Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1012: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 36)

“Ke, ke.”  Li Si Nai cleared his throat and said, “You say it like you’re qualified to give it if they like it!”

“You…..”  Nan Luo Ze was used to Li Si Nai’s sharp tongue, but in front of Su Xiao Xiao, he wasn’t willing to give up.  He tapped his finger on the table and said, “I will definitely make you drunk tonight!”

Without knowing why, he suddenly became more powerful at that moment.  Although he had the aura of a rich young master before, he was very elegant most of the time, this time——

He wanted to win!

“Try it?”  Li Si Nai raised a brow and pressed the button on Big Bear for ‘truth or dare’ mode.

Big Bear mechanically read the rules of the game.

The rules of ‘truth or dare’ are as follows: 1. Spin the wheel to choose the person answering the question.  If you choose truth, you must tell the truth and you must take a dare if you don’t want to answer.

2. There are two kinds of dares: One is drinking the 89 wine and the second is choosing someone to kiss (male or female).

When Big Bear said the final words, there was a sparkle in Li Si Nai’s eyes.

“Yi, master, what are you embarrassed about?”

Li Si Nai tightly gritted his hand and he couldn’t stop the anger surging in his heart, “What do you care!”

The game quickly started and the four sat down.

Luo Qing Chen faced Li Si Nai and Su Xiao Xiao faced Nan Luo Ze.

Based on the size of screens, the first to spin was Nan Luo Ze.

Before spinning, he looked at Su Xiao Xiao and muttered, “Please god, please god.”

But god didn’t favour him.  His first target was Li Si Nai.

“......”  Nan Luo Ze’s expression was clearly represented by the word ‘disappointed’.

After all, their group had played this game too many times.  Most of their secrets were known, so they were just playing to drink.

Basically all the questions were, what kind of underwear are you wearing, or how big is your $#%$, or etc.

But they couldn’t ask this today since there were two girls here.

Moreover, one of them was a very introverted little sister.

Nan Luo Ze felt a bit embarrassed thinking this.  He wouldn’t be too harsh with the first question.

After all, it could all come back and Li Si Nai would ask him a question later!

“When was your first kiss?”

When he asked this, the other three were stunned.

He felt that something was wrong since for the longest time, the person sitting beside him hated women the most!

So this question would be a free question, but——

He felt that the atmosphere became very unusual and he remembered the gossip that he heard a few days ago!

Could it be……the gossip was true!

“Ke, ke.”  Li Si Nai cleared his throat and his eyes were filled with rage, but he said after a while, “Seven days ago.”

“Yo, yo, check it out!  Although master’s response is a bit slow, it is all true!  First, when master came back seven days ago, I did a routine scan on him and found the strawberry scent of a girl!  Second, master looked at his lips in the mirror for at least two hours that day!”

Luo Qing Chen thought: Pu!  This Big Bear really…..is great at assisting!

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