My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 102.2: Void Sword Tomb pt. 3

They saw a cold moon rising from behind the sword rock on the left. First, in the shape of a full moon, followed by a waxing gibbous, half-moon, crescent, and finally, a new moon melting into a sword.  A silver-white cold sword soared into the sky and turned into a middle-aged Daoist dressed in a black robe in mid-air.

“Is it you?”

The Daoist hovered in mid-air and looked down at Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

His eyes had a faint disdain when he swept over Jing Yue, but when he saw Qin Yanzhi, his eyes suddenly condensed and laughed. “Ten thousand years and my wait is finally over!”

Jing Yue asked in a low voice, “Is that it?”

Qin Yanzhi also replied quietly, “No.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Unfortunately, the black-robed Daoist still heard it, and immediately sneered, “I’m willing to recognize you as the master. Why are you still complaining? Today, you can either leave with me or stay in the sword tomb forever!”

Qin Yan Zhi didn’t respond but looked at the other sword rock instead.

The black robe Daoist noticed his gaze and was furious. With a wave of his sleeve, sword light colder than the moon struck that sword rock.

With a loud sound, the sword rock cracked, and the entire sword tomb shook slightly.

The Daoist made a grab for Qin Yanzhi. The latter drew out the mother and child sword but the Daoist snickered, “How dare this tattered thing appear in front of me? Break it!”

He ordered. Without any movement, the mother and child sword really broke into several pieces and were destroyed.

At the same time, another cold light rushed towards Qin Yanzhi, but he did not hide, because he sensed that the cold light was the sword he was waiting for!

The black-robed Daoist was startled and cursed, “You want to snatch him from me too?” Then, it turned into a white long sword and faced it, and the two swords fought fiercely in mid-air.

Qin Yanzhi noticed that the other sword was not fully solidified, which meant that the sword soul had not yet completely awakened, so naturally fell into a disadvantage when fighting with the white sword. Qin Yanzhi was so anxious and had no countermeasures that he didn't notice Jing Yue's expression for a while.


Jing Yue was shocked! He recognized at a glance that this was Yi Wang’s Taiqing Sword!

He thought he would meet Taiqing in the sword tomb but he didn't expect that the sword that Qin Yanzhi sensed was Yi Wang’s sword!

No wonder! No wonder he felt a sense of closeness from the sword's aura, because this sword was forged by him and Yi Wang together!

Suddenly, all kinds of speculations flashed in his mind. The clues that he had overlooked in the past reappeared in front of him. The suspicion in his heart grew bigger but the current situation didn’t allow him to think about it further. His priority was to help Taiqing out of the quandary and let Qin Yanzhi get it!

Jing Yue observed for a long time with a tensed face. He had some suspicions that the white sword was Hanguang, the natal sword that belonged to a powerful demonic cultivator in the past, Zhuhuang-laomo.  When he was still a rogue cultivator, Zhuhuang-laomo had died and disappeared. He had never seen the other party but heard that Zhuhuang had a sword that had already developed a sword soul that could borrow the power of the moon.

If Zhuhuang didn’t get too swell-headed and offended people from the Dragon Palace, he had great hopes to attain the great Dao. Once this person died, the demonic Dao fell into decline for thousands of years!

After hesitating for a moment, Jing Yue tentatively said, “Hanguang.”

The white sword in the air paused imperceptibly. Although only for an instant, Taiqing had seized the opportunity to get away from him and flew to Qin Yanzhi again!

“Sure enough, it’s you. You must be originally a treasure born with natural consciousness. Back then, when Zhuhuang obtained you by accident, he immersed you in the blood pool and refined you for a full hundred years. You must know the suffering you went through. I didn’t expect you to recognize him as your master.”

Hanguang sword was still chasing after Taiqing. When he heard this, he couldn't help but rebuke, “Are you worthy to mention my master's name?”

Jing Yue, “Is your master that amazing? Back then, when Zhuhuang was captured by the Dragon Palace, Dragon-laozu removed his spiritual roots, destroyed his dantian, and hung him at the Dragon Gate for 81 days, causing his death. I don't know how many people have admired his corpse…”

“You seek death!”

Hanguang burned with anger and lost all reason. The originally restrained sword Qi burst out instantly, turning into a crescent moon, and slashing towards Jing Yue!

How could Jing Yue resist an attack comparable to a Heavenly Grotto cultivator? Even though he tried his best to release his divine consciousness to block the attack, his abdomen was still pierced through by the sword, and he fell heavily on the nearby sword rock. At once, gravel flew and dust billowed.

“Ge!” Qin Yanzhi rushed over frantically but Jing Yue roared, “Get the sword! You must get it!”

Qin Yanzhi stopped abruptly. Reason reminded him that if he didn't get the sword that belonged to him, neither he nor Jing Yue would survive! He closed his eyes and forced himself to turn around. When he opened them again, no other emotion could be found, only indifference and determination!

He quickly took a step and felt a wild surge of power in his body as if he was about to break out of the seal and crush the void!

He took another step. His blood boiled and his dantian swelled as if it was about to explode!

Facing the raging sword Qi still left from Hanguang, Qin Yanzhi ran faster and faster. His body was cut full of sword wounds, covered in blood like he had just come out of the purgatory, but he was unaware of it and continued to rush forward in a frenzy.

“How dare you!” Hanguang was already furious at this time but was still reluctant to kill Qin Yanzhi, so he targeted his kind!

Taiqing rushed towards the new master it identified while Hanguang went after Jing Yue. It was about to come into contact with Qin Yanzhi when Hanguang suddenly appeared. A sword Qi cut through the surrounding air like a rift in the sky, causing tremors throughout the entire void sword tomb.

Despite that, Qin Yanzhi made no retreat, allowing the sword qi to pierce his body and run rampant in his meridians. Only that sword remained in his eyes, the sword that his brother told him to get!


Qin Yanzhi roared at the sky uncontrollably. At this moment, his bulging dantian suddenly loosened, and the spirit of Daoyi sword that had fused with the malefic energy of the nine heavens rift rushed out of his body and collided with Hanguang!

The impact swept and spread in rippling circles. Countless sword rocks fell and produced clouds of dusty gray. At the same time, Qin Yanzhi stretched out his hand and finally grabbed hold of Taiqing!

It was as if the souls were merging. His soul-mind and Taiqing’s sword soul quickly bonded without any obstruction. With a single dragon roar, the Taiqing sword finally condensed into a solid entity!


At once, millions of swords in the Void Sword Tomb roared in unison!

World of Seven Continents, Sword Inscription Sect.

Since Luo Binnan lost to Jing Yue during the bamboo-picking event, he had been practicing hard after he returned to the sect. Some people in the sect would always complain on his behalf, saying that Jing-laozu of Frostcloud Sect was only lucky, but only he knew how badly he was suppressed.

A year ago, he successfully advanced to the Golden Core. Unfortunately, the person he regarded as his opponent was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, a disciple came to look for him. “Luo-zhenren, the sect leader invites.”

Luo Binnan hurried to Zhuxian Hall. Fuchen-zhenjun said, “Binnan, you have become a Golden Core. For the rotation duty in Nine Heaven Academy this time, I’d like to send you.”


Fuchen-zhenjun sighed slightly. “Yanzhi has been missing for nearly 20 years. I wonder where he is.”

Luo Binnan, “Laozu, don’t worry. Qin-zhenjun's soul lamp is not extinguished. This disciple is guessing that he just can't get away for the time being.”

Fuchen-zhenren was about to speak when suddenly, he and Luo Binnan looked at the sky together.

Above the nine heavens, there seemed to be a hidden supreme sword qi. They all sensed it.

That mysterious coercion merged into the law of heaven, and all the hidden swords of Sword Inscription Sect became restless. Even the sword capsule pond was like boiling water.

Fuchen-zhenjun’s eyes tensed. “A supreme sword has appeared in the void. The chance encounter lies in the World of Seven Continents. Send out my order. All traveling disciples outside must do their best to gather the news. Sword Inscription Sect must get this sword!”

Luo Binnan, “Yes, Sect Leader!”

Frostcloud Sect.

Wei Tianli said to his disciples, “Sword Inscription Sect must be searching for the supreme sword aggressively. We don't need to compete with them. Just wait and see what happens.”


Lurking Ghost Sect.

In the Palace of the Sect Master, the Daoist in red robes took a sip of wine, threw the cup away, and sneered, “What Sword Inscription Sect wants, I’m going to snatch it from them!”

At this time, in the Void Sword Tomb, Qin Yanzhi held Taiqing in his hand tightly. With a mighty slash, a miserable scream from Hanguang was heard, and the body of the sword broke into pieces.

The entire sword tomb shook violently. Countless swords hung in the air with the tip of the sword pointing down as a display of submission.

Jing Yue sensed that the time had come and exhausted the last bit of his strength to cast the 33 Heaven Delimitation Curse. Before he could even call out to Qin Yanzhi, he lost consciousness.

The last image reflected in his eyes was Qin Yanzhi's eyes that looked like an abyss, chilling to the bone.

The light of spring spread all over the land. The weather was clear, catkins swayed, and wildflowers bloomed on the hillside.

In the forest, a young Daoist gradually woke up.

The first thing Jing Yue felt when he woke up was that his body was several more times full of spiritual energy. He quickly urged his divine consciousness to explore and found that a golden core had already formed in his dantian.

He had formed a golden core?

In an instant, many memories came rushing back to him, reminding him of the various things in the Haotian Realm—Lil Qin Yanzhi, Mini Frostcloud Sect, the Five Great Immortal Mountains, the Six Wheel Secret Realm, the Void Sword Tomb…

He instantly realized that he was now in the World of Seven Continents, and his previous conjecture was correct—his ‘original self’ and the ‘other self’ had officially merged.

Jing Yue's strength increased accordingly and advanced into the Golden Core stage in one fell swoop, crossing into the mid-level directly, not too far from the upper-level.

“I actually formed a core so easily,” Jing Yue muttered, a little lost in thought for a moment.

Suddenly, he felt something moving in his chest.  Jing Yue sat up and grabbed a small blue-feathered chicken with his hand.


“Is Jing-jing still alive? Or have you died with Ji-ji?”

“Ji-ji doesn’t want to die, boo-hoo…”

Jing Yue, “…”

The blue phoenix fainted at the same time when Jing Yue was knocked away by Hanguang. At this time, the mind was still a little confused.

But soon, it felt that something was wrong. It felt…


The blue phoenix blew at the tree behind Jing Yue in a pufferfish style. More than a dozen leaf blades were launched. A huge tree fell down, producing a loud noise.

The blue phoenix excitedly flapped its wings and jumped for joy. “Jing-jing, Ji-ji didn’t die! Ji-ji has advanced!”

Jing Yue, “…” Totally don’t know what to say?

He only lowered his head and didn't look at it. At a glance, he found the mini Canglan Sword at his waist. At this time, mini Canglan Sword was also very excited. It sensed the ice gold ore on Jing Yue’s body and circled him flatteringly.

“Don't worry, it will be given to you.”

Mini Canglan sword twisted the sword body excitedly.

At this moment, a figure approached. Jing Yue raised his head slightly and saw the backlit silhouette of the other person.

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