Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.8 — The Strongest Daoist

The fastest means of transportation from Nancheng to Mount Mao was naturally by plane, but Old Ghost rented a car.

That's right, although ghosts have spiritual power, it can't be used indiscriminately. With Old Ghost’s cultivation, he could probably travel thousands of miles in a day, but he will not do this kind of prodigal behavior.

And the plane? Don’t even think about it. The story of ghosts using planes is a complete lie. A ghost’s soul power is like some kind of magnetic field. If Old Ghost and Su Wan got on the plane, then the flight definitely wouldn’t be able to leave the airport, let alone fly thousands of feet high in the sky.

Therefore, renting a decent off-road vehicle was their best choice right now.

Su Wan didn't expect that Old Ghost knew how to drive. This ghost really was a ghost that kept up with the times.

The two got into the car and sped to their destination without stopping at any point along the way. Old Ghost could drive with his eyes closed, while Su Wan had been sitting in the back seat to meditate.

A day quickly passed. After dark, the number of vehicles on the highway gradually decreased and at most were large trailers that usually travel at night.

To be honest, this kind of car was particularly dangerous and the probability of getting into a major car accident was very high.

"It’s here."

In the middle of the night, Old Ghost suddenly opened his eyes and whispered.

Su Wan also stopped cultivating immediately and stared out the window. The entire stretch of road was pitch black. Old Ghost was not driving very fast and some cars  occasionally overtook them.

For those who dared to speed up and overtake others in this area, Old Ghost can only chuckle at them.


There was a sudden sound of a violent crash in front of them. There was a car accident!

It turned out that the black car that had just accelerated to overtake them was hit by a big trailer when it was turning a corner. The driver of that trailer was obviously fatigued. Although he reacted quick enough at the last moment and managed to control his trailer so that it did not roll over, that car was still knocked over by the huge impact, and the car was planted in a deep ditch beside the highway. The fate of the driver was unknown.

Old Ghost saw the car accident from a distance. He squinted his eyes and slowed down the car.

"Are you going to save them?"

Su Wan obviously misunderstood the intention of Old Ghost.

"Do I look like I have water in my head?"

Water in head/ water entered head - stupid

Old Ghost gave Su Wan a contemptuous glance: "I just parked the car to watch the excitement. The night is long and so boring~"

Su Wan:......

I was wrong. I shouldn't be serious with a ghost.

At this moment, the driver of the trailer staggered out of the car and his expression was not visible under the dim light of night. He seemed to yell a few times at the place where the car overturned. He hesitated for a while before finally returning to his trailer and drove off.


Su Wan squinted her eyes. She could still feel that the driver in that car was still alive and breathing.


If no one saves him now, he can only become a ghost by morning.

Just when Su Wan was sighing at how cold the world was, another car drove slowly by their car and then stopped not far away.

The driver of this car was a man in his early forties and the woman that got down from the front passenger seat should be his wife.

The two obviously noticed the situation on the side of the road. The wife immediately took out her phone to call the police, while the middle-aged man nervously ran to the car that had turned over, struggling to open the door to rescue the driver in the car.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Su Wan suddenly felt a little sour for some reason.

"Old Ghost..."


Old Ghost gestured at Su Wan to be quiet.

After a while, the middle-aged couple finally managed to rescue the seriously injured and unconscious driver from the car.

Only, two people did not carry him into their car. The middle-aged man quickly ran to Old Ghost's car and knocked on his window. Old Ghost lowered the car window to reveal that young handsome face .

Seeing that the driver turned out to be a teenager, the middle-aged man was slightly surprised: "This little….. brother, as you can see, someone is injured. Can you help me take him to the hospital?"

"You have a car yourself, so why don’t you do it? If I send him there, what if he blames me as the perpetrator?"

Old Ghost raised his eyebrows and looked at the middle-aged man outside the car indifferently.

"My..... my car is almost out of gas, and also, yes! He has a dashcam in his car. I’ll get it for you. Take it to the police station. That way, you will not be misunderstood! Little brother, saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda! You can't not try to save someone in danger!"

"Try to save someone who's in danger? There are too many people who don’t try to save people in danger."

Old Ghost coldly smiled at the middle-aged man outside the car: "Humans are such heartless creatures, don't you... know that yourself very clearly?"


Seeing the green light that suddenly appeared in Old Ghost's eyes, the middle-aged man's face paled: "I....."

He gaped, innumerable streams of blood flowed down his pale face: "I know, but….. I can't ignore a life in danger! A life that is still living!"


Right at this moment, the middle-aged woman also ran over. Her current blood-stained appearance was not much better than her husband’s: "Sir, our magic power is humble and we can't leave this highway at all. I beg you, please save him!"

"Beg her."

Old Ghost curled his mouth slightly and used his eyes to motion at the ghost couple outside the car to look for Su Wan.

Su Wan:......

The eyes of the two ghosts immediately focused on Su Wan. Su Wan was uncomfortable with their gaze: "You guys..... Fine, lift him into the car!"

At this time, how could Su Wan refuse?

"Thank you, sir and madam! Thank you!"

Seeing the ghost couple laboriously carrying the unconscious young man over, Old Ghost's gaze grew complicated: "They both died at this bend. It was also at night and they were also knocked over by a truck. Because no passerby was willing to lend a helping hand, the couple ended up bleeding to death."

This world was just like this —— people are not like people, ghosts are not like ghosts.

Seeing Old Ghost quickly driving away with the injured young man, the couple still stood on the side of the road and kept waving goodbye to them.

"They, why don't they reincarnate?"

Su Wan retracted her gaze, her tone was filled with mixed feelings.

"Maybe they have an obsession, or maybe... they are willing to stay here and want to help more people."

Old Ghost sneered: "Unfortunately, they think too nicely of people."

"What do you mean?"

Feeling the coldness in Old Ghost's tone, Su Wan's expression also changed.

"This is the only way to Mount Mao. There will be many Daoists passing by. Su Wan, you understand."

Anyone who is a Daoist will definitely slay a ghost when they run into one.

They won't listen to your excuses and won’t let you off even if you never killed anyone.

Daoists and ghosts have always opposed each other.

The law from ancient times to the present cannot be changed.

The two finally took the young man to the hospital and left the dash cam as evidence…...

Mount Mao, the altar of the Shangqing sect, the sphere of influence of the Shangqing faction.

As soon as Su Wan arrived in Maoshan, she immediately felt inexplicable heart palpitations.

Old Ghost sensed her abnormality and immediately raised his hand to grab Su Wan's wrist, and Black Qi poured into Su Wan's body from Old Ghost's fingertips.

"What happened to you?"

"Danger, he is in danger!"

Su Wan felt Su Rui's aura, which felt severely dangerous and chaotic.


Su Wan turned around and grabbed Old Ghost's arm tightly: "Please, take me to find him."

Old Ghost frowned slightly. He looked at Su Wan, and then at the hands she used to tightly hold onto him: "Are you sure? Are you begging me?"

"Old Ghost!"

Su Wan looked back into Old Ghost's eyes earnestly. At this moment, the two ghost's eyes met.

"I can take you there and I can help him, but I have a condition."

Old Ghost suddenly smiled at Su Wan: "If I don't die, how about you marry me?"

Su Wan's expression changed: "Except for this condition…… everything else is fine."


Old Ghost's eyes grew cold: "Why?"

"In this lifetime of mine, regardless in life or death, I will only marry one person."

Su Wan glanced at Old Ghost: "Even if he and I died in this world today, we will be the only ones for each other."

"Heh, hehe."

Hearing Su Wan's answer, the Old Ghost suddenly smiled, and then flipped his hand to hold Su Wan's hand firmly in his palm: "Close your eyes."

Su Wan obediently closed her eyes and at the next moment the two of them disappeared......

Teh: Legitimately, I want this to make sense but it doesn’t. If he’s supposed to have such a strong magnetic field surrounding him, when he gets into the car it would crumple into him no? Also wouldn’t that make planes be a good mode of transport since they’re mostly made of aluminium but I don’t know about the engines or what not.

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