My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 101.2: Void Sword Tomb pt. 1

“Ge, what did you discover?” Qin Yanzhi noticed the change in Jing Yue's expression and said curiously.

“I…” Jing Yue was so excited that his voice was hoarse. He cleared his throat. “I think I found a way to return to my hometown.”

“Your hometown?” Qin Yanzhi's eyes lit up. He grew up listening to Jing Yue's stories about the big world and always longed for it. “Can we really go there?”

Jing Yue, “As long as this place is the Passage of Ten Thousand Realms, we can definitely go there.”

Here, there were no restrictions of any laws of the world, and he could also easily connect to the World of Seven Continents, which meant they could return at any time!

Blue phoenix also said excitedly, “In that case, Jing-jing, let’s not wait any longer! Ji-ji hasn’t watched movies and picture books for a long time. Haotian Realm is super boring. And what’s more, the spiritual beasts on Whitefog Mountain must miss Ji-ji super much!”

Jing Yue couldn't help laughing. “Okay, let’s go home.”

However, before leaving, he had one more thing to do.

Jing Yue closed his eyes and tried to connect with the small star. He soon sensed the Haotian Realm. Jing Yue quickly forced a little blood essence and approached the small star but he felt a strong rejection. He tweaked his fingers, adjusted the circulation of the spiritual energy in his body, and used the 33 heaven delimitation curse.

The sense of rejection gradually disappeared, the surrounding spiritual energy surged, and all the stars in the sky dimmed at once.

Jing Yue's face turned pale he forcibly urged his blood essence again. This time, his blood essence smoothly integrated into the small star. The small star that had been spinning now quietly stopped in front of Jing Yue.

He stretched his hand out and grabbed the small star.

In that instant, the stars in the sky shone brightly, and Jing Yue felt that he was interconnected with the laws of the Haotian Realm as if he was in control of this heaven and earth. With just one thought, he could sense what was happening in the small realm at every moment, know everyone's thoughts, and see everyone's vision.

“I want a spiritual vein to grow under the Flying Blossoms Mountain.”

His word was the law.

Suddenly, the ground under Flying Blossoms Mountain shook and an abundance of spiritual energy overflowed from the surface of the ground. Mini Frostcloud Sect was amazed. Even Tiangang Sect that was located in the west continent sensed it. Daoist Tian Luo, who was studying the talisman, rushed out of his room. A moment later, he laughed wildly, “Spiritual vein! It's a natural spiritual vein born of the heavens and grown by the land! The fortune of heavenly Dao belongs to my Mini Frostcloud Sect!”

“I want a door to open in the middle of the inner sea, which can connect to any world where I’m in, controlled only by my spiritual sense.”

His thought was the order.

A huge vortex suddenly appeared in the center of the inner sea. A stone gate rose out of thin air in the vortex and stood quietly on the surface of the sea.

Many disciples in Tianshui Palace rushed to the main hall, all with panicked expressions. “Sect Leader, there is a change in the inner sea!”

Fairy Kushui said anxiously, “What happened?”

Everyone was bewildered and could only hear the furious roar of the giant waves.

“I want Haotian Realm to break through the limits of the Amethyst Abode.”

This time, Jing Yue felt a sharp pain in his divine consciousness, and he almost lost connection with the laws of Haotian Realm. The entire small realm also shook violently and he quickly stopped.

It seemed that he could only manipulate the laws but not transcend them. Otherwise, the Haotian Realm would collapse.

Jing Yue retracted his spiritual energy. Seeing Qin Yanzhi staring at him curiously, he said, “If you want to come back in the future, we can come back anytime.”

After saying that, he released the small star. It touched him intimately and flew back into the air.

A red mole also appeared on Jing Yue's palm.

Just as Jing Yue was about to connect with the big world, he glanced at the sword in Qin Yanzhi's hand from the corner of his eye. A flash of inspiration appeared abruptly, reminding him of a legend.

The Passage of Ten Thousand Realms—not only could it connect to all the worlds, but it could also lead to another mysterious place in the universe.

Jing Yue's gaze shifted to Qin Yanzhi, but his mind thought of another face with wounds crisscrossing it.

“Shizun, is there really a Void Sword Tomb in this universe?” At the top of Whitefog Mountain, Yi Wang once asked him.

At that time, Jing Yue replied that he didn’t know, but it was recorded in the secret realm of the Middle Ages that the Void Sword Tomb was the tomb of the sword. All the swords in the ten universes that gave birth to sword souls would eventually return to the sword tomb to sleep, and the passage of ten thousand realms was the only place that could lead to the void sword tomb.

The Void Sword Tomb was not restricted by the laws of any realm in the universe. There, only swords existed.

“Ge, what’s wrong?”

Qin Yanzhi interrupted his memories and Jing Yue said, “Now, there are two options. One, you return to the World of Seven Continents with me. Second, there is an unknown place that may be dangerous, but there may be your chance encounter.”

Qin Yanzhi, “What chance encounter?”

Jing Yue, “Sword.”

He explained the legend of the Void Sword Tomb, and Qin Yanzhi said, “If the sword tomb really exists, then I must go.”

Jing Yue's eyes flickered. On Whitefog Mountain back then, Yi Wang also replied the same, word for word.

“In that case, let's give it a try.”

Jing Yue slowly closed his eyes and silently said, ‘Yi Wang, perhaps Shizun can see your sword again.’

He began to meditate, and as described in the ancient books he had seen, he constructed a world with only swords in his mind.

One sword, two, three…



The more it got, the greater the burden on his divine consciousness. But fortunately, his divine consciousness was not bound by the passage of ten thousand realms, and could even be detached from his physical body, completely in control.

For 81 days, Jing Yue remained motionless.

All the blood drained from his face, his black hair was wet with sweat, and he seemed to be struggling.

Qin Yanzhi and blue phoenix waited anxiously on the side, but they didn’t dare to interrupt for fear that something might go wrong. They could only keep their eyes wide open to follow Jing Yue's every move in case something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, Qin Yanzhi's body stiffened. The mother-and-child sword he was carrying kept trembling. Then, he saw Jing Yue's body gradually disappearing, and hurriedly shouted, “Ge!”

Jing Yue opened his eyes and reached out his hand to him, “Hold on tight.”

Blue phoenix quickly pounced into Jing Yue's arms, its wings and claws clung firmly on him.

After a while, they disappeared on the spot, and the Passage of Ten Thousand Realms restored its original tranquility.

The vast and endless mountain range was filled with billions of swords.

In the World of Seven Continents, few swords gave birth to a sword soul, but the laws of each world were different. There were trillions of worlds in ten universes, and trillions of time and space, so there was no end to the swords in the Void Sword Tomb at one glance.

These swords were all half inserted into the sword rock. The so-called sword rock was not a stone, but a metal that resembles a rock, transformed after the demise of the ancient sword soul.

Some swords had already taken on a physical form while others were still shadows.

For the former, the sword souls had already awakened and were only waiting for the destined person to take them away, while the latter was still asleep.

As soon as Qin Yanzhi entered the sword tomb, he felt something attracting him. It was so strong that he couldn't help but go deeper.

Jing Yue noticed his abnormality and asked, “Do you sense something?”

Qin Yanzhi nodded without speaking. He couldn’t describe the obscure feeling in his heart.

Jing Yue, “Legend has it that in the Middle Ages, this place used to be a paradise for ancient cultivators and many mighty immortals came here to get their swords. But nowadays, it is a rare occurrence for the swords here to wait for the master.”

“Is that why there are so many sword rocks?”

Qin Yanzhi had heard Jing Yue mentioned that if the sword soul awakened but couldn’t leave the sword tomb for a long time, the sword soul would eventually die, and the sword body would turn into a sword rock to nourish other swords.

Jing Yue sighed. He glanced at the countless swords and wondered if the sword Yi Wang used to have was still here.

In the original big world, Jing Yue also sighed. He was thinking about his former Canglan Sword. If the Canglan Sword had formed a sword soul back then, it should be in the sword tomb at this time, and the ‘other self’ would be able to find it now.

The mini Canglan sword beside him sensed his emotions and poked him unhappily.

Jing Yue laughed soothingly. “You are equally important.”

Only then did the mini Canglan sword happily flew up to Jing Yue's knee and obediently stayed still.

Qin Yanzhi quietly watched this scene. He knew that the mini Canglan sword had given birth to the sword consciousness under Jing Yue’s careful nurturing over the years, and was a lot livelier than before.

It had been more than ten years since they fell into the secret realm. He had restored his Amethyst Abode cultivation base, while Jing Yue had also achieved the upper-level Foundation Establishment stage, from mid-level. When the ‘other self’ returned one day, if they could merge with the ‘original self’, perhaps both their cultivation bases could improve greatly. When that happened, they could finally leave this place.

Qin Yanzhi felt expectant, but there was also an inexplicable apprehension. He knew that it was because of Jing Yue.

He shared the same soul with the ‘other self’. Whatever the ‘other self’ could sense, he could too, and even more profoundly. He could no longer treat Jing Yue neutrally.

Qin Yanzhi restrained his thoughts and focused on the other world.

Previously, he had never heard of the existence of the Void Sword Tomb, but at this moment, even he could hardly control the stirring in his heart, because this was the ultimate place that every sword cultivator could never refuse.

However, the Void Sword Tomb seemed peaceful, when in fact, great danger lurked.

The ‘other self’ might not understand, but he could see it clearly.

After the sword souls in the tomb left their masters, some still retained the memory of the past, while others had been severely damaged, remembering only the instincts of being a sword. These sword souls were the most dangerous and the most difficult to conquer. Even the slightest carelessness might antagonize them.

A sword with a sword soul would have full self-awareness. No matter how ordinary, the strength would be no weaker than a Golden Core cultivator. The two ‘other selves’ in the sword tomb were only at Foundation Establishment stage. Once they came to blows, there was no chance of winning.

“You don’t have to go,” he suddenly said.

Jing Yue paused, glanced at him, and half-jokingly said, “I can’t help it. My ‘other self’ thinks that the mini Canglan sword is lost and needs another weapon.”

Qin Yanzhi merely smiled without comment.

He knew who Jing Yue was doing this for.

Author’s Note:

Rouge: The two ‘other selves’ in the sword tomb are Foundation Establishment cultivators, very dangerous.

Ji-Ji: Two? What about me? Where’s Ji-ji?”

Rouge: You’re not even at Foundation Establishment stage.

Ji-ji: I’m a divine beast! It’s not nothing. I can heal Jing-jing's wounds, can you?!

Rouge: I can dual cultivate with Jing-jing, can you?

Jing-jing: Ptooey!

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