Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1004: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 28)

A bar, it was the most frequented entertainment venue for these rich people.

But today, Li Si Nai wasn’t planning on going!

He raised a brow and said, “You…...go knock on the door!”

In this situation, of course he wanted to be a bystander!  Only by being passive was he more handsome!

“Me?”  Nan Luo Ze looked at Li Si Nai with a stunned look, “I…..Why don’t you go!”

Nan Luo Ze admitted that he wanted to see how that little girl looked when she was sorted out and wanted to give her a few words of comfort, but now it felt like he was being used as a target!

“I heard about everything you did today……”  Li Si Nai looked at him with a deep look and said, “That Su…..whatever!”

“She’s Su Xiao Xiao!”

“Oh, oh.”  Li Si Nai said with a nod, “Isn’t classmate Su Xiao Xiao your young master Nan’s new love, there’s no problem for you to go see your girlfriend!”

As soon as his voice fell, he looked at him with a serious look like his words were very accurate, there was nothing wrong with them!

“It seems to make sense when you say it like this.”  Nan Luo Ze’s deep eyes lit up.  When Li Si Nai said the word ‘girlfriend’, there was a strange happiness that filled his heart.

But after that, his expression changed, “But it isn’t good to go empty handed, they haven’t eaten yet.”

He had been too rushed earlier and forgot to buy dinner.  Thinking about it now, his first impression points should have all been deducted.

“This is simple.”

Li Si Nai’s call was picked up in three seconds by someone and he said, “Go to Royal Tribute and pick up all the dishes this young master likes to eat, you have ten minutes.”

Li Si Nai immediately hung up as soon as he gave his order.

Nan Luo Ze couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up, “Young master Li really has his methods!”

During this ten minute waiting period, the two handsome young men stood in the corridor weighing each other’s thoughts.

“I’ve never seen young master Nan care about a girl this much before?”  Li Si Nai had a faint sparkle in his eyes, “It can’t be that your heart is moved this time, right!”

Nan Luo Ze heard this and his expression became unnatural, but he still said, “I treat girls the same, it isn’t that you don’t know that!”

He paused before continuing, “How am I like young master Li, don’t you normally hate girls approaching you?  Then you’ve met true love!  I heard that last time on the courtyard…..”

“Nan Luo Ze!”  Li Si Nai lowered his voice, “You, be quiet!”

Although the sound insulation was good here, one could still hear it if they listened closely.

“Yo, yo, yo.”  Although Nan Luo Ze lowered his voice, he didn’t stop teasing.  He looked at him with sparkling eyes, “Is young master Li admitting that he likes classmate Luo Qing Chen?”

Li Si Nai was taken aback.  This question had already been on his mind for a long time.

Actually he had gotten his answer a long time ago.

After a while, he said, “I can’t say like, but I don’t hate contact.”

He, Li Si Nai was not someone who fell in love at first sight and wasn’t into nonsense like love, he hated having contact with girls.

But this time, he was very certain that this girl was different.

At least she didn’t have luxurious perfume, just a faint grass scent.  At least when she kissed him, he had a faint lingering feeling towards her.

Perhaps it was special, perhaps it was love, he wasn’t certain, but he knew that if he were to fall in love with a girl in this life.

It was most likely this girl would be her.

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