My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 10: Web

Almost everyone held their breath at those words.


Zhao Huai laughed so blatantly that he rocked back and forth, “Head Chu is getting too full of himself. It’s time for a change? To whom? You? You really have your head in the clouds!”

Everyone else was shocked too. Had Chu Yun gone mad? Zhao Huai was currently at the Absolute-level Qi Refining stage, one step before Foundation Establishment, and certainly not a match for Chu Yun who was only a level-9 Qi Refining. Furthermore, the Tower of Desert Snake stood behind the Zhao family and would never allow their follower to fall so easily.

That was an established celestial sect. With a twitch of their fingers, the Chu family could easily be wiped out!

Despite that, Chu Yun stood on the spot calmly, without any trace of apprehension in his eyes, only a certain kind of self-confidence.

Where did his courage come from?

Very soon, Zhao Huai ceased his laughter. He saw two people wearing black cloaks walking out behind Chu Yun. When the two raised their arms, there was an identical medicinal cauldron embroidered on the sleeves.

“Hall of Fiery Pill!”

The disciple of the Tower of Desert Snake stood abruptly, revealing the identities of the two newcomers.

It caused a commotion. In all the areas surrounding Megasun City, there were only two celestial sects, the Hall of Fiery Pill and the Tower of Desert Snake. The two sects were comparable in strength and had always been at peace with each other for the past one thousand years.

So, what was the situation now? Was the Hall of Fiery Pill going up against the Tower of Desert Snake?

The two black-robed men clasped their hands in a greeting as an indication of their identity, but there was no further explanation.

The disciple from the Tower asked solemnly, “Why? Is the Hall of Fiery Pill getting involved in this matter?”

One of the black-robed men replied, “On the contrary. It’s just that the Chu family recovered the Connexion Cauldron, which had been lost for a hundred years. Since the Hall of Fiery Pill received this gratitude, we must naturally repay the causality.”

As soon as the words were uttered, Zhao Huai’s faced turned to the color of dirt.

Everyone in Megasun City knew that the Connexion Cauldron was a holy artifact left behind by their sect leader of the first generation, and it was also the same cauldron embroidered on their sleeves. However, a hundred years ago, the cauldron was stolen by a traitor. It was not until 30 years ago that the cauldron had been recovered.

As it turned out, the Chu family had been instrumental in this incident.

It was no wonder the Chu family resurged so quickly. With the Hall’s support in the background, even if the Chu family started with a shaky foundation, thirty years was sufficient to turn things around.

When the Tower’s disciple learned the events that led to today, he also realized that the Hall would not back down so easily. This matter involved repaying a debt of causality, if the Hall refused, there would be dire consequences.

The man in black robe continued, “The Hall does not wish to make an enemy out of the Tower. As long as the Tower does not help the Zhao family today, the Hall would not interfere either. We shall allow the Zhao and Chu to compete with each other. Regardless of the outcome, the Hall shall extend a generous gift to the Tower.”

He paused for a moment, “Actually, for the Tower, does it really matter whether the city mayor’s surname is Zhao or Chu?”

The Tower’s disciple remained silent. Since it was impossible for the Hall to step back, why should he offend the other party for the sake of a cultivation family? Besides, the Hall had offered their sincerity…

Since things had developed up to this point, how could Zhao Huai fail to realize his backing had weakened? His heart was filled with bitterness and could not wait to tear Chu Yun into pieces!

Despite everything, Chu Yun was still relaxed, saying with a smile, “Zhao family head, please go ahead.”

Chu Yun moved as soon as the words were uttered, and a spell was released at Zhao Huai. The fire-dragon-serpent was one of the most powerful attacks that could be performed by Qi Refining cultivator, and the technique made the surrounding air shimmer and crackle. Zhao Huai unleashed his sword from its sheath, and without dodging the attack, he slashed at the head of the fire-dragon-serpent.

They fought fiercely, and the lavishly decorated hall was soon destroyed. The onlookers watched nervously since the outcome of this fight would determine the future of Megasun City. But to Jing Yue, the techniques performed by the two were imperfect, full of errors and loopholes, and he was getting bored.

After about 15 minutes, Chu Yun gradually fell into a disadvantage. His cultivation level was lower after all, and besides, Zhao Huai was fighting for his honor and position, so his attacks were highly aggressive. As Chu Yun became more desperate, Zhao Huai upped his offense, his sword strikes swift and impenetrable, cutting several wounds on Chu Yun.

Suddenly, Zhao Huai felt a pain on his abdomen. He lowered his head in disbelief and saw that a sword had pierced through his Dantian. On the other side, Chu Yun laughed loudly, his hands formed a hand-seal and the fire spiritual energy condensed into a huge palm, and he slammed it vehemently on Zhao Huai’s chest!

Zhao Huai flew into the air before landing heavily on the ground. Due to the momentum, he skidded for several feet, and the masonry on the floor cracked under the pressure. He spat out a mouthful of blood and felt that all the spiritual energy in his body had been sucked out, the dantian was empty, and he could not summon even an ounce of energy.

He endured the severe pain and said with immense hatred, “Chen Yong!”

Everyone witnessed it. The person who launched the sneak attack was none other than the family head of Chen, Chen Yong! He used the Chen family’s magic weapon, the Spirit-devouring Sword.

It was an ordinary sword, a low-grade weapon among magical items, but once the sword was pierced into the dantian, it would destroy the very foundation of that person’s cultivation.

Chu Yun laughed, “Chen family head was very decisive indeed! Excellent!”

Members of the Chen family were stunned. Didn’t the Chu family just kill two of their juniors? And one of them was Chen Yong’s son! Why did he help the Chu family instead?

“Why?” The third old master of Chen family asked in a daze.

Chen Yong’s face twisted in an ugly scowl and he remained silent. The person who spoke was Chu Yun.

“Taking the side of the victorious party, the Chen family head was simply acting out of wisdom and great foresight.”

Jing Yue suddenly recalled the incident in the hidden realm where Chu Xiao and Jiang Yu-er allowed Chen Fang to escape with his life. At that time, he already suspected that the two made use of Chen Fang to reveal the events that happened, but he had not understood why. Looking at the current situation, however, it was a plot devised to give Chen Yong a tragic backstory so that he could earn the sympathy and trust of the Zhao family, waiting for the opportunity to strike when the time was ripe.

Otherwise, how could Chen Yong have sneaked an attack on the mayor so easily?

Here came the next question. If Chen Yong was part of the plan, was he also aware of what was going to happen in the hidden realm? If that was the case, it would be horrific.

Jing Yue’s suspicions were also deduced by Zhao Huai very quickly. He suddenly laughed sardonically, “Chen Yong, I’ve underestimated you greatly. To gain my trust, I never would have thought you’d actually sacrifice your nephew and even your own son! You’re really…”

Chen Yong’s face twitched horribly. Of course he knew, as long as he made a move, Zhao Huai would definitely guess the truth, and his reputation would be ruined.

But he had no other choice.

Back then, when Chen Qi died, Chen Yong thought the family head position would be passed down to him. Unexpectedly, the old family head actually passed it down Chen Shi, who was still a baby! On an impulse, Chen Yong launched a secret assault on the old family head while he was meditating, and the old man died.

He thought this matter was done under wraps. Unbeknownst to him, the Chu family had gathered evidence, or rather, the main reason he betrayed his family loyalty was because he was deceived by Chu Yun.

He fell into Chu Yun’s trap, and from then on, he was controlled by others.

To gain Zhao Huai’s trust, he did not hesitate to use his family members as bait and conspired with the Jiang-Chu family to create a tragedy in the hidden realm, leaving only Chen Fang, a talented son, alive.

He told himself, as long as Chu Yun became the mayor, and with the Hall of Fiery Pill as the backing, no matter how bloodthirsty or cruel his methods were, no one could ever threaten his position as the Chen family head!

“Heinous wretch! I’m going to kill you!” The third old master of the Chen family drew his sword and prepared to fight, but was stopped by the Jiang family head.

“The purpose of today’s banquet was to resolve the issue of the ownership of the city’s mayor. If anyone dares to cause trouble, don’t blame this Jiang for being merciless!”

The members of the Chen family were full of indignation, but due to their deplorable strength, they had no choice but to swallow the bitter pill. The Chen family could already see their bleak and gloomy future. With such a family head, would the Chen family still survive? He was nothing more than Chu Yun’s dog!

They were filled with the utmost regret. Since they already knew the vicious methods deployed by Chen Yong, why did they still allow him to take up that position in the first place?

In the crowd, Old man Liu hugged Lil Pebble tightly, and he was immensely thankful at his initial decision to take Lil Pebble away from the Chen family. Otherwise, if he was left in the lions’ den, how could he ever survive?

Seeing that the matter had almost reached its conclusion, the disciple from the Tower of Desert Snake glanced at Zhao Huai in disappointment and left his final words, “It’s all up to you now,” and left the main hall.

The Zhao family members were highly unsettled, but Chu Yun was at the top of the world.

When people were feeling smug, they would inevitably recall the past, and Chu Yun was no exception.

Thirty years ago, the Chu family members accidentally found a fully-grown Golden Chestnut Flower from the Megasun hidden realm, and there were two bodies near it, of a man and a beast. As one could easily deduce, when the man was trying to retrieve the herb, he was attacked by the guardian beast, and the two perished from their fight with each other.

Naturally, the Chu family took the herb for themselves, and also brought the deceased’s Qiankun pouch back to the Chu house and handed everything to the family head. When Chu Yun released the restriction on the Qiankun pouch and opened it, however, he actually discovered the sacred Connexion Cauldron that was missing from the Hall of Fiery Pill!

As a person with wild ambitions, the moment Chu Yun laid eyes on the cauldron, he knew the time had come for the Chu family.

He did not know how or why the cauldron that was missing back then fell into the hands of a Qi Refining cultivator, but that was not important. He returned the Connexion Cauldron and handed the corpse to the Hall of Fiery Pill.

Because of this causal connection, the Hall secretly arranged a disciple to accompany him back to Megasun City and became the exclusive alchemist of the Chu family.

With the help from the Hall, the Chu family grew stronger rapidly, but Chu Yun was unsatisfied. Right from the beginning, he coveted the position of Mayor.

However, the Hall was unwilling to intervene in mundane affairs, and only promised that during a critical moment, they would send someone to prevent the Tower of Desert Snake from taking further actions. As for how to take down the Zhao family, Chu Yun would have to figure a way out by himself.

After that, Chu Yun chose to cooperate with the Jiang family. At first, they grabbed an opportunity to kill Chen Qi and attracted internal fighting amongst the Chen family members. Next, they made use of the people around Chen Yong to secretly provoke and agitate him, gathered evidence of his betrayal and forced him to be under their control.

At this point, the Chen, Jiang and Chu stood aligned.

He spent thirty years to weave a huge web full of profit, blood and evil, and the Zhao family finally became a trapped beast in the web!

Chu Yun walked towards the main seat of the mayor one step at a time, his ears ringing with the rapid beating of his heart and his blood vessels seemed to be boiling with turbulent waves.

Just when he was only one step away from the goal, a voice rang abruptly.

“Lil Pebble, big brother will help you get the Chen family back, okay?”

Chu Yun paused and turned his head around. It was him?

The brat by the name of Jing Yue.

Chu Yun turned his whole body around and said casually, “Just look at my memory, I’ve nearly forgotten about you. I see you’ve offered yourself up.”

He clasped a greeting towards one of the men in black robes, “Lord Envoy, what is the punishment if someone pretended to be a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill?

The black-robed man laughed coldly and said arrogantly, “Kill without mercy!”

Jing Yue arched an eyebrow, “When did I ever say I was a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill?”

“That unqualified sect is not worthy of me!”

Author’s Notes

Jing Yue: A rubbish sect like that can’t contain this superior figure of mine!

Blue phoenix: Aahhh! Slap face! Slap face! (Fly legs rubbing hands, no, rubbing wings)

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