Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 101

Riding into the bamboo forest, the people were met with lush green color.

The breeze brushed by, and the green bamboo leaves made a rustling sound.

The scattered bamboo leaves were swept up by the wind and fluttered all over the place.

Ah Jin sensed death energy in the forest.

There was someone here!

San Qi flew in the air.

From the sky, San Qi looked down on the bamboo forest.

A warning sounded from San Qi, 'Boss, there is an ambush!'

Ah Jin inwardly answered and looked at Lu Zhiyu.

Lu Zhiyu, too noticed that there was an ambush.

They exchanged glances and tacitly pulled their horses together.


The horse stopped.

The ambushers saw that they had stopped.

They knew they had been discovered.

At once, they showed themselves and pounced on them.

The other fellow disciples were still wondering why the two suddenly stopped, then more than a dozen assassins appeared from the bamboo forest.

All of them were deadly and fierce.

The disciples rolled off their horses and fought with the assassins.

These assassins have been professionally trained, and their martial arts skills were not low.

Except for Ah Jin and Lu Zhiyu, who remained at ease, the other people were a bit frazzled by the sudden sneak attack.

Ah Jin's side was focused on.

Three assassins attacked her together.

Ah Jin was pleased to see this.

This was the perfect time to test the original character's martial arts skills.

The assassins attacked her with a lot of skill by picking out deadly points to kill.

Ah Jin handled the three with ease.

The wind had stopped.

The bamboo leaves were swept into the air again by several people’s fight.

Bamboo leaves, sword Qis, and internal forces kept intertwining together.

The bamboo leaves fell to the area around several people.

Before landing, they were shattered by the strong internal force.

Ah Jin's sword was already out of its sheath.

The sword's Qi was cold and aggressive.

It flashed with a cold light, and a single blow hit one's throat.

One person was killed.

Immediately, a gap appeared in the three people’s attacks.

The remaining two paused for a moment to look at the person in front of them.

Ah Jin held her sword with one hand.

Her eyes were cold.

She shook off the blood on her sword.

Along with the blood dropping to the ground, a sense of foreboding came over the two of them.

Something seemed to have been opened.


Ah Jin merged with the original character's martial arts.

A new martial arts technique was acquired.

Since then, a new world had opened up.

The two of them pressed on and pushed up against the pressure.

They couldn't even beat Ah Jin before she opened that seal.

How much more so now?

The more they fought, the more tired they felt.

The wounds on their bodies slowly became more and more.

This woman could have killed them in one blow.

But she did not, just like a cat catching a rat wearing them out.

They played around on the palm of her hands.

In the end, she got tired of playing.

She killed them with a single blow, giving them a painful experience.

After Ah Jin was done, she went to rescue her fellow disciples' heads.

With Ah Jin's participation, the pressure on the others was reduced.

A dozen assassins were soon turned into corpses on the ground.

Other than Lu Zhiyu and Ah Jin, the rest of them were more or less slightly injured.

Ah Jin brought out the prepared medicine and bandaged them up one by one.

"After we go back, practice your martial arts every day. Even a bunch of losers can hurt you. If the sword had poison on it, you would be dead by now."

The disciples lowered their heads in shame and dared not speak.

Covering her injured arm, Gu Qingmei sat next to her.

Ah Jin threw the medicine gauze into her arms.

"Do it yourself."

Gu Qingmei looked at Ah Jin in surprise.

"Eldest senior sister?"

"A small injury. Take care of it yourself."

Gu Qingmei lowered her head.

Teardrops rolled down on the hem of her clothes, haloing a circle of wet stains.

The fourth junior brother could not bear it.

"Junior sister. Let me help you."

She shook her head stubbornly.

"I'll do it myself."

Teardrops were still at the corner of her eyes, but her face was filled with a strong and stubborn look.

Anyone who saw this look would have to feel compassion.

Unfortunately, what she had there was a brother who spent a lot of time with her.

There was also Lu Zhiyu, who was not affected by the outside world.

She showed that face, but no one appreciated her.

The fourth junior brother saw her stubborn look, so he did not help her.

"Okay, then. You can do it yourself."

Gu Qingmei thought he would insist on helping her with the medicine.

Who knew that he would give up so simply?

It was confirmed.

No doubt he was a straight man.

She had already expressed her thoughts.

The only choice left was to swallow the bitterness.

Enduring discomfort by using one hand, she bandaged herself.

Lu Zhiyu examined the bodies on the ground, rummaging for clues.

These assassins were not wearing nightclothes.

The clothes they wore were light gray.

After all, in broad daylight in the bamboo forest dressed in those colors, even a fool could see.

They were wearing light-colored gray clothes in the grass, sprinkled with bamboo leaves for cover.

Without looking closely, one really could not see.

Lu Zhiyu peeled away their masks.

They were ordinary-looking people.

Their bodies did not have any special tattoo marks.

The swords were also a common standard weapon.

No distinguishing features to speak of.

Lu Zhiyu did not find a clue.

He was in deep thought for a while.

Ah Jin came over and asked, "Do you know their martial arts style?"

The martial arts styles of the various sects in the Jianghu were different.

No matter how much one didn't know each other, one could find out each other's sects by looking at each other's martial arts skills in a fight.

Lu Zhiyu shook his head.

"Never met."

In Jianghu, there were as many sects as gadflies.

It was normal for them not to know the moves they had never seen.

Ah Jin reminded, "How did they know where we were going? Why did they stop us halfway?"

Lu Zhiyu's eyes lit up, and he and Ah Jin looked at each other.

The two tacitly agreed not to mention this topic.

Ah Jin walked up to the others and said, "Our whereabouts have been exposed. Something must have happened in the village."

"In that case, let's set out on the road quickly."

The second junior brother finished his statement and got on his horse quickly.

Ah Jin and Lu Zhi Yu followed closely behind.

Gu Qingmei saw that the people did not want to pay attention to her.

She did not bother to act cute and rode the horse to follow.

After that, they stopped chatting and galloped all the way to the affected village.

The village was small; about fifty to sixty families were living there.

The second junior brother pulled the horse and came to a house.

Knocking, "Is there anyone there? We are just passing by. We want to ask for a bowl of water."

The sound of footsteps soon came from inside the house.

An old man opened the door, and through the crack, he saw a group of young boys.

He was relieved and welcomed them, "Young warriors. Come on in."

They tied the horses to the tree outside and entered the door thanking the old man.

"Thank you, uncle!"

The old man waved his hand and brought out the only large square table in the house.

The second junior brother hurriedly took the big square table and set it up in the courtyard.

The old man watched the young man move the heavy table and chairs with ease.

He knew that these young men were highly skilled in martial arts.

He poured a cup of hot tea for each of them.

Although the tea was just plain, Jianghu people wouldn't talk about that.

The second junior brother and the old man started to talk about family matters.

"I wonder what your name is, uncle?"

"Hey. There is no such thing as noble or not. I'm a peasant man. You can call this old man Li."

The second junior brother saluted with his hands, "Thank you for your hospitality, uncle Li. I apologize for my manners."

The old man Li hastily held down his hand, "Don't be so polite, young warrior. It's just a cup of water. I don't have any good tea at home, so please don't blame me."

"I don't dare. I don't dare."

The two of them excused themselves several times.

Only then did the second junior brother get to the point, "Uncle Li, when we entered the village, we saw that every house was closed. The streets were sparsely populated. Why is that?"

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