Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 10: Calming Spirit Talisman

When Chen Yu finally arrived at the school cafeteria, Fang Feifei and the others had already got their meals and was sitting at the dining table, beckoning Chen Yu to come over.

“Why did you go to the toilet for so long?” At the end of the opening ceremony, Chen Yu used the excuse of going to the toilet to follow behind Lou Ming secretly.

“Ah? I didn’t bring a tissue, so I went back to the dormitory again.” Chen Yu smiled a little awkwardly.

“Can you not mention toilet’s matter in a cafeteria?” Han You interrupted the two as she can’t endure it anymore.

“That’s it, let’s eat, let’s eat.” Fang Feifei handed Chen Yu the cleaned chopsticks and suddenly found that the other person’s face was a little not right, so she asked worriedly, “Xishi, you’re looking somewhat off, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Zhang Muwan and Han You both also listened and saw Chen Yu looking dispirited, her lips were even somewhat pale.

“It’s okay, maybe I ran too fast just now, I’ll just take a rest for a bit and it’s all good again.” Chen Yu explained.

“Why did you run so fast at such a hot day? Be careful of heatstroke ah.” Zhang Muwan said.

“No way ah.” Chen Yu clipped a piece of pork ribs and nibbled on it, “Let’s eat, don’t we have to go buy things after this?”

“Right, tomorrow is military training ah, I have to go buy another sunscreen.” After talking about their planned afternoon shopping, the three no longer paid any attention to Chen Yu’s complexion and began to discuss with great interest what to buy later.

Chen Yu sighed secretly, sure enough, it took too much of her spiritual energy to draw the charm just now, it seemed that it would take two days for her to fully recover.

Lou Ming returned to the Lou’s small courtyard and sat alone in the study room. He didn’t know if it was the effect brought by the charm drawn by the little girl or if it was a psychological effect, but Lou Ming always felt a slight coolness roaming on the palm of his right hand.

Lou Ming spread his palm, there was nothing but lines. However, the absence of evil energy on his body proved to him plainly that the little girl did draw a charm on his palm just now. As if it was a mere child’s play, the charm drawn with her fingers was more effective than the jade buckle from Master Mao.

Charm? Lou Ming suddenly remembered that a week ago, the little girl seemed to have given him a safety charm. That time, he just casually put it between some random book. What book did I read that day? Lou Ming turned around and rummaged his bookshelf, his memory was really good, so he quickly found the book he was looking for, a World Geographic magazine.

Lou Ming opened it in passing, and when he turned to the page with the paper crane inside, his brows couldn’t help but slightly frowned. He didn’t know when, but the yellow paper crane had turned gray.


The sudden ringing on his phone interrupted Lou Ming’s contemplation. He took the phone and found that it was a video call from Master Mao, so Lou Ming closed the magazine and opened the video call.

“Master Mao.” Lou Ming greeted the old man over the phone with a smile.

“You look good.” Master Mao looked at Lou Ming’s complexion for a while and found that his pale face was a lot rosier, he thought that the warding process had went smoothly.

“Today is thanks to Mr. Lin Gui, Master Mao, how long will it be before your return? Lou Ming asked.

“I’ll go back in about half a month.” Master Mao said, “When you open a lecture in Imperial University, I’ll come and accompany you personally.”

“I’ve troubled you.” In fact, the best time to open the lecture would be in the one week after he warded off the evil spirit, because it was when they were at their minimum. But Lou Ming had to stay in the same confined space with hundreds of students and teachers for two hours. Even if Lou Ming wore the jade buckle to limit the evil spirits from leaking out, but he was still worried that there would be physical discomfort, or even worse, people with weak willpower would be affected by those evil spirits. Therefore, Lou Ming would usually trouble Master Mao or Master Mao’s disciple, Lin Gui, every time he had to go out like that.

“It’s okay, I also want to check your condition in the time of my absence.” Master Mao said.

Suddenly, a cool feeling burst around his palm, Lou Ming looked down subconsciously but still saw nothing.

“Master Mao.” Lou Ming pondered for a moment before asking, “Can you draw a calming spirit talisman?”

“Calming spirit talisman?” Master Mao nodded, “That’s a basic talisman, I naturally can draw it.”

“Then…” Lou Ming wondered, “Then why have I never seen you use it on me?”

“Your situation is special, we can’t use calming spirit talisman.” Master Mao replied.

“Isn’t calming spirit talisman’s use is to restrain the evil spirits in my body?” Lou Ming felt strange, “Why can’t it be used?”

“Yes, calming spirit talisman is used to dispel the evil spirits, but the evil spirits in your body are too strong, the common talisman will be of no use.” Master Mao explained.

No use? Lou Ming subconsciously looked at his right hand again, he thought for a bit and decided not to tell about Chen Yu first. He turned around and asked, “Ordinary talisman is useless, so there must be something that can restrain the evil spirits in my body right?”

“Yes, but it can’t be found at the present.” Master Mao said with some pity in his tone.

Lou Ming asked in surprise, “Why?”

“Inheritance of metaphysics has actually fallen somewhat, many schools have lost their heritage and have disappeared in the wave of history. Luoshan exorcist school was one among them, but the only calming spirit talisman strong enough to control the evil spirits in your body is only Luoshan’s talisman.”

“A lost art?” Lou Ming intuitively determined that Chen Yu must be an exorcist from Luoshan school.

“Yes, but even if I can find Luoshan’s talisman, I still won’t use it on you.” Master Mao immediately followed.

“Why is it?” Lou Ming didn’t understand, “Since it can calm down the spirits on my body, why not use it then?”

“The Luoshan school is a relatively unique existence in the metaphysical world, their skills are special, and the talismans they drew are extremely potent and have strong lethality to ghosts.” Master Mao explained, “Their charms are not only for suppressing evil, but they will also harm the carrier of which those spirits resided in. The ghosts that carry evil spirits generally also did all kinds of evil, the purpose of using a calming spirit talisman is to disperse their souls, so there’s no problem with it, but you can’t use it.”

Lou Ming’s right hand suddenly clenched while Chen Yu’s big, black eyes flashed in front of him, “Be careful that I catch you!”

“Lou Ming, why did you suddenly ask about this? Did you encounter something?” Master Mao was a bit worried.

“Nothing.” Lou Ming shook his head, “I just watched a zombie movie yesterday, there’s a Taoist there who subdued a one thousand year old zombie with a calming spirit talisman, it looked really impressive, so I couldn’t help but wanted to ask about it.”

[T/N: the zombie here is different from the western ones, it's like this one.]

“I didn’t think that you can also believe in something like a movie.” Master Mao couldn’t help laughing.

Lou Ming returned an awkward smile without speaking anything else.

“I still have a meeting later so I have to leave now, contact me again if you need me.”

“See you again.”

The two ended the call, Lou Ming put down his phone and his eyes fell on his clenched right hand with a blank expression, feeling the coldness flowing around it. He didn’t know if this coldness was what Master Mao said as something that would cause harm to his body, Lou Ming suddenly let out a bitter smile.

“Aren’t you just a bad person inside her eyes? Using a calming spirit talisman to deal with you is right.” Lou Ming shook his head helplessly with his hand on his forehead, “It seems that this little girl didn’t brag, she indeed can catch me.”

But this charm that can completely restrain the evil spirits inside was truly too attractive to him, after a moment of pondering, Lou Ming called He Qi in.

“Third young master.” He Qi stood by the table, waiting for further instruction.

“Send someone to Qingmu Prvince, find Chen family’s daughter’s grandfather and see if you can bring him to Imperial Capital.” Lou Min ordered.

“Yes.” Although He Qi felt odd, but he didn’t ask anything in the end.

“Oh, right, don’t let anyone else know about this matter.” Lou Ming warned.


It was absolutely necessary because Lou Ming didn’t want to pull the little girl in. After all, she’s only 18 years old and had just been retrieved by her family, if she got involved in his business, there’s no way she could be free in the future. Moreover, if this was known by his father, he would surely go to find Mayor Chen.

At twelve midnight, Chen Yu sat in a grove where it was the most abundant with spiritual spirit on the south-east corner of Imperial University, meditating silently to restore her energy. When she drew the spiritual charm for the man with a body full of evil spirits in the day, Chen Yu had consumed a lot of energy, so she had to meditate to recover.

In fact, Chen Yu felt that she had a big loss during the day today, a sheet of intermediate exorcism talisman can be sold as much as 200 thousand yuan online, while catching a hundred year old ghost worth one million. Today, she spent a much greater power to draw the charm than catching the hundred year old ghost, but she only received a pen from the other party, how much a pen worth? Can it be sold for a hundred yuan?

But, even if at that time Chen Yu brought a calming spirit talisman, she still would choose to draw it using her own spiritual energy. After all, a calming spirit talisman is too strong, while it can suppress the evil spirits, but the murderous energy inside the talisman will also damage the carrier’s body. The other party is a living person, not a ghost or a zombie, Chen Yu won’t do anything that can harm others.

However, the man seemed to be rich ah, when she meet with him again, she will ask him to make up the price. Chen Yu thought about it while absorbing the aura, and finally when the sky was about to lit up, Chen Yu ended her one night meditation.

With a sigh, Chen Yu slowly opened her eyes. She felt the pure spiritual power in her body and can’t help but admire, “I didn’t expect that Wenquxing would come to Imperial University today, this auspicious aura is really different ah.”


Suddenly hearing her phone ringing, Chen Yu took it from her side to find that it was the ‘customer’ March Floating Rain who’s looking for her.

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, are you there? Are you there?’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Here.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Great! Brother, there’s an urgent matter that needs your help ah, the payment is excellent.’

Urgent matter? Chen Yu thought that she had to go to the army base for military training, she estimated that she can’t go back for a month, so she planned to refuse.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘I have something that I can’t leave for a month, I believe that I don’t have the time.’

March Floating Rain: ‘One month? One month is fine ah, on month later is also fine ah.’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Didn’t you say that it’s an urgent matter?’

March Floating Rain: ‘It’s okay, it’s not that bad these days.’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘…’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘What is it? How much is the payment?’

March Floating Rain: ‘Five million, I can give you three million in advance.’

Although March Floating Rain had only made one dealing with this I Want To Fix Road brother, but he had a thorough understanding of this person’s love for money, so he took the lead to open the price first.

Five million, this much? Chen Yu’s heart was shaking.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Still catching ghost?’

March Floating Rain: ‘That’s right.’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘How about the cultivation?’

March Floating Rain: ‘Still a hundred years like before, but this time it’s a malevolent ghost, can brother deal with it?’

Malevolent ghost? In fact, the last time she caught the hundred years old female ghost, Chen Yu didn’t spare any effort and opened the Underworld Gate, but since it’s a malevolent ghost this time, she would just simply break it without opening the gate. The most important thing was that, there’s a lot of money involved ah, at present, Chen Yu didn’t know how much money does it take to build a road, so the more money there was, the better it would be.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Talk to me again after one month.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, can I consider you taking this? Is the remittance can be sent to the same account as the last time? I’ll send you the advance payment first and let my brother go to buy things for preparation.’

Chen Yu actually didn’t need to prepare anything, but since the other party was this sensible, Chen Yu just silently typed an ‘En’.


Sure enough, within one minute, her phone received a three million receipt reminder. Chen Yu seriously suspected that the other person had already opened their internet banking interface, just waiting for her to nod her head before they immediately send the money over.


Little Chen Yu is so kind oh~~ (◕‿◕✿)

Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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