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Currently it was the busy farming season, every household was busy fighting for seeds to plant wheat. The upper reaches of Yuahua ravine usually didn’t have anyone, currently you could not even find one there. Ling Jingxuan released the Crescent Moon Spring horizontally to the ravine. A section overlapped into the ravine. Not long after,  groups small and big fish swam into the Crescent Moon Spring. There were even some that were several catties heavy, making Ling Jingxuan smile happily. He bent his waist and got some big fish into the bucket and very quickly  he filled the bucket.

Unfortunately, Crescent Moon Spring can attract shoals of fish, but could not keep them. As soon as he put away the Crescent Moon Spring, those fish were all stranded on the shore. Looking at the floor covered in fish, Ling Jingxuan really wished for several more wooden buckets to bring them all back.  He had only transmigrated for barely a day, but he almost dove into the money hole (1). This was simply just the misfortune of poverty ah.

“Tch, seeing that you guys will become our family’s income, I’ll send you guys back ba.”

Can’t do anything about it. Ling Jingxuan once again opened the Crescent Moon Spring. This time he directly put Crescent Moon Spring over Yuehua Ravine and only left a section to lay on the shore. He waited for those stranded fish to swim back in, then closed the Crescent Moon Spring. Lifting up the full bucket of fish he headed home.

Peng Peng

“Open the door, Ling Jingxuan you rotten goods! Open the door for this old woman…”

Normally a worn and torn house that no one had interest in, was full of unusual excitement today. Ling Jingxuan did not leave for long when a village woman with a swollen face like a pig brought her son and husband along. A family of three with all their might were pounding away at the tottering wooden door. The two buns were so terrified their faces were white,the two of them trembling were holding onto each other. They had carefully followed Ling Jingxuan’s command and wouldn't open the door even if they died, but…

“Da Wa’s parents, what are you guys doing ne. Bullying a widow and their children?”

A loud female voice suddenly arrived and the sound of pounding on the door finally stopped. The two buns looked at each other. Ling Wen patted his younger brother’s hand, pulling him cautiously to approach the door.

“Oh! How would we dare to bully him ah. Ling family’s second wife, your family’s freak really has some ability. Look at the injury on my face, it's from hitting me yesterday. Today my husband purposely got time off work to bring me over and let me ask for justice. Ling Jingxuan, that shameless rotten whore dared to hit me, this woman isn’t finished with him yet.”

The pig headed woman put both hands on her hips, she roared this out in a strange way. Standing behind her the man also had a face like sh*t. He was very clear on how his wife was, but in the end it was still his wife. To just let people randomly hit her? Especially if it's Ling Jingxuan that monster.

“F*cking b*llsh*t. In Lingjia Village, who doesn’t know my family’s Jingxuan these past few years was turned into an imbecile because of your family? You guys not bullying him is already not bad, how did it turn into him bullying you? Da Wa’s mother, to be a person you must have integrity. Just because you say it’s my daily’s Jingxuan who hit then it really is? Who knows if it's some wild cat or dog that hit you then you deliberately put the blame on Jingxuan ne!”

Ling Wangshi put both hands on her hips, and was more ferocious than the pig headed woman. They say a mother is strong. Ling Wangshi was not bad looking. She wasn’t like this before or else Ling Chenglong would not have taken her as a wife. Five years ago with one word the old man drove away her eldest son. It’s because of Ling Jingxuan that these past few years she became like this. If it were not for her secretly protecting the lives of Ling Jingxuan and his sons, reckon they would have already been bullied to death by the villagers. Today it was the same. Originally she was planning to come by a bit later, who would have known that Tie Wazi whom her grandsons played with would run in panicked and informed her that there were people looking to cause trouble there again. So she threw away her sickle and hurried over.

“You’re f*cking b*llsh*tting! How dare you insult my innocence! This woman will put you back in your place!”

Da Wa’s mother was angry and pulled up her sleeves. She struck a posture as if she was ready to throw herself over and fight. Ling Wangshi was also someone who wasn’t easy to deal with. “You think this woman is afraid of you? I insulted your innocence? Do you even f*cking have innocence?”

Who didn't know that at the time Da Wa’s mother for the purpose of marrying into her man’s family, deliberately planned on letting that person take her purity? She had the nerve to say it, but not to listen to it.

“Lowly woman, this old lady will tear off your lips!”

“You’re not allowed to bully our grandmother.”

Da Wa’s mother was overcome with anger, advancing towards Ling Wangshi she threw herself over. Her husband, wanting to pull her back, did not even get a chance to pull her when the tightly closed wooden door was suddenly pulled open behind them. Two buns, one in front one behind, dashed out and spread their arms in front of Ling Wangshi. Da Wa’s mother was angry, didn't even think about it before sending her palm flying over.

“Da Wa’s mother what do you think you are doing...”

Ling Wen held onto his younger brother, shut his eyes waiting for the palm to arrive. Ling Wangshi snarled loudly, but… everyone only felt a figure float over. In the next second, Da Wa’s palm stopped about a centimeter away from Ling Wen’s cheek. “I said it before ba. Don’t appear in front of me, otherwise if I see you once I’ll hit you once!”

Pa pa pa

“Ah ah…”

Don’t know when Ling Jingxuan appeared to vent out one’s anger. Finished saying this he didn’t even give the opposing person a chance to respond. With one hand he ruthlessly slapped her twice and finished with a kick to her stomach. Her fat body was forcibly kicked to the ground. Besides the two buns and the cowering Da Wa,  everyone who was supposed to react did not and stood there foolishly. Was that really the stupid Ling Jingxuan?

  1. Dove into the money hole: means that all the person can see or care about is money. Old chinese money had holes in the middle which is where the phrase came from.

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