Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1025: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 49)

The song that second year F Class had chosen was a demonstration of ancient instruments, “Flowers and Full Moon”.

Luo Qing Chen’s zither and Su Xiao Xiao’s harp became the main melody for this performance, but now neither of them were here!

But the funny thing was that second year Class A had also chosen this song, but they chose to perform with western instruments.

At the beginning, the teacher in charge of Class A had warned them many times that although their pillars weren’t here, they would still win!

“Teacher, please have faith in us!”  Yan Shui Qing gave a shrug and said with a relaxed look, “Just with how expensive our instruments are, the sound will throw away their trash instruments!”

“Right, right, teacher be assured!  Shui Qing has been amazing at the violin since she was young, she was just held back by the sound before!”  A fat female student didn’t forget to flatter Yan Shui Qing while Mi Xue Na wasn’t here.

After all, all things passed.  Now that Mi Xue Na’s legs were injured and she wouldn’t be back to school for a while, she had to find someone to cover for her.

“It’s best if it’s like this!”  The proud teacher flicked her hair while looking at her nails that had just been done, “Actually, I’m not worried about you since F Class is just too bad.  A bunch of fools who only know how to study, they are deluding themselves if they want to get ranked in culture!  Why don’t they look in the mirror to see if they can even afford instruments.”

She hated the teacher of Class F who was surnamed Gu.  She was clearly a commoner and yet she was here to teach, it simply was a mess!

When eight o’clock came, the Class A girls came onto stage, but they lacked two people.

Li Si Nai who played the piano and Nan Luo Ze who played the guitar.  But they still had Yan Shui Qing who played the violin and Mi Xue Na was supposed to play the cello.

It was a pity that Mu Xue Na wasn’t there!

When the solo violin sounded, the music teachers under the stage shook their heads.

After all, Yan Shui Qing wasn’t that good at violin.  She was weak when she took the rhythm alone and the girls behind her couldn’t find the pitch.

But Yan Shui Qing never thought that when the music entered the second verse, the other side of the stage would light up.

Piano that sounded like flowing water slowly sounded and those slender fingers danced across the black and white keys, with extreme elegance.

A spring breeze blew into my heart, making me unable to sleep with thoughts of you.

Why don’t you understand the falling flowers, only being able to watch the moon outside the window.

(——Li Si Nai)

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”  As soon as the singing fell, there was a burst of cheers.

The music covered the other half of the stage and everyone thought that this was the legendary piano duel!

The light on stage cast off in another direction and the sound of the guitar slowly rang out as a light and moving melody came out.

The moon hangs and bends like your brows, the heart thinking of you can only advance and never retreat.

I say, do you know the flowing waters aren’t merciless, as they bring you into the palace in the sky.

(——Nan Luo Ze)

“My god, what…..what is this situation!  Didn’t I hear that young master Li and young master Nan weren’t participating!”

“Xiu.”  The light changed again and shone onto Luo Qing Chen’s white face.

With the sound of the exchange from the system, the beautiful zither with a long history appeared on stage.

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for zither playing skills.]

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