Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1019: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 43)

Luo Qing Chen thought for a long time about how she could increase Su Xiao Xiao’s confidence, but it was already the hundred year anniversary.

The 4 x 100 torch relay of the opening ceremonies were held every year, it represented youth and vigor.

In the resting room, other than Luo Qing Chen’s group, the rest were all rich students.

Including Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing…...

The two weren’t willing to participate in this event that existed for them to ‘show their dominance’, but when they heard Luo Qing Chen and Su Xiao Xiao were participating, they naturally wanted to do something.

“Yo!  Isn’t this miss commoner?  You only know how to bury your heads into studying and earn tuition fees, do you even know how to run?”  Mi Xue Na was dressed in the latest white exercise clothes with her hair slightly curled like a princess, it looked very expensive.

Luo Qing Chen pulled Su Xiao Xiao behind her and said with cold eyes, “It seems like all those mice weren’t enough to keep you quiet.  How about we switch to snakes next time?”

“You cheap person, it really was you.”  Mi Xue Na’s expression changed and she wanted to charge forward.

But then she suddenly remembered the loss she took that day and couldn’t help holding her fist back.

“Perhaps it was me, perhaps it wasn’t…..”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh as her eyes filled with a chill, “Do you have proof?”

Yes, she had no proof.

She had gone through the surveillance in the cafe many times that day, but she never saw anyone approach them.

The mice had just appeared out of space and dug into their clothes.

When she thought about it, she felt her hairs stand on end.  It was so disgusting…..

“Good, good, good.”  Mi Xue Na bit her lip and said, “Don’t blame me for reminding you, I can make the two of you disappear from the Royal Academy with my identity!”

This wasn’t a joke.  If it wasn’t for Li SI Nai and Nan Luo Ze protecting them, there was nothing she couldn’t do as the young miss of the Mi Group.

It wasn’t too much even if she killed someone!

“Oh?”  Luo Qing Chen raised a brow, “Let’s wait and see!”

She pulled Su Xiao Xiao’s hand and walked out.

When they came out, the physical education teacher walked in.  He was holding a stack of exercise clothes and running shoes, “Didn’t the principal say it already, the opening ceremony needs to be uniform.  These are customized to the sizes of your school uniform, take it by your name, don’t make a mistake.”

When the physical education teacher finished, Mi Xue Na had a slight glow in her eyes.

She called out to Xiao Yu who was also a commoner, “You….come over here.”


When Luo Qing Chen and Su Xiao Xiao came back, there was no one left.

There were only two white bags, one with Luo Qing Chen’s name and one with Su Xiao Xiao’s name.

She knit her brows and looked over her clothes, but there didn’t seem to be any problems.

But Su Xiao Xiao was lacking a pair of shoes.

“It must be that Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing.”  Luo Qing Chen said with knit brows, “You wear my shoes, I’ll go find yours.”

Those two idiots really wouldn’t give up without seeing a coffin.  Why did she need to give these people a chance to jump?  If this was a world with spiritual energy, she would take out the Exquisite Ring and take care of them!

“That……”  Su Xiao Xiao pulled on her clothes before shaking her head, “No need, I can run even wearing these.”

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