!”

“It was posted on the forums long ago, humph!  This commoner, young master Li treats her a bit special, truly disgusting!”

“Shh, be quiet…...Cheap people will get their comeuppance, haven’t you seen that young master Li hasn’t been with her recently?”

“Ze, ze, ze, it’s great, our young master Li is becoming the male god of our eyes again!”

“Young master Li was already our male god, you’re saying it like you’re admitting young master Li was with that commoner!  There’s a huge disparity in status, that commoner really is shameless!”


When she came in, Luo Qing Chen heard these fragments.  If there was a needle, she really wouldn’t have sown all their gossiping mouths together!

During the break, Su Xiao Xiao softly pulled her sleeve and said, “Qing Chen, I’ll move over tonight!”

She wanted to move over at the end of the week when the door cleaning was done, but it seemed like because of her negligence, Luo Qing Chen and Han Zai Zi became targets.

Of course, Han Zai Zi didn’t care, he seemed like he enjoyed it a bit.

After all, he found that Li Si Nai had been staring at him recently.  Those sharp eyes that turned over from time to time made his heart run like a little deer.

“Un, you decide yourself!”  Luo Qing Chen nodded, narrowing hey eyes to look at Mi Zhi sitting in front of Li Zi Nai.

She turned and shyly asked Li Si Nai something, but she didn’t receive a response.  Those beautiful and deep eyes were staring at Han Zai Zi.

When Han Zai Zi turned around, he didn’t forget to smile at him, a very happy smile…..

This seemed like a challenge to Li Si Nai.  He pursed his lips and picked up his phone, sending a text to Luo Qing Chen.

(Come to the school yard after school, I have something to say.  ——Li Si Nai)

“Ding dong.”

When Luo Qing Chen opened the text, her fingers trembled and her heart skipped a beat.

It was like a long time had passed and that certain ambiguous feeling was this good.

There would suddenly be a day that Han Zai Zi would appear that would make this proud youth finally unable to sit still.

(Ok!  乛?乛——Luo Qing Chen)

The afternoon class passed very slowly and every class seemed to be a kind of waiting, waiting for an answer.

At the same yard, there was a bit of snow in the sky.

Li Si Nai had his hands in his pocket and stood in the same spot.  He had a beige sweater over his white shirt with a black tie, looking so dazzling against the light.

When Luo Qing Chen planned on moving forward, she never thought that Mi Zhi would appear from another direction with a stack of photos.

She lowered her head and revealed a sweet smile.  She said something in a low voice, looking over at Luo Qing Chen while she spoke.

Luo Qing chen couldn’t see too clearly, but she knew that Li Si Nai had a slightly cold look in his eyes when he saw these photos.

When she was about to go forward to ask about this…...

Li Si Nai had already headed off in another direction with Mi Zhi following behind him.

This ‘performance’ lasted less than three minutes.  Luo Qing Chen was a bit confused, only when Han Zai Zi called out from beside her did she come back to her senses.

“Ha, ha, ha.”  Luo Qing Chen gave three laughs, “I’ve been plotted against!”

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