My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 100.2: Sixth Level pt. 2

The two continued to move forward, constantly encountering attacks from the faceless monsters along the way. Jing Yue judged that there were only two opponents, the blue shadow and the black shadow that sneaked up on them one after another.

Although there were not many on the other side, the threat posed to them was great, far beyond his expectation.

In a short time, Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi were both injured. The faceless monsters were very familiar with their ways as if they could guess their minds. Among them, the black shadow’s swordsmanship was extremely rare in the world. In Jing Yue’s past and present lives combined, only Qin Yanzhi could compare to the talent in sword Dao.

The more frightening point was that every time they were about to attack the other party's vital points, the faceless monsters would turn into smoke.

It could be said that they had met the most difficult enemy since they entered the Haotian Realm!

However, as he fought, Jing Yue seemed to have discovered something that alarmed him.

Every time he was injured, the blue shadow's attack would pause momentarily, and if it was Qin Yanzhi who was injured, the black shadow's attack would also halt for an instant.

He finally knew where the so-called familiarity came from. These two faceless monsters were like projections of him and Qin Yanzhi!

The clothes, body shape, and moves were exactly the same as the two of them. If not for the fact that Qin Yanzhi and he could only perform some regular techniques at this stage, he wouldn’t have realized it so late.

If his speculation was not wrong…

“It seems that we’re in trouble this time.” Jing Yue smiled bitterly. Bet it a cultivator or a mortal, or a god, defeating oneself was the most difficult thing.

Qin Yanzhi held the mother and child sword in his hand. When his elder brother gave him the sword, he only said it was just in case, so he didn't expect to use it so soon. The wooden sword that had followed him for many years broke, and it was given by his brother, which made him feel extremely bad.

He had just repelled the black shadow again and was also aware of it at this time, and asked, “Are they an image of you and me?”

Jing Yue told him about his speculation and blue phoenix also said in his consciousness, “Yes, Ji-ji also noticed it! Everything in the world is made up of yin and yang. They are now your projections. They know all your techniques and they will also have an impact if you are injured. But if they surpass you, they will be yang, and you will be yin. Jing-jing, don’t turn into a faceless monster!”

Jing Yue, “It's very strange. Why isn't there a faceless chicken?”

Blue phoenix paused and wanted to say proudly that it was because it was a phoenix and not a chicken, but it still honestly said, “Maybe the faceless Ji-ji is also hiding in the arms of the faceless Jing-jing.”

Well, there was nothing wrong with the logic.

Jing Yue tried to lighten up the somber mood. “I see that the black shadow also changed a sword, most likely the mother and child sword, which means that they can also use our magic treasure. Fortunately, the talismans are gone. Otherwise, it will be too advantageous for them.”

Qin Yanzhi saw that he still had time to laugh and felt a little more relaxed. Just at this moment, the blue shadow appeared again, trying to control the water attack. Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi met the attack together. Although the faceless monster could turn into smoke at any time, as long as they were fast enough, they could do some damage before that.

The two of them attacked at the same time. The black shadow appeared behind Qin Yan Zhi without a sound and stabbed at him. Qin Yanzhi dodged in a hurry but saw that Jing Yue suddenly rushed in front of him and deliberately took a hit.


The black shadow's sword stabbed through Jing Yue's shoulder bone and blood instantly dyed the shirt red. Qin Yanzhi was very anxious but saw Jing Yue firmly holding the long sword to prevent the shadow from pulling it back. “Yanzhi!”

Qin Yanzhi understood and before he could think about it, seized the opportunity to wrangle with the black shadow.

The black shadow lost his sword and wanted to turn into smoke and escape. Qin Yanzhi saw the other party's plan and was anxious. This was a chance that his brother got from being injured!

What to do?

He must keep the black shadow here! He must kill the black shadow!

The killing intent in Qin Yanzhi's attacks got stronger and stronger, and his dantian got hotter and hotter. Some intermittent images appeared before his eyes, all of which were scenes of a young man practicing swordsmanship. He couldn't see the other party's face but it felt close to his heart.

Qin Yanzhi repeatedly copied the young man's movements in his mind and his body moved along with it. His eyes had long since become calm and composed.

The sword style changed abruptly. It was no longer the ordinary sword seven styles, but the Daoyi Sword Technique that contained the origin of the sword and conformed to the laws of heaven and earth. His attack instantly enveloped the black shadow.

However, the black shadow’s figure suddenly became much more flexible. Although it was stabbed in the left abdomen by Qin Yanzhi’s attack, the vitals were avoided. It seized the moment when the opponent retracted his sword and fled.

Qin Yan Zhi was surprised. With the strength of the black shadow earlier, it was impossible to avoid this move. Could the other party actually improve with him? But he didn't have time to think about it because Jing Yue was still fighting the blue shadow and the wounds on his body were increasing.

With the addition of Qin Yanzhi, the blue shadow quickly retreated with wounds. Qin Yanzhi hurried forward and stared blankly at Jing Yue's blood-stained clothes. Since he could remember, he had never seen his brother in such a miserable state.

“I'm fine, don't worry. I got injured on purpose,” Jing Yue explained. “I'm sure you've noticed that the strength of the faceless monster originated from you and me, and the physical condition as well. I just traded injuries for injuries, stalling the blue shadow temporarily. You find the right opportunity to strike a killing blow and then we'll deal with the black shadow together.”

He laid out the plan clearly and was not afraid that the faceless monster could hear him.

Qin Yanzhi didn't make a sound. Injury for injury, divide and attack. It was indeed a simple and crude method. But either of them could be the person to suffer from injuries. He knew that his brother was actually protecting him.

At this moment, he deeply hated himself for being useless. If he was stronger like the young man he saw practicing a sword in his trance, neither the black shadow nor the blue shadow could escape from his attack, not to mention sacrificing anyone like this.

Qin Yanzhi clenched his fists with self-condemnation and distress between his eyebrows. However, if there was any hesitation at this time, it would be a waste of his brother’s painstaking efforts.

His eyes turned resolute again. His back straightened and he stared quietly into the darkness.

When the blue shadow reappeared, the movements were indeed more sluggish, so it was clear that Jing Yue's self-inflicted injuries had affected it. With Qin Yanzhi’s skills, it should be quite easy for him to defeat a cultivator of the upper-level Foundation Establishment stage, but Jing Yue was not an ordinary person, so how could his projection be normal?

The wounded blue shadow still fought Qin Yanzhi on equal footing. One could imagine that if the blue shadow was at full strength, Qin Yanzhi would be no match.

Jing Yue had always wanted to know who would win if he fought Qin Yanzhi, who was invincible once he entered the Foundation Establishment stage. Now, he finally had an answer that was not an answer.

He was alert to the appearance of the black shadow while looking for an opportunity to sneak up on the blue shadow.

Soon, Jing Yue found the opportunity!

He took advantage of the gap between blue shadow's spellcasting to gather water qi and launched an ice spike.

Blue shadow sensed the danger but he was being forced by Qin Yanzhi with no room to breathe. At this time, the black shadow quietly appeared behind Jing Yue. Using the finger as a sword, he tried to sneak up on him.

“Watch out!”

“Jing-jing, be careful!”

Qin Yanzhi and blue phoenix warned Jing Yue at the same time. The latter's five senses were keenly aware of the danger, but he used a very short time to judge that black shadow's sword qi would pierce his ribs and wouldn’t be fatal, while his ice spike was aimed at blue shadow's dantian.

Therefore, he couldn’t move!

In the moment of severe pain, Jing Yue's ice spike also penetrated the blue shadow. It once again slowly dissipated into smoke, but this time, Jing Yue could feel that the other party would completely disappear.

He reached back and made a grab, trying to catch the black shadow, but he was still too slow.

Seeing that the shadow was about to flee again, a long sword suddenly slashed from behind the shadow. The black shadow had no time to turn into smoke and dodged sideways. But when the shadow moved again, he found that another dagger had been waiting there for some time, and cut off his head directly!


Black shadow’s body exploded like fireworks, turned into dust, and returned to the endless darkness.

In the tunnel, only Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi's breathing sounds intertwined, with a faint stench of blood.


Jing Yue noticed Qin Yanzhi’s expression like he was at fault, reaching his hand out to him and dropping it listlessly, looking helpless and at a loss.

He quickly placated, “I'm fine. It's all superficial injuries.”

Qin Yanzhi lowered his head, his long eyelashes fluttered fragilely, and the two hands hanging at his side were clenched tightly.

“Jing-jing!” At the same time, the blue phoenix also flew out of Jing Yue's arms, stopping on his shoulder, hugging his neck with its wings and crying, “Why don’t you let me help you?”

When Jing Yue was injured, blue phoenix tried to get out and help several times but was stopped by Jing Yue.

“I don’t want another faceless Ji-ji to appear.”

Blue phoenix wiped its tears with its wings. “I know I’m a bad fighter and can’t help Jing-Jing. JI-ji is useless.”

“…” It was rare for blue phoenix to have self-awareness for once, and Jing Yue didn’t know how to coax it.

“Is Jing-jing in pain? Ji-ji will blow on it for you!” The blue phoenix jumped down from Jing Yue's shoulder and flew to him with its mouth puffed up.

“No need for…”

Halfway through Jing Yue's sentence, he felt a soft wind blow into the wound that carried a faint vitality. A tingling sensation was felt at the wounded area, a sure sign of the bones recovering and the flesh healing.

Although it was slow, it did happen.

“…” Jing Yue was dumbfounded. He even suspected that he had fallen into another illusion. Ji-ji had learned the art of healing?!

By right, as the divine beast of the wood element, it was normal for blue phoenix to be skilled in healing techniques, but this was Ji-ji! It was an abnormal (failure) existence of the blue phoenix clan!

Jing Yue blinked in bewilderment and saw the blue phoenix’s body swaying after one breath, almost falling from mid-air.

He quickly caught blue phoenix and asked, “Ji-ji, when did you learn the healing art?”

Blue phoenix weakly fell on the palm of his hand and gasped, “Ji-ji didn’t learn it. Ji-ji just didn’t want Jing-jing to be in pain.”

That desire was so strong that it subconsciously did so.

The blue phoenix struggled to raise its head. “Is Jing-jing still in pain?”

Jing Yue cupped blue phoenix in his hands and used his gentlest voice, “It doesn't hurt anymore. Ji-ji is really amazing.”

Blue phoenix shrank back shyly but couldn’t help the feathers on its butt from shaking.

“You should rest…” Jing Yue wanted to say something when he suddenly lost consciousness.

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