Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 103: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (8) Part 2

Ah Jin held her breath and pretended to be dead asleep on the bed.

The man from the Demon Sect gently climbed through the window and entered the room without making a single sound.

He slowly approached the bedside and looked at the sleeping silhouette in the bed.

He reached out and gently pushed the person.

When the person on the bed did not respond, he took out the rope and tied Ah Jin.

Ah Jin continued the pretense of being knocked out, showing not the slightest sign of resistance at all.

In her mind, she complained that the man was extremely unprofessional.

The tension on the rope was not strong, and he did not even have a sack.

Ah Jin was just carried head down on his shoulders.

Ah Jin looked at the route the man was taking and realized it in her heart.

The man was very familiar with the village road.

So no wonder they didn't alert anyone and easily took people away.


The second junior brother on patrol on the high ground saw a blur of figures.

In a flash, he called out.

Ah Jin felt the person was scared and trembled.

Then the person ran away using his qinggong.

The second junior brother followed closely behind.

Looking intently, the woman's figure resembled that of his eldest senior sister!

"How dare you! Put that woman down!"

The Demon Sect man didn't pay any attention to him.

Instead, he moved faster.

The second junior brother was puzzled when he saw the tied woman slightly raised her head.

In the dark, the woman's face could not be seen.

However, the eyes of a martial arts practitioner were sharp.

So when he saw those bright eyes flashing in the darkness, he understood in an instant what the eldest senior sister meant.

He pretended to chase them some distance away and stopped his pursuit.

The Demon Sect guy saw the person getting farther and farther behind him.

He could not help but feel proud of himself.

How dare a little kid to compete with him in qinggong.

The villagers often hired some Jianghu men as bodyguards to deal with them.

But all of them were just people who knew some fancy martial arts.

They were not enough to be feared.

The Demon Sect did not take them seriously at all.

He ran for half an hour carrying Ah Jin on his shoulders and arrived at a temple in the middle of nowhere.

When the man in the temple saw him coming back, he happily said, "Jian Hu, you've got something again today! Quickly put down the person for me to see."

Jian Hu avoided the man's hand.

"Why are you so anxious? All the women are to be brought to the master. You can't break the rules."

The man slapped his thigh.

"Hey! How could I not know that? I just want to see. Don't move around."

Jian Hu then put Ah Jin down.

"I grabbed her without seeing what she looked like."

"Holy sh*t!" the man exclaimed.

Jian Hu used the candlelight to see the woman's face on the floor and was stunned for a moment.

"This is top quality! From which village did you catch her? What a nice face. She's so pretty."

Jian Hu was so proud of himself.

"I, Jian Hu, have a reputation for stealing. That is certainly a name that has not been given in vain!"

The man swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he looked at the appearance of the woman on the floor.

"Jian Hu, this… How about we both keep this woman?"

As soon as Jian Hu heard that, he immediately refused by saying, "No way. She's too beautiful. If I present her to master, he will definitely give me a better martial arts manual! No, no!"

The man was desperate and took Jian Hu's hand.

"Brother, you listen to me. I will just play around. I will not touch her and guarantee that she will still be intact in the hands of our master!"

That said, he handed Jian Hu a silver ingot.

Jian Hu weighed the silver ingot in his hand.

Then he looked at the woman on the floor with his eyes shining.

"Okay. Then you take care of her."

The man's face bloomed into a smile.

"Hey, hey. You are still my generous brother."

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