Seven Days Escape Game

Chapter 10 - Lunar Day (9)

Translator: Jayre

“I know who the murderer is, it must be the one without a name. I don’t wish for the innocent me to be sacrificed, so forward this to the others~ Happy alliance~”

Yu MengMeng laid sideways on the bed, holding the flip phone in her hands. She hesitated between the ‘delete’ button and the ‘forward’ button.

In the auditorium this afternoon, she was the first to find HeWei’s corpse and recalling the scene where a perfectly whole body had collapsed into pieces before her eyes, she began to gnaw at her fingernails nervously. Suddenly, the halves of the corpse downstairs in the shower room flashed through her mind. She paled, and tremblingly pressed ‘forward’ with her finger.

If the male teacher could not be found and there were many dead, someone in the group would definitely initiate a vote. Anyone was fine as long as the one who was voted out was not her. She did not want to be torn apart, she was innocent.

“Yu MengMeng, what are you doing?”

Behind her, roommate Zhang QingFeng had just gotten on the bed and she raised her head to look curiously at her.

Yu MengMeng was startled, and unconsciously snapped the phone close and stuffed it into the pillow.

She straightened her shirt and walked to the table. “It’s nothing, I’m just tidying up and preparing to go to bed.”

Zhang QingFang was already settled comfortably on the bed, and she relaxedly let out a sigh. “The day is finally over. Who knows which unlucky person will be torn tomorrow.”

The other party’s tone was relaxed and Yu MengMeng’s brows furrowed. “Aren’t you scared the unlucky person will be you?”

“Ah? Why are you cursing me?” Zhang QingFang almost sat up on the bed, but she changed her mind and indifferently said, “Don’t do any shameful deed and one won’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door*. If we behave properly, nothing will happen to us. But this sister, there’s something I don’t know if it is too inappropriate to say.”

The thing that annoyed Yu MengMeng the most was people adding a “I don’t know if it is too inappropriate to say” before they continue. She felt that if they thought it may be too inappropriate to say, they should not say it.

She patiently replied, “Say it.”

Zhang QingFang flipped sideways on the bed, hand supporting her head. “The scariest thing in this game is not the female ghost.”

Yu MengMeng was stunned, and turned to look at her. “What do you mean?”

“The scariest thing is people’s hearts.” Zhang QingFang lowered her voice and said, “I’m not scared of the female ghost, I’m scared of being voted out by my teammates.”

Yu MengMeng’s eyes flashed, and she returned back to tidying the desk.

Who wasn’t scared? Everyone was afraid of being the scapegoat.

Zhang QingFang flipped onto her back and sighed, “So, the next few days we should tightly hold our tails and behave, don’t stir any conflict with the other players.”

Yu MengMeng did not agree. Or it was more accurate to say that she had mixed feelings and was too lazy to agree.

“Hey.” Zhang QingFang started gossiping again. “Don’t you feel that the man without a name was a little weird?”

Yu MengMeng thought of the message and tensed. Afraid of being revealed but wanting to support her message, she pretended not to care. “How is he weird? Do you have an interest in him?”

Zhang QingFang glanced at her back, smiled strangely and shook her head. “It’s nothing, I just felt that he was weird but good-looking.”

Yu MengMeng: “......”

The morning of the second day.

“The broadcast for the tenth national gymnastics for the middle school is starting——”

The exciting gymnastic music blasted outside the window, so loud that it shook people’s brains.

GuMeng took out the phone and flipped it open. The date was the second of September.

It was another sunny day, with birds chirping and the fragrance of the flowers fresh in the air.

He placed his phone down, expression blank and sat on the edge of the bed in a daze.

When he knew that he was staying in the dorm where the female ghost had lived in before, he was so nervous he could not sleep the entire night. Even a slight gust of wind blowing past the window could startle him and so when he got out of bed, he had no energy at all.

EnJin came in from the outside with the plastic basin and wiped the water droplets off his face. He saw the dazed face of GuMeng, the tips of his hair slightly curled and uniform shirt loosely hanging off his body.

A little cute, he thought.

Placing the basin on the shelf, he walked to GuMeng and squatted in front of him. “Just now I walked by the next dorm and the door was not closed.”

The same sex lovers, BoYe and TangZhi, stayed in the next dorm.

GuMeng gave a dazed “oh”, indicating that he was listening.

“I saw BoYe putting on a skirt for TangZhi.” EnJin said.

GuMeng: “......”

The scene was hard for people to imagine.

“Do you need me to help with your pants?” EnJin asked.


GuMeng hurriedly looked down.

He was sitting with his two legs crossed, and the “cK” logo on his underwear could be clearly seen.

His face flushed red, and he quickly closed his legs, lifting the quilt to cover him. “Th-Thank you, no need, I can do it myself,” he stammered.

After, in the cafeteria, GuMeng and EnJin both held their plates, finding a place to sit.

“GuMeng, here.”

BoYe waved towards him, and there were coincidentally two empty seats across him.

“Didn’t sleep well last night?”

TangZhi looked at GuMeng’s face and took a distracted bite of the egg that BoYe brought to his mouth. After eating half of it, he shook his head and signaled that he did not want to eat it anymore.

BoYe very naturally threw the other half into his mouth.

“Not good, we stayed in the female’s ghost dorm before her death and I was especially afraid she would suddenly be nostalgic and come back to lie together with me.”  GuMeng stirred his porridge weakly, speaking honestly. “I want to change dorms, but since school started, the other dorms are all occupied by the students.”

He had just finished speaking when a warm egg touched his lips.

GuMeng looked down at the egg, and then towards his side, where EnJin was watching him eagerly.

GuMeng felt helpless. He knew the child was once again learning from the pair of husbands across them.

But he currently did not have any energy to educate him, and so he opened his mouth and swallowed that piece of egg, mouth puffing up.

BoYe opened a pack of wet wipes and wiped TangZhi’s mouth first before cleaning his hands, and casually said, “Why not consider moving in with us?”

GuMeng choked on the egg and reached out for his drink, gulping down the soy milk. “Won’t it be too squeezy if EnJin and I squeeze into a bed?”

After all, there were only two beds in a dorm. If there were four people, to squeeze is unavoidable.

“No,” BoYe shook his head. “There’s lots of space on the floor, enough for you to sleep.”

“...... I’ll just share the bed with ChunZi.”

On the other side, EnJin followed BoYe and opened the wet wipes, spreading it out to wipe GuMeng’s mouth.


GuMeng stopped chewing, and with one hand still holding the cup of soy milk, he stared speechlessly at EnJin.

EnJin smiled at him and after wiping his mouth, he bowed his head and silently wiped his hands.

“Are you guys really not a couple?” BoYe glanced from GuMeng to EnJin and back again. “EnJin fed you, wiped your mouth and took care of you with great affection.

GuMeng had a headache. He placed his cup down, and told the two people sitting opposite him truthfully, “EnJin is purely learning from BoYe. You also know that his brain is like that, he likes to imitate new things just like kids, so…… especially BoYe, can you be more decent in the future? At least when EnJin is present, please don’t be too intimate with each other, I’m afraid that he won’t learn well.”

“GuMeng.” BoYe raised his eyes to look at him and said lightly, “I’m not decent? What do you mean by ‘won’t learn well’? Learning from me is not learning well?”

TangZhi placed his dumpling down, licked the rice grains off his fingertips and whispered, “Yes, old hooligan.”

GuMeng grinned.


BoYe turned to look at TangZhi, expressionless. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Receiving the stare of the man sitting beside him, TangZhi returned the gaze, teeth still nibbling away at his fingertips. His eyes were clear and innocent, as if nothing had happened.

BoYe looked at him for a while longer, before he smiled suddenly and turned to GuMeng. “Okay, don’t worry, EnJin’s purity and beauty, leave them to me to protect.”

“Thank you.” GuMeng was now satisfied, and he picked up the dumpling on his plate to unravel.

“Babe, have you finished eating?” BoYe asked TangZhi. “If you’re done let’s go to the classroom first.”

TangZhi nodded and was ready to get up, but without any warning, BoYe grasped his face gently, turning it to face him.

“Tsk, why are you so careless?” BoYe sighed. “There’s rice grains on the corner of your mouth.”


TangZhi had not even finished speaking before BoYe’s handsome face leaned towards him.

Uncaring about the gazes from others, BoYe licked the non-existent rice grains from the corner of TangZhi’s mouth, and ended off by sucking on the moist red lips in front of him.

“Okay, let’s go.”

It was a little more than PG13, and GuMeng was stunned.

BoYe took a blushing TangZhi and left. When he passed by EnJin, he patted the latter on the shoulder and blinked at him innocently. “Little kid, have you learned well? Remember to apply what you have learned.”

“Damn!” Gumeng realised that this was revenge, and he turned around to yell at BoYe’s back, “You won! Bastard!”

BoYe continued walking, but waved his hand in reply.

EnJin glanced at GuMeng, and then glanced at him again. He licked his lips and with his low soft voice, he asked, “Why are you so careless? There’s-”

GuMeng immediately stuffed a custard bun into EnJin’s mouth. “If you aren’t going to learn well, I’m not going to care about you anymore. Eat!”

EnJin smothered his flames, dispelled all thoughts that should not be there and obediently picked up his bowl.

The author has something to say:
There is a change in the previous setting. There’s no need to reread, a simple explanation: Wrong answers are allowed when finding the male teacher. For example, if someone suspects A, more than half of the group have to agree and only then will A be given to ChunZi. If A is the correct person, the game will end, if not, the game will continue until the seventh day. (This way it will be more exciting.)


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