Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 100: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (6) Part 2

Ah Jin finished eating the melon seeds and got up.

Shaking off the shells on her body, she was back to her noble and cold image.

"Come on, let's get down to business."

San Qi hurriedly flew to Ah Jin's sleeve and hid there.

It had not yet fully recovered.

It was necessary to continue recovering.

Ah Jin and Lu Zhiyu asked around a bit more.

Then they returned to the place where they had agreed to meet.

Gu Qingmei saw the two of them arrived together.

Her eyes were instantly filled with anger.

She put up a smile on her face.

"What took you guys so long? We've been waiting for a long time."

The three disciples pretended to be oblivious.

They didn't look at Gu Qingmei, nor did they answer her words.

Neither Ah Jin nor Lu Zhiyu had the intention to answer.

They only went forward to tell what they had inquired about, and the three disciples also shared what they had found out.

Gu Qingmei put up with the embarrassment and acted as if nothing had happened.

She also told them things she had heard about.

And the people finally came to a conclusion, that the village in that town had lost several girls one after another.

Somebody already reported to the authorities, but unfortunately, the officials were weak and could not play any role.

Ah Jin decided to go to investigate the matter.

How could Gu Qingmei reveal her foot if she didn't go?

So Ah Jin asked the second junior to go to the office to ask the specific address of the village.

The disciples of the Tianshan Sect still had some faces when they went out.

The officials did not want to give it.

On the other hand, they could not solve the problem.

Secondly, the court was scared.

Why not give it away with a smile?

She sent the third junior brother to buy horses.

The distance was too far.

It was too tiring to fly there with qinggong.

When all was settled, they rode out on horseback.

The second junior brother was leading the way while Ah Jin and Lu Zhiyu followed.

Following in their respective order, Gu Qingmei fell at the end.

The running horses' hooves stamped on the road, raising a cloud of sand and dust along the way.

Ah Jin's sleeve fluttered violently in the wind as the horse's hooves fell and came together.

San Qi shouted in Ah Jin's mind, ‘Stop! Quickly stop! I am going to throw up!’

Ah Jin, 'The sooner, the better. You bear with it.'

San Qi wailed, 'I feel dizzy!'

Ah Jin, 'Or you come out and fly to follow!'

San Qi dawned, 'Yes, I forgot I have a pair of wings.'

It rushed out from Ah Jin's sleeve and flew to the sky.

When Lu Zhiyu saw it, he rode close to Ah Jin and asked, "It flew away?"

"No, it's following."

Lu Zhiyu was amazed.

There were still such submissive birds in this world?

Turning his head to look around, he saw a small yellow figure following them on the side.

The third junior brother also sped up.

"Senior sister! Where did you buy that obedient bird? I'm going to buy it too!"

Ah Jin looked at San Qi, who was flying happily in the air, and said, "There is no one else like it."

The third junior brother was disappointed.

He and the fourth junior brother were of playful age.

They were most interested in seeing these cats, dogs, birds, and other animals.

"Senior sister, how about letting me borrow it for a few days. I will definitely return it to you. I swear!"

Speaking of this, he also raised his hand to swear.

Ah Jin didn't care.

"If you like it, take it and play with it. It will come back if it doesn't want to. There is no need for you to swear."

The third junior brother was so happy that he showed a row of big white teeth, "Thank you, eldest senior sister!"

After that, he slowed down his speed and went to share the matter with the fourth junior brother, who was lagging behind.

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