Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1030: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 54)

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Strong applause and cheers came.  The boy who handed her the basketball kept praising, “Too strong.”

“It’s luck, it’s luck…..”  She shook her head with a proud look that flashed on her face, but she still modestly said, “If you let me make another shot, I definitely won’t get it in!”

“How could that be possible!”  The boy said with a smile, “Let’s make a bet, if you get it in, I’ll treat the whole class to ice cream!”

“Oh, oh!”  There was another cheer, it seemed like there were always people watching on the side who weren’t too busy.

“Hee, hee.”  She gave a sweet laugh before saying, “Alright!  For everyone’s ice cream, I’ll work hard!”

What a sweet smile, what a positive response!

Luo Qin gchen could feel that when Mi Zhi said this, Li Si Nai and Nan Luo Ze were both looking at her.

They were looking over her with deep eyes.

When Mi Zhi took the ball again, she narrowed her eyes and her eyes dimmed a bit.

She still stepped off and shot, but this time the direction was a bit off from the basket, although it couldn’t be seen by others.

“Xiu.”  The ball created a curve in the air before flying off in a certain direction.

That direction was where Su Xiao Xiao was.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes.  She reached out with Han Zai Zi to block this, but she was faster.  However, there was a sound that came from her wrist.

“Ah!”  There was a cry of shock and Mi Zhi was the first one to come over to ask in a concerned voice, “Are you…..are you alright!”

There was an unknown feeling in those concerned eyes.  She looked down to see that Luo Qing Chen’s right hand was red and swollen, causing a smile that people couldn’t see to appear on her lips.

“Qing Chen, are you…..are you alright!”  Su Xiao Xiao took her hand and said in an anxious voice, “How about we take you to the infirmary!”

“I’ll come with you, I really am sorry.”  Mi Zhi acted worried as she said with a look of blame, “It’s all my fault…..I was too careless.”

Luo Qing Chen wanted to slap this smiling face, but Mi Zhi had the upper hand in this situation.

She landed the first shot to pave the way for the second shot.  This kind of person had a deep mind, if she wanted to argue with her head on, she might not win.

But, there was a bit of unhappiness, she really didn’t feel good.

She narrowed her cold eyes and she said in a calm voice, “Whether it was on purpose or an accident, you know in your heart, right?”

As soon as her voice fell, Mi Zhi’s expression changed, but the boy who handed her the basketball could take it!

“I say, classmate Luo Qing Chen, we are all classmates.  Mi Zhi has just transferred in and she doesn’t know you, so your words are meaningless.”

Mi Zhi heard this and her nervous expression relaxed.  She continued in her humble voice, “I don’t know why you would think this.  If I did something to make you dissatisfied, you can tell me…..But I, I really didn’t do it on purpose!”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as her clear eyes filled with a dark look.  She looked at Mi Zhi with a cold smile of deep meaning as she said, “Since classmate Mi Zhi likes basketball, how about we compete?  It’s a good thing that I also like it very much.”

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