Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1017: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 41)

“God, young master Li came to school so early today!”

“This is my first time bumping into young master Li since I started here, I’m so excited!”

“Lucky day, lucky day!”


The gossipers took out their phones and wanted to take pictures of Li Si Nai when he came out.  Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing not far away also stopped before coming over.

“Big sister Na Na, young master Li is so early today!”  Yan Shui Qing tightened the scarf around her neck when she said this.

Last night, her body and feet were all bitten by mice last night, so she had to quickly take several shots last night.

She wanted to take a day off, but Mi Xue Na said they had to come to take care of those two commoners!

“Ai, it’s a good thing I came today!  Otherwise I would have missed young master Li!”  Mi Xue Na inserted the hand bitten by the mice into her pocket as she headed towards Li Si Nai’s Porsche.

Li Si Nai was the first one out before Nan Luo Ze in the passenger seat got out.

These were the two school hunks of the Royal Academy, it was a rare thing to see.  Everyone took out their phones and began taking pictures.

“Ya, it’s young master Nan!”  Yan Shui Qing called out as she waved her hand at Nan Luo Ze.

Nan Luo Ze seemed to notice this voice.  He slightly knit his brows and looked not far away before immediately turning away.

But just this one look made Yan Shui Qing very excited!

“Ah, ah, ah, big sister Na Na, did you see it?  Young master Nan…...Young master Nan looked at me!”  For Yan Shui Qing who had once been Nan Luo Ze’s girlfriend for three days, this gaze was very special.

“Ke, ke.”  Mi Xue Na reluctantly said, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Actually Mi Xue Na was a bit nervous since she and Yan Shui Qing were standing together.

Nan Luo Ze had looked at Yan Shui Qing, but Li Si Nai didn’t spare her a glance…...

“Aiya, big sister Na Na, don’t be unhappy.”  Yan Shui Qing took out a mirror to look over herself as she said, “Maybe young master Li didn’t even look this way!”

When she said this, there was a faint proud look in her eyes.

It was like she was proud Nan Luo Ze looked at her and not Mi Xue Na.  It was like she was saying, so what if you’re a first class rich young miss, you don’t even have love!

“Yan Shui Qing, what are you saying!”  Mi Xue Na could hear the meaning in Yan Shui Qing’s words and unwillingly curled her lips, “You say it like young master Nan is specifically looking over.”

While the two were secretly mocking each other, there was a ‘wa’ sound from in front that attracted their attention.

When Li Si Nai and Nan Luo Ze got out, they went to the back seats and opened the doors.

It was no one else that came out, it was the two thorns in their hearts, Luo Qing Chen and Su Xiao Xiao.

“God, the girl beside young master Li, isn’t that the one from yesterday……”

“Damn, could it be that her attack actually caught young master Li’s attention!”

“I feel that such an aggressive girl is shameless, girls should be more reserved!  Humph!”

“What are you guessing, they are probably just taking advantage of the situation.  Although young master Li has never been with girls, young master Nan has plenty of girls.”


While everyone was discussing, Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing’s expression became very ugly.

“Damn!  That trash commoner dares to take young master Li from me!”  Mi Xue Na tightly bit her lip as she glared at Luo Qing Chen and muttered, “Just you wait!”

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