My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 103.2: Return to the Big World pt. 2

At this time, Jing Yue had already made his way to the square where the ceremony was held.

There were many guests in the square and everyone had an expression of uncertainty. Someone asked, “Is that the Jadecloud Bell of Frostcloud Sect just now?”

“It seems to be. Has something happened to Frostcloud Sect?”

Outsiders knew that the Jadecloud Bell was related to the fortune of Frostcloud Sect. More than 20 years ago, the Jadecloud Bell rang ten times in succession. Not long after, a new patriarch appeared in Frostcloud Sect. What could it be this time?

“Could it be related to Jing-laozu?”

“Or perhaps the bell is celebrating Liu Feng-laozu’s achievement for reaching Tribulation Passage.”

“I didn’t expect Liu Feng-laozu to breakthrough so quickly. Now that Frostcloud Sect has two Tribulation Passage powerhouses, their status as the first sect in the cultivation world is unshakeable.”

“This is also the fortune of the righteous Dao. It seems that Jing-laozu is really the auspicious person for Frostcloud Sect. How long has he joined the sect? They were obviously in decline before…” the person who spoke quickly shut up.

Another person followed, “Right? The students he and Qin-zhenjun guarded are all the key talents groomed by various forces. How many factions owed a debt of gratitude to Frostcloud Sect and Sword Inscription Sect? Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such full attendance this time. I heard that all the major factions have prepared generous gifts.”

Everyone began to exchange the gossip they had heard, and the gifts from various schools were all rare treasures. Just hearing the name made people yearn for it.

Jing Yue stood by and listened without saying a word. Suddenly someone asked him, “Fellow Daoist, where do you come from?”

Jing Yue saw that he was an unfamiliar Golden Core cultivator and said, “Schism Ocean.”

The other party's eyes immediately showed signs of respect.

There were two types of people in Schism Ocean. One was those who had made mistakes and were exiled, and they couldn’t leave at will. The other was the rotational guards belonging to the three major sects and one temple, and these people were all elites.

When the Golden Core cultivator saw that Jing Yue was able to attend the ceremony, he naturally didn’t belong to the first group. The other party obviously couldn’t be a disciple of Lurking Ghost Sect or Three Realm Temple. Today was also the grand ceremony organized by Frostcloud Sect so the one standing with the guests could only be from Sword Inscription Sect.

Golden Core cultivator, “Excuse me. Fuchen-zhenjun is personally here today to offer his congrats. It is rumored outside that your clan has prepared a treasured celestial sword. Could it be true?”

Seeing that he had misunderstood, Jing Yue laughed and said, “I don’t know what Sword Inscription Sect has prepared. I’m from Frostcloud Sect.”

The golden core cultivator was taken aback and asked before his mind could react, “I see, I wonder what gift your clan has prepared then?”

Jing Yue was baffled but still replied, “Nanweng Elixir.”

“Are you kid…” Someone next to him was about to mock when he saw several figures descending from the sky. It was none other than several patriarchs of Frostcloud Sect.

“Huh? Why is Yi Ye-laozu here?”

The main star today was Liu Feng. As Liu Feng’s shizun, it was not appropriate for Yi Ye to grab the limelight so he wouldn’t appear under normal circumstances. Moreover, Yi Ye had not been involved in mundane affairs for many years.

Everyone looked at the patriarchs with doubts and the scene suddenly quieted down.

Then, the crowd noticed that the patriarchs didn’t take their seats but walked straight to the field and stopped in front of a young Daoist. Among them, Liu Feng and Liu Yun even bent down to the Daoist.

“Greetings, Shishu!”

Yi Ye, “Shizun…”

Jing Yue, “Shixiong! Shidi misses you so much!”

Everyone watched dumbfounded as the youth calmly received the greeting from Liu Feng and Liu Yun before suddenly hugging Yi Ye-laozu and calling him Shixiong.

His identity was apparent!

The golden core cultivator just now stammered, “Jing-jing-jing-laozu?”

Jing Yue let go of Yiye, looked warningly at the third disciple who almost exposed him, and smiled at the golden core cultivator again. “Hello.”

Yi Ye was aggrieved. He was so happy that he wanted to cry, but due to his Shizun’s prestige, he had to act like a senior and said in a light-hearted manner, “I just knew that Shidi is very lucky and there must be a day of return.”

“Greetings Jing-laozu!”

“Greetings Jing-laozu!”

“Greetings Jing-laozu!”

At this moment, all the disciples of Frostcloud Sect shouted in unison, and the guests in the audience bowed their heads in awe.

So, Jing Yue walked to the high platform surrounded by Yi Ye and the others. However, halfway up, Fuchen-zhenjun, the head of Sword Inscription Sect, came forward and asked respectfully, “May I ask Laozu if my sect’s Qin Yanzhi is together with you?”

As soon as he said that, everyone suddenly remembered that Jing Yue had disappeared together with Qin-zhenjun. Now that Jing-laozu had appeared but Qin-zhenjun was nowhere to be seen, no wonder Sword Inscription Sect was anxious.

Everyone was also curious and wanted to know where Jing Yue had been in the past 19 years. Why had there been no news at all?

Jing Yue paused briefly, his tone with nervousness that others could hardly discern. “Qin-zhenjun was with me but he has now returned to Sword Inscription Sect.”

Fuchen-zhenjun tried his best to restrain the excitement on his face and gave a big salute. “Thank you, Laozu, for telling me!”

He paused, remembering that Qin Yanzhi had used the legendary Heavenly Void Swordplay and almost became invalid. With hesitation, he asked, “Yanzhi, he…”

Jing Yue, “Has reached the Heavenly Grotto stage.”

Fuchen-zhenjun was overjoyed. “Good, good, good!”

These words fell into the ears of the crowd and there was another uproar.

“Qin-zhenjun is back?”

“He has actually entered Heavenly Grotto? More than 20 years ago, he was only at the upper level of Amethyst Abode!”

“No, haven’t you heard? He broke through the realm when he fought with Chimei-laomo and was already at absolute level Amethyst Abode.”

“Even so, it only took him 20 years to cross over from absolute level to Heavenly Grotto. This…”

“It looks like the ranking of the Flying Immortal List is going to change again.”

“Hey, didn’t you guys notice that Jing-laozu has also entered the Golden Core… mid-level?”

“What? You’re right! What exactly have they both experienced? How could they advance so quickly?”

Amid everyone’s discussion, Jing Yue climbed onto the platform, and Wei Tianli hurriedly greeted him with surprise in his eyes.

Jing Yue nodded to him and motioned for him to preside over the ceremony.

Thus, Liu Feng’s grand Tribulation Passage ceremony officially began.

After the complicated ceremony, Jing Yue handed a porcelain bottle to Liu Feng. “This is the Nanweng Elixir. Shishu congratulates you on becoming the fourth great power to cross the Tribulation Passage for the righteous Dao.”

Liu Feng was overjoyed. If not for the fear of exposure, she could hardly wait to kneel and thank Laozu.

Everyone in the square was envious. Nanweng Elixir could prolong life for 1,500 years! Just one alone could set off wild storms in the cultivation world! If Liu Feng was not a Tribulation Passage, some people would probably go up and grab it!

Only Yi Ye looked at the Nanweng Elixir in disdain. Shizun was the only person who could refine a premium-quality Perennial Pill! A normal Perennial pill could prolong life for 2,000 years and a premium quality would be 2,500 years!

With Shizun around, they had strength!

Yi Ye lifted his chin slightly as if he could already see the day his Shizun presented him with the pill.

After that, the major forces stepped forward to offer congratulations. When it was Sword Inscription Sect’s turn, they indeed presented a treasured celestial sword. At the same time, Fuchen-zhenjun also specially added a premium sword capsule to show their gratitude.

When the ceremony was over and the guests were gone, Jing Yue, several laozus, and Wei Tianli gathered in Whitefog Summit.

After listening to the details at the Buried Star Ocean and the various aspects of the Haotian Realm, Yi Ye and others were shocked and delighted.

The shock was at the danger. The slightest misstep and the Zushi could die. The delight was that not only had Zushi returned smoothly, but also gained a great deal, far better than staying in the big world to cultivate. Especially the method of refining the small world, it was simply unheard of!

“Shizun, can we enter Haotian Realm to explore?” Although Yi Ye was already 10,000 years old, he could only travel the universe after he went through the tribulation and ascended. Even though the Haotian Realm was only a small world, he was still full of interest.

Jing Yue, “No. Due to the limitations of the laws in Haotian Realm, only Amethyst Abode and below can enter.”

After that, Jing Yue asked someone to get him a piece of spiritual wood. He carved it into a token with a crafting knife and branded a bit of spiritual sense on the token.

He handed the token to Wei Tianli and said, “This is a token for entering and leaving the Haotian Realm. Keep it well. From now on, all living creatures in the small world are under the jurisdiction of my Frostcloud Sect!”

Wei Tianli was so excited that his hands were shaking. He responded loudly, “Yes!”

This action caused Yi Ye to stare with jealousy. Jing Yue noticed this and thought inwardly that sometimes, Yi Ye and Ji-ji were quite similar.

He coughed lightly and added, “Back then, in Buried Star Ocean, Qin-zhenjun and I were swept into the Nine Heaven Rift. What happened after that?”

Wei Tianli, “That day, the demonic Dao launched many attacks in different ways and killed many Foundation Establishment cultivators of our righteous Dao. The Frostcloud Sect entourage also encountered an ambush but Wu Chen was carrying the sect's secret treasure and didn’t let the other party succeed. Wu Chen was worried about your safety and immediately pursued in the direction of Nine Heaven Academy. He arrived almost at the same time as Sword Inscription Sect, just in time to see several demonic cultivators besieging the sky vessel.”

Jing Yue, “They really don't give up. I didn't expect that they still chased after the sky vessel!”

Wei Tianli sighed, “The Nine Heaven Academy is the core element of their plan. After planning for so long, how can they give up? Fortunately, the sword talisman and Mirror of Evasion that Laozu gave to Lin-zhenjun managed to buy some time for the academy. When the righteous Dao arrived one after another, those demonic cultivators knew that they couldn't do anything, so they fled.”

Jing Yue’s expression darkened slightly. “Fled?”

Wei Tianli, “Fled. But since then, Liu Yun-laozu led nine Amethyst Abode elders and joined forces with Three Realm Temple, Sword Inscription Sect, Green Bamboo Sanctuary, and other parties of the righteous Dao to West Shu to clear away the demonic cultivators. Old ghost Chimei, Yazu, and several others were killed, but we don’t know where the inheritors of Asura Tower have been hiding. We have been looking all these years but didn’t find any clues.”

Jing Yue, “The Asura Tower is unpredictable. It's not surprising that you can’t find anything. Since you entered deep into the West Shu region, how did Lurking Ghost Sect react to this?”

Liu Yun replied instead of Wei Tianli, “Sect Leader Han Ye didn’t say anything. When I questioned him, he claimed that he didn’t know about it. Moreover, we indeed didn’t see anyone from Lurking Ghost Sect in this sneak attack. However, if the Lurking Ghost Sect didn’t know about this big move from the demonic Dao, it would be in vain for them to be called the top demonic sect.”

Jing Yue nodded. “The demonic way did such a crazy thing just to get rid of one generation of our talented disciples. There must be a deeper reason behind it. They have been making unusual movements in the past few decades. We must make early preparations.”

Everyone cupped their hands in agreement.

Finally, Jing Yue said, “Wu Dao-zhenren’s dantian has been destroyed and Lin-zhenjun has also sacrificed his Amethyst core for us. I have two bottles of Jasper Dew here, a product of the Six Wheel Secret Realm.  It can prolong life for two hundred years. Find someone to hand it to them.”

Wei Tianli, “Rest assured, Laozu. For Wu Dao-zhenren and Lin-zhenjun, Frostcloud Sect has already sent the Yuanyi Regenerating Pill to help them repair their dantian. They have already started cultivating again.”

Jing Yue, “Very well. If they ran into any trouble in the future, Frostcloud Sect will help whenever possible.”

Wei Tianli, “This disciple understands.”

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was winter solstice in the mortal world.

Even though Lakhfrig Mountain was covered in snow all year round, it was always colder in winter. Only Frostcloud Sect remained the same every day, difficult to detect the passage of time.

On Whitefog Summit, Jing Yue was inspecting his spiritual garden—the Golden Chestnut Flower was growing well. The few blessing grass seeds he brought back also sprouted one after another and some were planted on Flying Blossoms Mountain.


Jing Yue turned around and saw Yi Ye hurrying over with the little blue chicken on the top of his head. He said, “Shizun, why did you come out of seclusion only after a year? Didn't you say that you want to stabilize your realm?”

“Well, although it is not completely stable, there will be no risk for the time being.” Jing Yue looked at the blue phoenix on Yi Ye’s head, then at Yi Ye, and couldn’t help but ask, “You and Ji-ji…” so harmonious?

However, Yi Ye and blue phoenix looked away guiltily at the same time.

Something was wrong!

Yi Ye didn’t wait for him to pursue the question and asked, “For Shizun to come out early, is there something important?”

Jing Yue, “It’s not important. It just occurred to me that the Bodhi Illuminating Wall of the Three Realm Temple can give the opportunity to see the future. I'm thinking of borrowing it. Maybe I can see something. It would be best if I can find the motive behind the demonic way’s actions.”

Yi Ye, “That makes sense! Shizun built the foundation by using the Bodhi Illuminating Wall, which means that this wall has a destiny with Shizun. But I wonder if Three Realm Temple is willing.”

Jing Yue thought inwardly that Three Realm Temple would never refuse on account of his Perennial Pill.

“Rest assured.”

Seeing that Jing Yue was unperturbed, Yi Ye thought to himself that it was expected of his Shizun that he could go to the forbidden place of the Three Realm Temple whenever he wanted.

He paused for a moment and said, “Shizun, when you travel this time, let me create a projection and attach it to Mini Canglan Sword to protect you in secret, okay?”

Jing Yue sensed Mini Canglan Sword’s disgust and smothered a laugh. “No need. If I keep relying on you, why should I cultivate?”

Yi Ye suddenly knelt on the ground and hugged Jing Yue's leg. “Shizun, let me be your golden-fingered grandfather for once!”

Jing Yue, “……………….”

He finally knew why Yi Ye and blue phoenix were suddenly on good terms. He said angrily, “What has Ji-ji shown you?!”

Blue phoenix immediately covered its head and ears with its wings and sold the teammate out. “I didn’t! Jing-jing, I was forced to do it! He’s the one who doesn’t cultivate properly and keeps bullying Ji-ji. Ji-ji thinks he’s too idle and gave him a picture book to pass the time. Ji-ji didn't deliberately tempt him into doing nothing.”

Yi Ye didn't know that he had been betrayed and quibbled, “I'm just worried about your safety!”

Jing Yue was exasperated. “Very well, the two of you can go into closed-door seclusion on Whitefog Summit together!”

“No way! Ji-ji doesn’t want to!” Blue phoenix was shocked. It jumped into Jing Yue's arms and cried and hiccupped.

“No way! Shizun, please grant this disciple’s wish…”

Jing Yue, “…”

He once again felt that he failed in educating others. The human and phoenix taught by him had gone crooked one after another. The rare one that didn’t go crooked also went the dog’s way…

(TN: Living the dog’s way carries the undertone of living in vain.)

No, perhaps that one didn’t go the dog’s way, but if that person was really Yi Wang, why was he still normal in the previous life, but this one…

Aaaahhhhh stop thinking about it! Shut it!

Anyway, Jing Yue finally left with Ji-ji. No choice, Ji-ji was the nanny (not at all). Ji-ji’s pestering skill was not something Yi Ye could compare with. Besides, Ji-ji just wanted to go with him and didn’t want to do anything whimsical like being Grandpa Goldfinger.

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