Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1013: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 37)

At the same time, Li Si Nai’s face turned dark.  He turned the wheel and the arrow fell onto Nan Luo Ze.

As the saying goes, you have to pay someone back!

“Big brother, we’ve known each other for many years!  I didn’t mean it just now, you know that!”  Nan Luo Ze had a bit of worry in his eyes and he pursed his lips as he looked at Su Xiao Xiao with the corner of his eyes.

This was his first time he cared this much about someone’s gaze, it was worse than being stared at in public.

Li Si Nai raised a brow and leaned back on the sofa.  There was a sparkle in his deep eyes and his lips curled into a beautiful arc, “Big brother, of course I will ask the questions we normally ask!”

Whoever invented the word feng shui really knew what they were talking about!


“To this point, have to had more than or less than a hundred girlfriends?”

Luo Qing Chen even took a cold breath for Nan Luo Ze.  This question really was ruthless, isn’t this asking how many girlfriends you’ve had?

If you really asked this, Nan Luo Ze would naturally pick ‘dare’.

But when the value of one hundred was spoken, everyone’s eyes naturally fell onto that one hundred.

Su Xiao Xiao was taken aback.  There was a sad look that flashed in her eyes that was very, very faint.

If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to see it.

“Dare.”  Nan Luo Ze’s brows sunk as he took the red wine and drank it all down.

Li Si Nai gave a very satisfied nod as his eyes turned even deeper.

It was his first time seeing the elegant and gentle Nan Luo Ze worrying a little, was it for a…..girl?

When Nan Luo Ze’s arrow fell onto Su Xiao Xiao, his slightly angry face suddenly became gentle.

However their words following went——

“Classmate Su Xiao Xiao…..”


“I’m about to ask.”



Do you have someone you like?

These words were repeated countless times in Nan Luo Ze’s heart.

But when he was about to say them——

“You…..What kind of weather do you like the most?”



Luo Qing Chen and Li Si Nai looked at Nan Luo Ze with helpless looks, expressing worry about his awkward question!

“Ah?”  Su Xiao Xiao was surprised, but then she shyly tucked her hair behind her ear, “Cloudy days.”

She didn’t like the sun, she didn’t feel like someone who could stand under it.

The hot sun would burn away all her defenses, dazzling her.

But she also didn’t like rainy days.  Her grandmother’s joints would hurt during rainy days.  Their family condition wasn’t good and she couldn’t afford warm things, so when it rained, she would put a hot towel on her grandmother’s feet to alleviate the pain.

She liked cloudy days.  She wasn’t dazzled by the sun and her grandmother didn’t suffer.

“Yo, yo, check it out!  This little beauty’s answer is very truthful, her heart didn’t get faster and her blood didn’t boil!”  Big Bear turned around and looked at Su Xiao Xiao, “Since you’ve given a truthful answer, you get a hug from Big Bear!”

“Ah?”  When Nan Luo Ze was about to stand up to stop this, Big Bear already gave Su Xiao Xiao a hug.

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