Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1005: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 29)

“Quite honest!”  Nan Luo Ze gave a thoughtful nod as his lips curled.

His good brother, he had always hated girls.

It was so strong that he had thought he liked men!

But with the appearance of a certain person, it seemed like this old iron tree was about to bloom.

“What about you?”  Li Si Nai crossed his hands and leaned against the wall, “What do you like about that Su whatever?”

“Please, your memory can’t be this bad!  She’s called Su Xiao Xiao, alright?”  Nan Luo Ze kept seriously correcting Li Si Nai before continuing, “I can’t say that I like her, but I feel that this girl is very special.”

“Special?”  Li Si Nai gave a shrug, “Su…..That girl Su Xiao Xiao, you should be able to grab a lot!”

In his eyes, a girl like Luo Qing Chen who could make a person speechless with her words was the one that’s special!

After all, in his life as young master Li Si Nai, it was his first time meeting a match like this.

“Ke, ke.”  Nan Luo Ze cleared his throat, “I know that Luo Qing Chen is special, but Su Xiao Xiao is a different kind of special existence!”

Although this was his first time meeting Su Xiao Xiao today and he had saved her from danger like a hero, he felt that she was a girl that had an aura that made others want to protect her.

Perhaps she wasn’t suited for this world, but it was a beautiful scene in his eyes.

At the same time, behind the door.

Luo Qing Chen chose a rather small dress for Su Xiao Xiao.  This was bought by her mother during Paris Fashion Week, there were only a few dresses in this world.  It was the famous designer Aina Manning’s special design.

She had a crystal pink sweater and a moon white dress, as well as a pair of white shoes.

Her hair wasn’t blown dry yet.  There was a bit of shyness and nervousness in her clear eyes.

But in front of Luo Qing Chen, she bravely raised her head.

“Un!  You really are quite cute!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a satisfied nod and pulled her in front of the dressing table.

Although there wasn’t anything on the table, there was a very clear mirror.

Su Xiao Xiao lowered her head in a bit of a panic when she looked in the mirror, not looking at herself in the mirror.

Luo Qing Chen felt shocked when she saw this.  There was a similar feeling that came from the bottom of her heart, like this feeling had been around her before.

She knew that this was the previous host’s feeling.

Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle and took out a large cosmetic bag from her luggage, bringing out bottles of liquids out.

The empty dressing table was filled and at that moment, Su Xiao Xiao slowly raised her head.  Her hand was placed on her legs and she was tightly clenching her dress.

Luo Qing Chen knew that she felt inferior and it took all her courage to raise her head since she wanted to get rid of this.

But she couldn’t break through the line of defense in her heart.

“Xiao Xiao, do you like pink or green?”  Luo Qing Chen tapped the dressing table and used a very strange entry point to start this topic.

“Me?”  She was surprised as she looked at her, “I like pink.”

It was a very sweet colour, it was the colour she liked the most.

“Then use this one!”  Luo Qing Chen picked up a bottle of Lancome skin cleanser for her, “It suits you.”

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