Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 10

Li Xue's eyes were red with jealousy.

It was only that she didn't die.  Did she need the whole world to revolve around her? It was fine for the class teacher to pay special attention to her. Why should the class monitor pay attention to her as well? She was nothing. What did she deserve?

Li Xue took out her phone and posted it on the internet.

The content was that the classmate from the class was a scheming bitch who deliberately performed suicide to get attention, earn sympathy, and attract the campus crush's attention.

Li Xue didn't write her real name but referred to herself as Classmate A.

Netizens who were similar to her posted together in this community, exposing their side of the "green tea bitch" " scheming bitch" Li Xue felt she could get recognition here.

Sure enough, as soon as the post was made, all the netizens began bashing.

The vulgarity of the language was so threatening that Li Xue felt extremely comfortable.

Finished condemning Yu Jin together, Li Xue was satisfied and turned off her phone.

Ah Jin received a message from the monitoring account software when Li Xue posted.

She saw that it wasn't hot enough and decided to wait a little longer.

It would be best to kill with a single hit.

Li Xue's seat was not far from the class monitor's.

This was the spot that Li Xue had a hard time getting.

When Ah Jin and the others spoke, Li Xue could hear them.

Ah Jin smiled, "Class monitor, since we've become friends, we should exchange phone numbers, right?"

The class monitor didn't refuse, and the stupid big guy exchanged with Ah Jin too.

So Ah Jin dragged the stupid big guy back to his seat and gave a provocative smile at Li Xue as she passed by.

The fire that Li Xue had just suppressed immediately flared up again, even more so than just now.

She even wanted to cut through Yu Jin's face so that she couldn't laugh.

After Ah Jin returned to her seat, the class started.

But Li Xue, because of what just happened, only thought about how to curse Yu Jin on the internet later to relieve her hatred.

She was so distracted in class.

After that, Ah Jin used various reasons to talk to the class monitor and made sure to play Li Xue every time she passed by.

Since Ah Jin didn't have any female classmates to hang out with, she often ate alone.

Zhang Yuchen couldn't stand it, so he pulled Ah Jin to join their small group to eat together.

Ah Jin was not weak and introverted like the original character.

She soon became acquainted with Zhang Yuchen's small group.

Sometimes she didn't mind hanging out with each other.

The class monitor was naturally within the small group, and Ah Jin even went to the playground with them after the evening study to watch them play basketball.

Naturally, the girls were extremely displeased, but there was nothing they could do about it.

They couldn't afford to mess with her because it was Yu Jin.

Yu Jin had no female friends, so it was useless to stir up trouble between girls.

If you play with guys, you would never be able to isolate them.

The boys would not listen.

So Li Xue, who was not afraid of Yu Jin, came up with another idea.

They went to the class teacher and reported that Yu Jin was openly in love with a boy and seriously broke the school's disciplinary rules.

When it came to Yu Jin, the class teacher did not take it lightly and immediately called in the boys to investigate.

Zhang Yuchen and the class monitor explained that it was all just to help Yu Jin.

She didn't have any female friends, and they were afraid of her being alienated.

All the other boys also said they were merely hanging out and that the love story was pure nonsense.

The class teacher was relieved to hear this.

She called Li Xue and the others in for serious advice.

"Don't get into petty acts in private and don't mess with Yu Jin. If I ever find out you're bullying Yu Jin again, I'll discipline you and call your parents."

After only a few weeks of school, these girls started to get restless again.

The class teacher felt she had aged several years.

If Yu Jin made another commotion, the school would be finished.

Maybe it would be better to resign.

Li Xue's mind collapsed, and she didn't even notice when she bit her lip coming out of the office.

Even the teachers defended her, the other girls gave up.

They didn't want their parents to be called.

It was no trivial matter to keep a record.

It would stay on file.

They still wanted to enter college.

Li Xue had no choice but to work even harder online to smear Yu Jin.

It had turned into her paranoia.

Now she didn't want to care about the consequences.

She just wanted to send Yu Jin to hell.

Even if the price was giving her soul to the devil, she was willing!

Paranoia made her blind to her surroundings.

Only Yu Jin was left in her eyes.

She had to pay attention to Yu Jin's every move, watched her laugh with the boys, and be with the class monitor every day.

The only thing left in her heart was jealousy and hatred.

She even wanted to find some punks outside to take care of Yu Jin, but she didn't dare contact them herself.

Now many police officers were patrolling outside the school, and the punks no longer existed.

Li Xue's monthly results declined sharply from 15th to 25th in the class due to too many distractions.

Thanks to her excellent foundation. Otherwise, she could fall outside the 30s.

What was more unacceptable was that Yu Jin had improved so much that she was already ahead of her.

She couldn't compare to Yu Jin in anything anymore.

Was she even inferior to her in studies?

Unconvinced, she immediately flipped through the book to review it but found that there was already so much she couldn't handle after a month.

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