Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.9 — The Strongest Daoist

In the dense forest filled with spiritual energy, it was covered densely with killing intent, ghost qi covered the sky.

When Su Wan opened her eyes again, what she saw was a thick black mist that couldn't be dispersed. There was actually a ghost cultivator running rampant at the foot of Maoshan.

"It's a ghost king."

Old Ghost's tone was particularly solemn: "A ghost king who has signed a contract with a human daoist."

The ghost king alone is not so bad. The terrible thing is that he was something with a master, and the person who can handle him is at least a human cultivator at the Qi Condensation Realm.

"The Five Elements Sect will handle this! Those who are unrelated, retreat quickly, otherwise you will be killed without hesitation!"

It seemed that he felt Old Ghost's approach and the man didn't want to have any extra obstacles. He threw a Five Element Sky Thunder talisman while shouting!

Old Ghost quickly retreated with Su Wan in tow and that Sky Thunder talisman detonated where they were, resulting in a deep pit.

The Five Elements Sect? Was it…..

"Mo Han?"

Su Wan couldn't help but utter. In the original plot, Ma Yue had a mortal enemy — Mo Han of the Five Elements Sect!

Like Old Ghost’s lover Su Wan, Mo Han was born with Yin Yang eyes. Although he was of the Five Elements Sect, he liked to be with ghosts. He even fell in love with a female ghost. When that female ghost had ventured out, she was killed by Ma Yue. Since then, the two have become irreconcilable enemies!


Hearing Su Wan's voice, Mo Han couldn't help but glance at her, then he frowned slightly —

Another Young Miss Su?

Su Wan's current solidified body naturally took her appearance in this world and she wore the bracelet that Old Ghost gave her which restrained her ghost qi. Even Mo Han did not realize that she was not human.

"Su Wan? Su Wan, is that you?"

At this time, Su Zhenzhen's voice suddenly sounded from not far away. Her voice held a sobbing tone: "Su Wan, quickly come and save him, he seems to be dying."

"Shut up!"

Mo Han and Su Wan coincidentally shouted at the same time ——

Mo Han: Your mother, this d*mn woman is so noisy.

Su Wan: ‘Dying’, my *ss~ Even if you died, my man wouldn’t.

At this time, the berserk ghost king was slowly returning to its original shape, revealing its original appearance. It turned out to be a stunning female ghost.

And when the black mist dissipated, Su Wan saw under a big tree not far away, Su Zhenzhen was crying and snivelling while a man in black gently lay the unconscious Su Rui on his knees.

"Ma Yue!"

Su Wan immediately rushed to Su Rui's side, raised her hand and directly grabbed Su Rui's hand. Then, Su Wan desperately poured her spirit power into Su Rui's body.


The black dragon looked at Su Wan in surprise and then turned to look at Su Zhenzhen, whose face was stained with tears.

Your mother, are they twins?

No, just now Xiao Yueyue seemed to say "it's not her." Is the one he was desperately searching for this..... female ghost?

"Are you a ghost?"

Mo Han also descended from the air and stared at Su Wan with a steadfast gaze. When she gave some spirit power to Su Rui, the ghost qi on her body involuntarily leaked out.

Su Wan turned a deaf ear to everything in the outside world and kept feeding Su Rui spirit power. She could feel that the spirit power in his body had been exhausted.

Not enough, this spirit power is far from enough…...

"Haha, hahaha."

Mo Han couldn't help laughing when he saw Su Wan's actions: "What a joke."

A cold heart-chilling gaze flashed past his eyes: "It turns out that you are the one he has been looking for. No, not a human, but a female ghost! Haha, hahaha, Ma Yue, I don’t want your life today. I will kill your lover, so that you can also have a taste of losing your loved one!”

While speaking, Mo Han's hands formed seals as he softly chanted: "Heaven and Earth Profound Sect, Origin of all Qi, Catastrophe of cultivation, prove my ability......"

"Su Wan, be careful, he’s chanting the Golden Light Divine spell!"

Old Ghost’s expression changed as soon as he saw Mo Han's movements and immediately rushed to Su Wan's side, but Su Wan still clung to Su Rui's hand, refusing to let go.

"Old ghost, just go."

Su Wan just sighed slightly: "I want to be with him."

Even if she has to lie dormant in this world together, she is willing.

As long as they are together, they will never feel lonely.

Old Ghost's gaze deepened.

"Su Wan, what..... do you say love is?"


Su Wan looked at Old Ghost, not understanding, but Old Ghost only gave her a faint smile.

If love is an obsession.

Your obsession is him.

Then…... what is my obsession?


What is it......

What is love in the end?

Old Ghost's gaze changed from gray to dark black and finally to a strange red.

When the golden light that hid the sky and covered the earth rushed towards him with raging murderous intent, Old Ghost did not run away, but stretched out his arms and blocked it for Su Wan and Su Rui with his not-so-large figure.


The golden light that filled the sky hit Old Ghost's body. In the dazzling golden light, he smiled at Su Wan, his thin figure gradually turned into specks of starlight and suddenly poured into Su Rui's body ——

Su Rui, wake up!

The sudden call seemed to come from ancient times, yet it seemed to sound close to his ear. The dissipated spiritual energy in his body was quickly replenished and Su Rui suddenly opened his eyes.

He felt two familiar auras.

Those two auras belonged to Su Wan, and…... Xu Ce!

"Xiao Wan."

Su Rui suddenly awoke and grabbed Su Wan's hand.

"You woke up! Old Ghost, he…..."

Su Wan’s eyes were a little red as she looked at Su Rui who just woke up. Although the time spent with Old Ghost was very short, this was the second time he came to her rescue.

And this time, the price was his life.

Old Ghost?

Su Rui frowned, feeling the aura around him. It’s gone, the aura that belonged to that person had disappeared.

"He saved me?"

Su Rui's tone is a bit complicated.

Su Wan nodded slightly: "It was Old Ghost who saved you, but it's a pity that he already…..."

Unfortunately, Old Ghost was already scattered and disappeared in this world, so what is owed to him will be owed forever?


Su Rui lowered his eyes and his eyes flashed. When he raised his head again, his eyes were already completely cold: "Mo Han, I will kill you."


Mo Han couldn't help but chuckle: "Ma Yue, you want to kill me? What with? With the spiritual power that Old Ghost gave you? Or with the useless black dragon behind you? Ridiculous! The genius of the Ma family of the dignified exorcist dragon clan not only summons an evil black dragon, but also associates with ghosts. Ma Yue, you are nothing more than this — a hypocrite that makes me want to puke."

"Black Dragon, he said you are useless."

Su Rui slowly stood up. Ignoring Mo Han's ridicule, he turned to the black dragon next to him and muttered in a cold tone.


The black dragon curled his mouth in disdain: "How can a stup*d mortal understand Benwang’s might? Xiao Yueyue, quickly summon the Divine Dragon and let Benwang destroy him for you in minutes.

"Fine then."

Su Rui did not reject the black dragon's proposal this time. He stretched out his arm to protect Su Wan behind him: "Xiao Wan, you stand back."

Su Wan nodded and obediently stood behind Su Rui: "Be careful!"


Su Rui's gaze became focused as he raised his hand and started forming seals ——

Lín, bīng, dòu, zhě, jiē, liè, zhèn, qián, xíng!

Read from right to left. Left it as pinyin. 

Divine Dragon’s Amnesty!


A single roar from the dragon shook heaven and earth! The huge black dragon rose into the sky, its enormous body circling in the air.

With the appearance of the black dragon, Su Rui's body also slowly floated into the air. One person and one dragon, awe-inspiring evil qi.

The endless darkness covered the entire mountain forest ——

The evil dragon is born! Chaos is coming!

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