For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 10 - The Goddess' Visit and The Disastrous House (リア神の訪問と家の惨状)

Here were the specifications of my apartment.

It was a thirty years old apartment made of wood. The floor creaked as I walked. The room had no exposure to the sun.

It took around fifteen minutes on foot from the station, and the floor plan was 1DK. The rent was 60,000 yen.

[In the abbreviation 1DK, D stands for “dining” and K stands for “kitchen”. Basically, this is a two-room apartment with a kitchen and dining space that is separated from the other room. 60,000 yen is $560.99. (July 2020)]

By the way, the Goddess' residence, that high-rise condominium visible from my apartment took around five minutes by bicycle.

...The disparity made me sad.

We finally arrived in front of my apartment. Somehow, Wakamiya had a nervous look on her face. I guess it's only to be expected that a high school girl like her would feel nervous about going to a young man's place... but this Social Goddess was slightly different from an ordinary girl——

"This is the first time I greet your parents. It makes me slightly nervous."

"I know you'll say that."

I sighed.

I wonder if Wakamiya didn't feel any hesitation going into a young man’s apartment? She had to be more careful... I'm starting to get worried... Just a little bit, though.

"Your house is surprisingly close. Also, it's... umm, it's a pretty unique house."

"Yeah, it's quite close. You don't have to be so polite, you know? Compared to Wakamiya's house, it's more like a run-down building. It's not unique at all."

Wakamiya had a strained smile and began to observe my house carefully.

Then she tilted her head.

"Tokiwagi-san. Do you live alone?"

"Why did you think so?"

"There's not much lived-in feel here. And I only saw one umbrella at the entrance."

"Ahh, I see. Close enough. As expected from Wakamiya-san."

"Thank you."

"But the correct answer is that I live with my father. Well, he's rarely at home since he has to work, so I actually feel like I'm living alone. I guess I can say that Wakamiya-san gets it right."

"So that's it. Then, you have to do the housework by yourself... as a high school student, it must be tough for you. That's why you won't have time to study..."

"W-well, yeah," I replied, but to be honest, I hadn't done any housework.

Really, none at all. It's the truth, not me being humble.

The only thing I did at home is to 'sleep'. For my meals, I ate the bread I bought in the nearby convenience store. Most of the times, I only ate cup noodles at home.

Anyway, I was living an unhealthy life.

However, the Social Goddess didn't know that yet. She currently had a serious expression. Then she took a small deep breath before she looked at me as if she had decided something.

...I have a very bad feeling about this.

"This must be some kind of fate too... Tokiwagi-san, I will help you as much as I can to make sure you can concentrate on your studies!"

"No, it's really fine!"

"So it's fine. I understand, leave it to me."

"This again!? You don't need to——"

"I know. I don't have to tell anyone about this anyway."

"You don't get it at all!"

"Let's strike while the iron is hot. Pardon my intrusion."

"Ah, wait a minute!"

I forgot that I could only count the number of people I had invited to my house with one hand.

That's why it completely didn't pass my mind. That my home wasn't in the state where I could invite other people to come in.

"Tokiwagi-san... this... did a burglar come inside?"

After seeing my disastrous house, Wakamiya's eyes widened. She rubbed them several times. It's clear that the scene in front of her was unbelievable.

"This is how it always looks like..."

"Er... Tokiwagi-san, it's amazing that you managed to live in here... I don't even know where I can step."

"But look, my clothes are piling up on the floor here and there, so you can walk on it, right? It's like a carpeted floor."

"It doesn't work like that."


"Anyway, let's clean up. We'll postpone other things for now."

"You don't have to do that."

"No. My pride won't let me ignore this now that I've seen it. Let's tidy up until you can at least live a normal life here."

"But I didn't buy any garbage bag."

"Don't worry. I have it with me."

"Why did you bring that around!?"

I was stunned at how prepared she was. Ignoring me, Wakamiya started to clean up.

In the end, we finished cleaning up this house around 21:00.

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