Chapter 100

However, it wouldn't take long for Chu Mu Yun to walk out of Shen Shui Yan's memory and remember only Xie Qian Lan.

It wasn't a problem for them to move around in the Spirit Realm. Xie Qian Lan wasn't in the slightest worried about Shen Shui Yan finding them.

He was born with great talent in the illusion arts. Matched with the Beast of Dreams’ abilities and the Qin of Attachment, not only can he drag a person into an illusion, he can constantly create false images for them.

The palace where he placed Chu Mu Yun was actually a rather busy area, but nobody noticed it because the entire palace was hidden by illusions both inside and outside. It can be said that no one in this world could differentiate the truths from illusions other than him.

In order to find Shen Yun, Shen Shui Yan had practically looked through half of the entire spirit realm. Unfortunately, as long as Xie Qian Lan wills it, he will never find their traces.

As for taking Chu Mu Yun out for walks, it was no issue as long as Xie Qian Lan was following along.

He wants to change Chu Mu Yun, to erase Shen Shui Yan completely from his heart, and so he definitely must not confine him.

The two left the palace. Chu Mu Yun was actually quite curious about Xie Qian Lan's illusions so he had been paying attention while they walked. Unfortunately, he couldn't even notice any traces of it.

A magnificent palace atop a mountain peak, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Even though it wasn't as bright and dazzling as the Human Realm, this dark world has its own charms.

But if it's really that simple, how could he hide from Shen Shui Yan's frantic search?

So it was certainly not simple. Unfortunately, Chu Mu Yun could not see the way out of this illusion.

Xie Qian Lan took Chu Mu Yun out to play for a few days, bringing him to interesting places in the Spirit Realm, experiencing the local customs, and tasting the unique flavors of their food.

The two of them had a good time on their trip.

As they walked through a forest to a small village surrounded by red maples, Chu Mu Yun's keen eyes spotted a rather familiar figure.

The young man was injured and was toppled over the ground in a miserable state. Whip marks bruises covered the morbidly pale skin on his arms, revealing a slightly worrying color.

The clothes on his body were old and tattered, revealing his skin in the places where it was torn, also covered in scars and injury.

However, that was not what captured Chu Mu Yun's gaze.

Rather, it was his unique platinum hair that glimmered like the Milky Way in the sky.

Such a pitiable state the young man was in, yet he had such beautiful long hair like frost.

Chu Mu Yun raised his brows slightly and looked over there.

At the same time, as if he could sense his eyes, the young man turned his head around and locked his moon-like silver eyes on him.

Eyes locked on each other, Chu Mu Yun practically verified it at the very first instant...

The Lord of Sloth, Jun Mo.

But how could he...

Xie Qian Lan looked over as well and noticed the young man covered in wounds.

Chu Mu Yun quickly reacted.

A flash of hurt emerged on his face as he sighed. "Qian Lan, let's bring him back with us."

Xie Qian Lan froze.

Chu Mu Yun said, "He looks homeless. Instead of leaving him out here on the streets, why don't we take him back and let him settle down there? The palace is very empty anyway, one more shouldn't matter."

How could Xie Qian Lan agree?

But Chu Mu Yun turned around to look at him and said somewhat uneasily, "I don't mean anything by it. When I brought you home back then and this is..."

Upon hearing these words, Xie Qian Lan quickly changed his mind and interrupted him, "There's nothing different about it."

Chu Mu Yun was flustered and wanted to explain himself, but Xie Qian Lan chuckled and said, "You falling in love with me and taking me home, raising me up, has nothing to do with each other whatsoever."

He really couldn't understand why he said these words.

But Xie Qian Lan continued, "You love the grown-up me, the mature me, the..." he enunciated his tone, "me right now."

Chu Mu Yun froze for a moment, but then a warm smile emerged on his lips. He looked into Xie Qian Lan's eyes and affirmed sincerely, "Yeah."

Xie Qian Lan stared at him and asked once more, "The one you like is the current me, right?"

Chu Mu Yun felt enchanted. "Yeah, I like the current you."

"Xie Qian Lan?"

Chu Mu Yun's eyes were filled with deep affection. "Xie Qian Lan."

Xie Qian Lan knew that misdirecting him in such a way was just self-deception, but it couldn't prevent that feeling of satisfaction from swelling up within him, making him even more eager for the day that he can completely obtain Ah Yun's love.

Receiving Xie Qian Lan's agreement, Chu Mu Yun turned around and walked towards the pitiful platinum-haired youth.

"Do you have parents?"

The young man raised his head. There was a look of apathy on his delicate face that could make one forget to breathe, like clean, pure white snow in winter, cold and aloof.

This face makes one unable to help themselves from giving him warmth, but as soon as they do, they will soon realize that the snow that they hold in their palm will eventually melt into water and disappear.

Chu Mu Yun knows he should leave him alone, but...he couldn't.

The young man did not speak.

Chu Mu Yun continued to ask, "If there is nowhere you can return to, would you like to go back with me?"

He did not speak. However, a passer-by saw them and quickly said to Chu Mu Yun, "Young gentleman, do not be bewitched by that man. That calamitous guy may have a pretty face on him but he's rid with ill-fortune. Anyone who associates themselves with him will either be injured or end up dead! You must now know but the good old man from Antuo Mountain took him in, and now...the entire Antuo Mountain is ruined! Even his great benefactor, Yu Qing...He's dead!"

The person spoke while shaking his head, looking quite dismayed.

Chu Mu Yun frowned. Xie Qian Lan did not want him to hear anything more about Antuo Mountain, so he interjected, "If you want to take him in, then take him in."

Chu Mu Yun nodded.

Seeing that no one was paying any attention to what he said, the passer-by couldn't help but shake his head repeatedly, and his eyes as he looked at Chu Mu Yun and Xie Qian Lan was filled with pity as if he could already see the miserable future ahead of them.

From beginning to end, the platinum-haired youth did not make a noise.

He was quiet, silent, expressionless.

Injured and down on the mod, he did not feel any remorse nor pain. Even when he was accused of being calamitous, that he brought ruin to Antuo Mountain, he did not panic nor did he defend himself. Even when Chu Mu Yun said he wanted to take him in, he showed no joy nor sadness.

Just like a delicately carved sculpture, apart from his even breaths, there didn't seem to be any hint of vitality in him.

What had he gone through for him to become this way? It was really hard to imagine.

Chu Mu Yun was very sure that the most critical setting he gave Sloth was: natural.

He was naturally born emotionless, no wants no expressions, unable to understand all emotions, and so he had none himself.

But now, this Jun Mo...There seems to be some discrepancy?

Anyway, he'll just bring him back first.

It was a good trip out. Chu Mu Yun got to relax and even saw the young Sloth along the way.

Logically, Sloth should not be this young. The age difference between the seven lords should be indistinguishable. Greed will reincarnate because of the martial arts he cultivated, but Jun Mo has no such setting.

Chu Mu Yun had some suspicions in his heart but since he arrived back in time four thousand years ago, the script of "Demon Realm" has already gone out of control, so it was normal for there to be deviations.

After all, he created "Demon Realm", not this world.

After all, he's only man, not god.

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