Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1020: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 44)

Luo Qing Chen never thought that Mi Xue Na’s mind wasn’t just simple enough to take Su Xiao Xiao’s shoes.

When they were standing in the school yard, Xiao Yu suddenly gave the shoes to Su Xiao Xiao.

Her actions were a bit unnatural, but Luo Qing Chen was two hundred meters away, so she couldn’t see clearly.

But Su Xiao Xiao was very moved when she saw Xiao Yu.  Xiao Yu was her roommate, but because of her relationship with Nan Luo Ze, the people in the dorm had ignored her.

Now that Xiao Yu had suddenly brought her shoes back, naturally she was filled with joy.

“Xiao Xiao, they threw your shoes in the trash earlier…..”  Xiao Yu pursed her lips and her eyes trembled as she said, “I…..I helped you get them back.”

“Thank…...Thank you.”  Su Xiao Xiao’s eyes misted over.  Xiao Yu didn’t dare look into her eyes and turned to the side slightly.

After handing her the shoes, Xiao Yu nervously ran off.

Su Xiao Xiao couldn’t see anything wrong.  She took off her tattered shoes and wore the running shoes.

But when she put on the running shoes, her fingers trembled and she bit her lip.

The soles of the running shoes were covered in glue and had firmly stuck to her feet while the two sides of the shoes were covered in thumb tacks.

As long as she didn’t run or move, her feet wouldn’t hurt.

But there was still five minutes before the race, they would be considered disqualified if she didn’t run.

No matter how miserable her family had been, her grandmother always told her that when god closes a door, he would definitely open a window for you.

But she couldn’t seem to see the window.

Actually she could escape at any moment, it would just be like before.

Watching others laughing at her and hearing them taunt her.

At the same time, there would be a shadow that would be cast over Class F again.

She could be mocked, but she didn’t want people she cared about to be mocked.

After all, that girl not far away was her only friend.

She slightly knit her brows and made a bold decision.

She carefully put the other white sneaker on and lowered her head so it couldn’t be any lower.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and knit her brows as she looked at Su Xiao Xiao who was two hundred meters away.

Nan Luo Ze turned from Su Xiao Xiao to Luo Qing Chen and he mouthed: I think that something is wrong with Xiao Xiao, what is going on?

Luo Qing Chen shook her head, signaling that she didn’t know.

At the same time, Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing were more shocked.

They had changed their target from Luo Qing Chen to Su Xiao Xiao because Su Xiao Xiao was easier to trick.

Xiao Yu was her roommate, so just based on this, it was very easy for her to have Su Xiao Xiao put on the ‘shoes they had carefully prepared’, but they never thought that this would happen.

Su Xiao Xiao actually didn’t back out, rather she put on both shoes!

Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing looked at each other with confusion.

They thought that they could use this chance to let Class F, those commoners make fools of themselves in this opening ceremony.

But they never thought it would be a miss.

“Peng!”  With a loud shot, Su Xiao Xiao and Yan Shui Qing waited at the third spot while Luo Qing Chen and Mi Xue Na waited at the final spot.

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