Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1028: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 52)

“Alright, alright, everyone look over here.”  Teacher Gu clapped her hands before continuing, “Next we’ll introduce the second transfer student.”

Teacher Gu waved at the door again and a familiar figure walked to the front.

He was wearing an English style coat with an LV brand bag, an Armani watch, and a bright diamond earring on his right ear.  He was showing pride that was different from the other nobles.

“Hello everyone, my name is Han Zai Zi!  Please take care of me from now on!”  As soon as his voice fell, Han Zai Zi gave a bow and he revealed a faint smile.  Then his eyes immediately fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

Of course this scene was also seen by Li Si Nai.

“Damn, so handsome!”

“So bright!”

“I like this kind of bright handsome brother, his hair is so special, is it chestnut colour?”


“You are very welcome to our F Class.  Student Han can also find a place to sit.”

Han Zai Zi walked to the spot in front of Luo Qing Chen without even thinking which was empty.  Everyone didn’t speculate why he took it like with Mi Zhi.

After all, there were many empty spots in the classroom, so naturally they would choose an empty spot if they didn’t know anyone.

In the eyes of many girls, Mi Zhi choosing Su Jing’s spot was not for Su Jing, but rather the two school hunks.

But after this class, everyone needed to re-evaluate the relationship between Luo Qing Chen and Han Zai Zi.

After all, they were passing notes the entire class.

(How about it?  Was my LV bag filled with things useful?  ——Han Zai Zi)

The moment he silently tossed the note onto Luo Qing Chen’s desk, Li Si Nai couldn’t help narrowing his eyes with a touch of coldness.

Nan Luo Ze looked over at Li Si Nai and said in a low voice, “I have to say, classmate Luo Qing Chen’s charm really is unstoppable, the transfer student is passing notes with her as soon as he comes in!  Ze, ze, there really is something there!”

“Stop caring about that.”  Li Si Nai felt even more uncomfortable when he heard Nan Luo Ze’s words.

That person, did he look good?  He was far from being able to compare with him, alright?

After Luo Qing Chen received the note, Su Xiao Xiao looked at her in surprise.  Luo Qing Chen wrote in her notebook: I know him.

Then she replied to the contents of Han Zai Zi’s note.

(Don’t you ever mention this matter to me again, don’t force me to beat you to death!  ——Luo Qing Chen)

It’s fine not mentioning it, but she would explode if he did!

If it wasn’t for that LV bag, she wouldn’t have been called a female pervert by Li Si Nai.  This responsibility was something that Han Zai Zi had to take.

After writing this note, Luo Qing Chen angrily threw it at the back of his head when teacher Gu turned to write on the chalkboard.

Su Xiao Xiao on the side couldn’t help laughing that seemed like a spring breeze.

This class ended like this and the people around Luo Qing Chen were whispering with each other once it ended.

Han Zai Zi replied to them all before turning and reaching out to give her a big hug.

Before he could even hug her, there was a loud sound from not far away.

A certain person angrily kicked the desk before walking out.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  Seeing that back, she knit her brows as she thought: Could it be that he misunderstood something!

“Why can’t I hug you!  We haven’t seen each other in so long, how about we go eat something tonight?”  Han Zai Zi didn’t seem to see that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, he just continued to lean in and whisper, “There are so many handsome guys in our class, I really feel like my heart is bursting with joy!”

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