My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 101.1: The Passage

Schism Ocean, Yao Detention Mountain.

The sky was dark and lightning flashed like wild snakes in the surging clouds. In mid-air, countless Yao and cultivators were killing each other. Broken limbs and blood sprayed continuously like it was raining blood, dyeing the mountains and rivers red.

At the foot of Yao Detention Mountain, Jing Yue woke up from a coma. He smelled a strong pungent stench and found himself lying in a pool of blood.

Jing Yue got up and looked around. Everywhere he looked, there were piles of corpses, including cultivators and more Yao.

Where was this?

Jing Yue stood bewildered. The fishy wind blew his robes and the blood in the air dripped on him. Apart from him, there were no other living creatures here.

Could this be another illusory realm? Where was Yanzhi? Where was Ji-ji? Why were they missing?

Suddenly, his pupils constricted. That was…

In a flash, Jing Yue came to a certain corpse, his eyes full of shock—Zixiao Palace, Mo Lianhai?

How could it be him? Wasn’t Zixiao Palace destroyed during the Yao Catalyst? Mo Lianhai, this Laozu of the Return to Void stage, had fallen during the final battle!


A bolt of lightning flashed through the sky and white light shone on Jing Yue's stunned face. He saw the corpses of all the powerful beings from Taixu Sect, the Haotian Daoist Sect, and even Bloodshed Sect of the demonic Dao. These people once crossed paths with him, but they were permanently asleep at this moment, and even their souls no longer existed.

Yao Catalyst of the troubled times… 8,000 years ago.

This was the World of Seven Continents!

With that thought, his body immediately exploded with surging power. The land under his feet froze, spreading to the surroundings little by little. In a blink of an eye, it was frozen for thousands of miles.

Jing Yue lowered his head to look at his pale hands and the black cyan Dao robe he wore. It was a celestial-level defensive robe that he commissioned someone to refine after he reached Tribulation Passage.


A flying sword that glowed brilliantly floated in mid-air, circled him intimately, and slowly stopped at his feet.

Jing Yue stepped onto the flying sword and rose on it, straight to the peak of Yao Detention Mountain!

At the top of the mountain, twelve powerful cultivators besieged a giant Yao. Seven semi-saints of the Yao tribe stood next to him, all of which had transformed into their original forms by now.

The 12 powerful beings formed the Qiankun Grand Formation, and the formation varied greatly. A spell cast by one person was akin to a combination of a thousand spells. At this time, all of them sacrificed their most powerful magic, tried their best to snatch the Qi of heaven and earth, and compete with the Yao clan for a chance encounter!

The sky glowed with brilliance. A cultivator and a Yao semi-saint perished together, and neither soul nor body was left.

Jing Yue, who just arrived, recognized the cultivator as Hexuan-laozu of the Lurking Ghost Sect. He had once fought a fierce battle with him in the wilderness for 81 days, rendering the entire wilderness into ruins. After Hexuan lost to him, he regarded Frostcloud Sect as a thorn in his side and even set him up brutally in the Middle Ages secret realm. It was only until he reached the Tribulation Passage that Hexuan had no choice but to change his attitude.

The two could not be considered mortal enemies but the relationship was very bad. After Jing Yue's rebirth, he learned from the records of later generations that Hexuan died during the Yao Catalyst and even gloated about it. But when he really saw this scene, he didn't feel happy, only tragic.

As soon as Hexuan died, there was a flaw in the Qiankun array, and the Yao seized the opportunity to attack the weakest part of the array.

A white tiger as big as a small mountain opened its bloody mouth and bit off the left shoulder of a young cultivator. The latter also chopped off his claws with a long knife made of spiritual energy.

Jing Yue's pupils constricted. That was his eldest disciple—Yi Nian!

He wanted to rush up right away but was isolated by an invisible barrier. No matter how he cast the spell, he couldn't break through. He could only watch as Yi Nian slew the white tiger semi-saint and he also died under its claws.

“Yi Nian!”

Jing Yue's heart was in great pain, but no one could hear his voice, and no one knew of his existence.

The few sentences recorded in later generations were not enough to describe the ten-thousandth of the present!

The heavens and the earth shook. Yao Detention Mountain continued to collapse and Schism Ocean surged with waves. Even the stars in the sky were dim as if everything was about to fall.

In the billowing smoke and dust, the powerful beings fell one after another, the Yao semi-saints were slain, and roars of death were everywhere.

In the end, a silhouette of a giant sword rose in the air, looking plain and dull, but the sword qi contained in it made all the magic treasures and immortal weapons on Yao Detention Mountain submit, and even the Canglan sword in Jing Yue's hand was trembling from the power of the giant sword.

Divine artifact!

Jing Yue froze like a statue. Divine artifacts in the Bipolar World had become a legend. The original form of the sword silhouette was definitely not of the divine level! In that case, only one possibility remained—the soul of the sword was extremely powerful. It had surpassed the restrictions of the law and ascended the divine level with the power of its soul!

He stared blankly at the sword shadow as it pierced the Yao saint's head with an unstoppable force. It was the most perfect strike under the nine heavens, and there was no counterattack at all. Just looking at it from a distance, it seemed to touch the Three Thousand Great Dao.

A crack finally appeared in the sky. A sliver of maleficent energy from the nine heavens leaked out but it also dissolved under the sword light. The giant sword split into three beams of white lights, rushed into the rift of nine heavens at the speed of lightning, and sealed the crack that was slowly expanding.

The sky shone with a silvery light and ten thousand Yao on earth perished.

When everything returned to tranquility, the sky suddenly began to snow as if trying to purify the blood and evil on this continent with the purest and untainted snowflakes.

In the drifting snow, Jing Yue saw a cultivator with white hair kneeling on one knee, supporting his body with one hand. The man moved with difficulty, straightened his spine, and kept himself from falling.

The cultivator was from Frostcloud Sect, the second direct disciple of Daoist-Master Jing Yuan.

“Yi Wang…”

Jing Yue stretched out his hand, but he could only touch the invisible barrier blocking him. However, the other party seemed to have sensed something and slightly inclined his head to look in his direction.

Aloof eyes met his. There was no shadow of him in his pupils, nor was there any sign of worldly affairs.

But Jing Yue inexplicably felt that Yi Wang knew he was there.

He saw a smile with nostalgia and gratitude in Yi Wang's eyes before they gradually lost their luster, leaving nothing but silence.

The snowflakes fell on Yi Wang. The other party no longer moved, frozen into a cold statue.

Jing Yue stood in place for a long time, long enough for the battlefield to be cleansed and the Yao Detention Mountain to be sealed by the human cultivators led by the Three Realm Temple. Then, he felt the shift of the heavenly spiritual energy and the luck of heavenly Dao once again tilted toward the human race.

He saw the growth of spiritual energy, the awakening of all things, the downfall of ruined sects, and the rise of new forces.

Jing Yue's soul-mind seemed to be connected to the laws of the heavens, and he could know the world’s affairs with a single thought. He saw everything from nothing to existence, from death to life.

He didn’t know that his own consciousness was gradually being swallowed up and dissolved by the Great Dao. If this continued, one day ‘Jing Yue’ would disappear completely and merge into the three thousand Dao.

Suddenly, a drop of rain fell on his face and Jing Yue jolted violently.

His confounded eyes cleared up instantly, a trace of mockery crossed, and he sneered, “I was almost fooled by you.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the world distorted and restored to reality.

The magnified furry face in front of him almost made Jing Yue think that he was in another world again. He took a closer look and said, “Oh, it’s Ji-ji.”

In a blink of an eye, Qin Yanzhi was kneeling beside him. At this moment, his eyes were red with tear streaks on his face.

“…” Although Jing Yue had seen Qin Yanzhi crying before, that was when he was a child! Now that Qin Yanzhi was wearing an adult face, the horror level had increased dozens of times.

“Jing-jing, you're finally awake!” Blue phoenix pounced. As if wanting to compete with Qin Yanzhi, tears dripped continuously.

Jing Yue was speechless. He just fainted a little, so why did everyone look like they were at a funeral?

No wonder it rained in the illusion. It was mostly because of Qin Yanzhi and Ji-ji’s tears.

He sat up and was about to reassure them when Qin Yanzhi hugged him abruptly and shouted aggrievedly, “Ge!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Soon, he felt wetness on his shoulders, making him uncomfortable. He hurriedly said, “You’re already an adult of 20. Why are you still crying at every turn?”

Qin Yanzhi said with a crying tone, “It’s not 20; I’m already 23.”

Jing Yue: ??? What did that mean?

Qin Yanzhi, “Ge, you have slept for three years, do you know that? I’m really scared…”

He concealed the second half of the sentence and only hugged Jing Yue tighter as if he wanted to embed him in his body.

Jing Yue, “… Three years?”

Well, he finally knew why one human and one phoenix behaved like this. Did it take him three years to get out of the illusion?

Jing Yue suddenly felt guilty. The hand that had originally been about to pull Qin Yanzhi away changed to pat him on the back instead. He said soothingly, “It's okay, I just fell into the illusionary realm like you and delayed a bit longer.”

Fortunately, although Qin Yanzhi was crying, he could still control his emotions. He gradually calmed down and let go of Jing Yue.

Jing Yue finally had time to look around and found that they were floating in the air. Not exactly floating, but there was no footing, like an endless abyss. Above the head was an ocean of ​​stars, the brightest and largest star hanging in the center. There were also billions of stars twinkling in and out, so close it seemed that one could reach out and touch them.

He suddenly realized that two stars had turned into luminous beads and surrounded him, one of which was the brightest one!

What happened? Jing Yue looked at Qin Yanzhi, and the other party was also at a loss.

“Speaking of which, if the last tunnel is the sixth level of the Six-Wheel Secret Realm, then we have already passed through the secret realm.” Jing Yue suddenly thought, “We got something in the previous rounds, but there seems to be nothing on the sixth floor?”

Qin Yanzhi nodded. “When you fainted, we came out of the tunnel at the same time, and then we arrived here, indeed there was nothing.”

Jing Yue was puzzled. “Where is this place then? Are we still in the Six Wheel Secret Realm?”

At this time, blue phoenix said weakly, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji has a bold idea.”

Jing Yue, “Tell me.”

The blue phoenix immediately puffed up its chest. “Ji-ji suspects that this is the Passage of Ten Thousand Realms.”

“Ten thousand… what did you say?” Shock flashed across Jing Yue’s eyes. Others may not know about this, but he once learned from the Middle Ages secret realm that the Passage of Ten Thousand Realms was the most miraculous existence in the nine heavens. It could connect all the worlds within one universe, and every star above it represented a world!

No wonder! No wonder two stars fell down. The brightest one represented the World of Seven Continents. As the main world in one universe, it was also the main star in the Passage of Ten Thousand Realms. The other one should be the Haotian Realm, and these two worlds were involved in a karmic relationship with him!

Jing Yue was immediately overjoyed. He had a strong hunch that this was indeed the passageway that only existed in the legend!

It turned out that this was the true reward of the sixth level!

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