Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1036: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 60)

Su Xiao Xiao sitting on her right turned and after seeing Li Si Nai’s drawing, she whispered into Luo Qing Chen’s ear, “Classmate Li really is good at drawing.”

This was her first time seeing someone who drew such finely made pictures.  After all, she had studied drawing herself, so she worshipped a great god when she met one.

“I feel that Xiao Xiao is also very good!”  Luo Qing Chen took a pencil and wrote an elegant one hundred on Xiao Xiao’s paper!

“She’s not at the level where you can grade her.”  Li Si Nai raised his hand and leaned towards Luo Qing Chen, helping her with her shading while complaining to her, “Your drawing…..really isn’t a normal level of bad!”

When Luo Qing Chen turned, she bumped into his head.

There was pain that came from her forehead.  When she wanted to use her hand to cover her head, a pair of warm hands gently patted her head as a voice said, “It’s fine!”

She finally felt a bit of normal warmth from their bickering.

She was surprised.  Her right hand couldn’t help touching her slightly red ear, “It’s…..It’s fine.”

“Un.”  Li Si Nai casually gave a shrug, “It seems right, people with simpler minds have rather thick heads.”


Damn, where did this suddenly come from?

Although it seemed like complaining, she didn’t feel as angry as when they first met.  She suddenly felt that this kind of getting along was quite interesting.

Mi Zhi who was sitting not far away tightly clenched the pen in her right hand as her eyes turned a bit cold

She couldn’t just sit still, she had to find a chance.  She was entrusted by her half sister that she had to hide her ‘noble status’, coming to this commoner world and embarrassing herself.

It was known that her mother was the main disciple of the diplomat that served the royal family in France.  She had to find some halo to let a few certain people know what was called a ‘noble’!

December meant it was already winter.  Before class ended, Han Zai Zi sent her a text.

(I don’t want to live in a complicated hotel, I want to live at your house!  ——Han Zai Zi)

Luo Qing Chen thought about it and thought that there wasn’t anything wrong.  She could use this chance to get Xiao Xiao to move out of the dorm and move in with her.

(Ask Xiao Xiao if she’s willing, I’ll agree if she’s willing!  ——Luo Qing Chen)

((o(OヘOo#) Leave it to me!  ——Han Zai Zi)

Of course, Han Zai Zi’s mouth almost fell off from the words he said to get Su Xiao
Xiao to agree.

After crying and creating a fuss, Su Xiao Xiao finally agreed.

After all, she was someone who didn’t like causing trouble for others, not to mention that she was living in such a high end apartment.

For her, she would always feel a bit out of place.

But Luo Qing Chen never thought that before the dust settled on this matter, there would be a strange relationship between her and Li Si Nai.

Su Xiao Xiao said that she would move to Luo Qing Chen’s apartment in a week, but Han Zai Zi didn’t wait and moved in the next day.

The campus of a high school, other than studying, there was only gossip that was the most interesting.

Especially gossip about famous people in the school.  Changing right and wrong, that was the thing they loved to do the most!

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