Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1023: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 47)

The surrounding girls took another cold breath at that moment.

It was the first time for young master Nan to call someone his girlfriend like this.

Su Xiao Xiao trembled, almost never thinking that Nan Luo Ze would carry her in a princess carry at this moment.

She just felt her heart beating fast and her blood kept boiling.  This head even made her forget the pain from her feet.

She didn’t know where to put her hands and just carefully put it over her heart as she lowered her cheeks in embarrassment.

This was her first time being carried by a man in a princess carry.

“Girl…..Girlfriend…..”  Yan Shui Qing didn’t give up as she bit her lip and said, “Young master Nan has many girlfriends!  I know…..I know that you won’t like her anymore soon!”

In the past, now matter what the girl liked, he never stayed with a person for more than three days.

It was because of this that she could keep waiting as the girls kept changing around him.

Because she knew that those girls wouldn’t be the ones who would get the last laugh.

“He, he.”  He gave a cold laugh as he narrowed his beautiful eyes, “That was because I never met true love.”

Just these short eight words said the deepest secret in the heart of this playboy young master.

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe.”  Yan Shui Qing desperately shook her head before raising her hand, “I’ll beat you to death, you fox!”

“I don’t hit women, but don’t force my hand.”  His eyes were filled with rage, making Yan Shui Qing’s hand stop in the air.

As soon as his voice fell, he carried Su Xiao Xiao towards the infirmary without turning back.

Yan Shui Qing stood there feeling like a loser.  This was her first time seeing Nan Luo Ze like this, he wasn’t as gentle and elegant like usual, he was filled with rage and hostility.

Just for…..Just for the person in his embrace, Nan Luo Ze even ignored his image…..


While this ‘great grievance’ was happening, Li Si Nai walked over to Luo Qing Chen with two cokes in his hand.

When he passed by Mi Xue Na, Mi Xue Na looked at him excitedly, but he didn’t stop at all even though her legs were covered in blood.

He came right to Luo Qing Chen standing at the finish line.

“Not bad.”  Li Si Nai gave her the coke and he revealed a faint smile, “Could this be the legendary simple mind and developed body?”

When Luo Qing Chen was about to take the coke, she heard him say this and she took back her hand without caring, “Even if I have a simple mind, I can insult you like this, it proves that you can’t match me!”

“Sharp mouth.”  Li Si Nai put the coke in her hands and said, “How could there be a girl like you in this world!”

There were many things that he didn’t care about, but there were certain things that he was filled with righteousness.

Not afraid of power, not afraid of hatred!  The most important thing was that he had the special skills to strangely enter ‘someone’s’ heart.

“There’s a boy like you in this world, why can’t there be a girl like me!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a snort.  She looked at Nan Luo Ze carrying Su Xiao Xiao not far away before casually saying, “Thanks for the coke!”

Then she ran off to chase after Su Xiao Xiao.

It was because Li Si Nai’s sudden appearance had almost made her forget about the little girl Su Xiao Xiao!

Right now, she suddenly felt that there was a word that suited her, but what was it called…..

[Host, it’s called favouring love and ignoring friends!]


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