Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1003: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 27)

Nan Luo Ze’s race car stopped outside the ‘Envy’ Apartments and he turned to look at Luo Qing Chen in disbelief, “You live here?”

This was not a place anyone could live in, it was one of the most upscale apartments in A City.

The key thing was, Li Si Hai also lived here.

“I can’t?”  Luo Qing Chen said to Su Xiao Xiao in the back, “Let’s get out.”

She asked the agent from before to bring her things over from the hotel, so most of the things were in the apartment, but they hadn’t been arranged yet.

They came to the elevator and when Luo Qing Chen pressed the button for the twenty second floor, Nan Luo Ze was stunned.  He revealed a grin and his eyes narrowed as he said, “You live on the twenty second floor?”

“Why would I push the button if I didn’t?”  Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes at him, “Could it be that I’m going to the twenty second floor for sightseeing!”

Nan Luo Ze had a faint smile in his eyes as he quickly said, “No, it’s nothing.”

“It isn’t that I haven’t asked you yet!”  When the elevator opened, she turned to look at Nan Luo Ze, “Why are you following us!”

Although he was helping to the end.

He should have just left after sending them here!

“I’m here to see an old friend!”  Nan Luo Ze walked to the door opposite hers.

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as she watched him press the doorbell.

Even Su Xiao Xiao was stunned after that.  It can’t be that much of a coincidence, did Nan Luo Ze have brothers all over!

The door was slowly opened and Li Si Nai came out in a white bathrobe.  He looked very enticing after just coming out of the bath and there was a faint fragrance coming from him.

But when he met Luo Qing Chen’s gaze, the slightly narrowed eyes suddenly opened wide.

The door was then slammed shut.

“Pu.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing as she held her stomach, “I’m laughing to death!”

She never thought that Li Si Nai would live next to her, this was simply fate.

“Hee, hee……”  Although Su Xiao Xiao had her head lowered, her laugh was quite sweet.

“You just slowly wait for your brother!”  Luo Qing Chen pointed at the door behind her, “I’ll go help Xiao Xiao change clothes.”

Nan Luo Ze’s lips twitched into a smile that was a bit awkward.

But when that quiet little lily couldn’t help laughing.

He didn’t know why his heart felt so warm…...

Li Si Nai on the other side of the door was feeling strangely nervous.

He was regretting what he had done while thinking about what to change into before opening the door.

Nan Luo Ze waited by the door for half an hour and he was also stopped by a single WeChat message: Don’t leave!

[But you and little sister Luo Qing Chen do have fate, she’s actually living right across from you!  ——Nan Luo Ze]

[Renting.  ——Li Si Nai]

He didn’t think that an apartment here was someone that idiot commoner could afford.

[You are so concise, I’m leaving.  ——Nan Luo Ze]

Actually Nan Luo Ze didn’t want to leave since he still wanted to talk to Su Xiao Xiao before leaving.

He never thought that Li Si Nai would suddenly open the door and would scare him.

He was wearing a black Ossic limited edition sweater and his slightly brown hair had a bit of a curl to it, fully releasing his youthful charm.

“Ze, ze, ze, don’t you really like this outfit?  Why are you wearing it at night!”  Nan Luo Ze gave a shrug, “Could it be that you’re planning to bring me to the bar?”

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