Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 102: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (7) Part 1

The old man Li was full of sorrow.

Sighing, he said, "You young warriors have no idea. Recently, the village girls have been missing one after another. I heard that they were taken away in the middle of the night. They are missing without a trace. The village is in a state of panic."

Hearing this, the third junior brother became furious.

He slammed the table and got up, "Outrageous! Such a bold thing to do in broad daylight!"

"Aiya. I'm not going to lie to you. Even I, an old man, I'm really scared too. I have no choice but to let my wife take my daughter back to her maiden house."

Lu Zhiyu said, "Since we are in this area and received the kindness of tea from uncle,

we have no reason to ignore this matter. Please allow us to stay here for a few days to solve this matter."

The old man Li looked at the young man who spoke.

The fine young man had a good appearance.

He was a farmer by birth and had no education.

He felt that the young man was so handsome that it made people feel good.

He was so excited that he was about to kneel down, "Thank you for your help, young warrior.

Let this old man here kowtow to you."

He had barely bent his leg when his arm was pulled up by a strong hand.

"Don't be like this, uncle. Jianghu's children fight for righteousness and justice. We have to fight evil and bring peace."

In response to the voice, he looked at the arm's owner.

That look, oh god.

What a beautiful girl.

Her eyes were so cold.

She was dressed as a warrior, wearing a sword on her waist.

Her aura was clean and cold.

The old man Li felt that the girl was several times more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the village.

"Uncle, the matter should not be delayed. Please take us to the family in trouble now!"

The second junior brother's words interrupted old man Li's thoughts.

He hurriedly returned to his senses and led the crowd out to the family in distress.

The old man Li explained that they were there to investigate, so they thanked the group.

"My poor daughter! It's been so long since we reported to the authorities, but there's no news. The government is not doing anything. Many thanks to you all for your help today. We are very grateful."

The people humbly excused themselves to check the girl's room.

The villagers' house was so simple and plainly furnished.

There was nothing special in the girl's room.

Lu Zhiyu went to the window and pushed it open.

Right outside the window was the street.

He carefully inspected the window frame, then he took out a handkerchief and wiped the dust along the edges.

Seeing his action, the second junior brother approached him and looked at him.

"Senior brother Lu, what have you found?"

Lu Zhiyu touched the dust on the handkerchief.

A little light yellow powder was faintly revealed from the dust.

The second junior brother frowned, "What is that?"

Lu Zhiyu threw the handkerchief on the ground.

"It should be some sort of knockout drug. Humph. The Demon Sect's methods are getting worse and worse. Such tricks are being used."

Ah Jin came over with a rope and said, "They are all ordinary people. It's not worth their effort to use such tricks. They even used a thick rope."

She threw the rope in her hand on the table.

The quality was so bad that the thread fell off.

It was easy to see that the Demon Sect's people regard these villagers with the utmost contempt from these means.

For security reasons, they visited the homes of the rest of the villagers involved in the accident.

The clues they got were more or less the same.

The group returned to the old man's home once more to discuss things.

The third junior brother proposed to attack first.

He said he could not afford to add more innocent victims.

So the question arose, where would they look for them?

There was not even a witness.

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