Chapter 101

Even though he brought the young Sloth back, Chu Mu Yun wasn't in a hurry to do anything.

Xie Qian Lan was acting generously now, but if Chu Mu Yun even shows the slightest bit too much consideration for Jun Mo, then he may get the urge to kill him.

Chu Mu Yun truly knew the temperaments of the seven demon lords like the back of his hand.

So, once they returned to the palace, after chucking Jun Mo to a corner, Chu Mu Yun's full attention was still on Xie Qian Lan.

This please Xie Qian Lan very much. The two got along better and better each day, and things got more and more "real" as the days went by. More and more, it was harder for them to stay apart from each other.

Until one day, Chu Mu Yun suddenly said, "Speaking of which, it's a long time since I cooked you fish."

Xie Qian Lan's smile remained unchanged as he whispered with his lips against his neck. "I brought back two jars of Hongtang Wine yesterday."

The matter of the fish was immediately shoved to the back of Chu Mu Yun's mind.

Xie Qian Lan said flirtatiously, "Let's use your body as a wine cup today, shall we?"

Chu Mu Yun's face was slightly red, but he didn't complain and said to him in a spoiled voice, "You're getting greedy for the cup and for lust. You've really grown up, Qian Lan."

Xie Qian Lan chuckled. "Then, does Ah Yun want to check how big I've really grown?"

Chu Mu Yun's heart was aflutter by his teasing, and he turned his head to kiss him.

Yes, he did want to give it a good try...

Half of the aged wine was wasted by the two of them. After they cleaned up, the red flush on Chu Mu Yun's body still did not dissipate.

And neither could tell whether it was from the alcohol or his strongly fluctuating emotions.

Perhaps it was both, but that did not matter. It felt good for Chu Mu Yun, but he wouldn't get caught up in it.

He leaned into Xie Qian Lan's embrace and said while panting slightly, "The days really have been peaceful lately. No rifts have been appearing at all."

In the end, Shen Yun still missed the human world. Even though things would be peaceful there as long as he was not able to return, it was still a place where he spent a lot of time in, so he would still think about it from time to time.

There was a slight flicker in Xie Qian Lan's eyes. There was a question he always wanted to ask Shen Yun, but now was not a good time.

After staying in the human world for so many days, he went everywhere searching for news about Shen Yun and Shen Shui Yan.

Shen Shui Yan had practically popped out of thin air, but that was unsurprising. After all, he was the Clear Mist Lord of the Spirit Realm.

But Shen Yun's appearance was also sudden. He suddenly descended when a rift appeared in the world's boundary, saving the world with his own strength.

Where was Shen Yun before the rift appeared?

Xie Qian Lan couldn't find any information, and neither could the Spirit Realm.

He was the one that truly appeared out of thin air.

This question was probably one that only Shen Yun himself could answer. Only, it was not suitable to ask now. He had to get Shen Yun to fall completely in love with him as soon as possible.

The next day, when Xie Qian Lan left the palace, Chu Mu Yun finally had some free time to go and take a look at Sloth.

Even though he hadn't seen him since picking him up, he definitely won't suffer a bad life since he's been sent here.

Needless to say, he was well-clothed and well-fed, but more importantly, nobody will bully him here.

Chu Mu Yun could find where little Sloth was just by releasing his Divine Sense.

He was in a side palace far back and left from the main palace. Chu Mu Yun walked past several corridors and crossed a lake full of red lotuses before he finally arrived at the small courtyard.

Compared to the pomp of the entire palace, this place was serene with several stalks of emerald bamboo planted outside. Even though they were sparse, they were all standing straight, pointing right at the strange violet sky.

Chu Mu Yun couldn't help but think of the empty bamboo forest four thousand years later.

Jun Mo had already become the supreme lord of the Demon Realm at the time, but the place he lived in was still quiet and simple. A small island with a large bamboo forest, too quiet to be a place where anyone lived in.

Chu Mu Yun walked in and saw the young man sitting quietly in the courtyard as soon as he opened the door.

There was a full stone table and chairs set in the courtyard and the young man was sitting facing him. He had a tall and slender figure with extremely long platinum hair draping his back, hanging all the way to the floor. It almost seemed like a waterfall of snow at first glance.

Chu Mu Yun asked, "Are your injuries better?"

The young man turned his head and looked at him with his indifferent eyes.

Chu Mu Yun observed him for a moment and could tell that his brows have relaxed a lot.

Even though the young man was not dressed luxuriously, his clothes were soft and finely tailored. The skin on his face was clean and smooth, but some vague darkness could still be seen on his exposed skin, though it was already gradually recovering.

Chu Mu Yun asked again, "Are the food and living conditions giving you any trouble?"

The young man opened his mouth and gave him a simple answer. "No."

This was actually very rude, but because of how clear his voice was, it gave one the feeling that one was bathing in the clearest spring water when they heard it. It didn't sound irritating in the slightest.

Chu Mu Yun asked with a gentle look in his eyes, "What's your name?"

The young man paused for a moment.

Chu Mu Yun looked at him seriously.

After a while, the young man answered, "Jun Mo."

Chu Mu Yun smiled. "You can call me Ah Yun."

The young man only looked at him quietly and did not speak. There were no traces of emotions on his face.

Chu Mu Yun sighed lightly and took a seat at one of the chairs. "Would you be willing to learn some defensive and strengthening arts from me?" He could tell that Jun Mo's body did not have the slightest hint of cultivation in it.

But the young Jun Mo shook his head.

Chu mu Yun said, "Don't worry, it won't be difficult. It's suitable for beginners. You can try it first, and if you enjoy it, we can..."

"What he said is true," Jun Mo quietly uttered this sentence without any context.

Chu Mu Yun was taken aback.

The young man's voice was calm and without ripples like the deep waters of an ancient pond. "Everyone who gets involved in me will eventually die."

Chu Mu Yun thought about what he said and understood. It seems like the "Heavenly Disaster Body" that he heard about back at Antuo Mountain was the young Sloth.

Then this really was...quite the ballbuster.

Jun Mo could perhaps be the best one out of all of them to capture, but the Heavenly Disaster Body...

Just thinking about this setting cave Chu Mu Yun the cramps.

Saying that anyone involved with him would end up dead was actually sugar-coating things big time. In truth, the Heavenly Disaster Body will bring disaster everywhere, whether it be his mom, his dad, friends or family, they'll all end up childless, ending the family line. Don't even mention the people related to him. If one was a little less lucky, then it'd be like the lyrics for that song... "Just because I glanced at you in the crowd...then you're dead."

That's right, someone could really get "watched" to death just like that.

Even Though Chu Mu Yun wasn't afraid of death, it was still a little tricky for him to have to capture this "god-like" Sloth.

But it wasn't impossible. He just had to suffer a little.

Hundreds and thousands of thoughts were spinning around in Chu Mu Yun's mind, but he still remained smiling. "It has nothing to do with you, so don't worry about it."

Jun Mo had heard words like this plenty of times, so much so that he no longer wanted to refute them, but neither would he question them or hold any hopes.

Because thousands of times, over countless years, countless people will soon eye him in the most disgusted and hateful way soon after saying those words.

Chu Mu Yun was sharp, so even though the young man didn't show anything on his face, he could vaguely guess the thoughts in his mind.

But there was no hurry right now. Instead of saying more now, might as well let time prove it.

Looking at the time, it was about time for him to head back. Chu Mu Yun said his goodbyes to Jun Mo and was had just reached the door. He didn't even get to leave the courtyard when the first "disaster" fell from the sky.

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