Flower of Azure

Chapter 10 - The Joy of The Journey

A sprig of immortal osmanthus fragrance produces a jade which, upon consumption, allows me to call you with a term of endearment.

Songs surround the golden pavilion; taps on the chess board; your beauty is of no comparison. Although we had not seen each other for a long time, your red skirt and green sleeves, brings me much leisure.

An imagination of our usual encounters. The spring mountains are damp, and the autumn waters are full.


After a whole day of travelling, they finally entered Xiao County in the evening and got off immediately at the entrance of an inn. Fu Shun took care of everything. Liu Li and Luo Xuancai each put on large robes, a pair of hats and covered their faces. They went straight into their rooms in the inn without giving away their posture and figure. Then, Luo Xuan sent Fu Shun to the dispensary to buy the herbs to be used by Luo Xuan to suppress the poison and for Liuli to treat her short-sightedness. After that, they ordered some small dishes to the room.

Luo Xuan's condition was finally looking a little better after he ate some food. Liu Li gobbled up the meal and began to eat the cakes on the table with a mouth full of praise. Although there was no chocolate or jelly, these cakes were crispy and the taste was not bad at all.

“Xuan gege, can I see clearly with my eyes after taking this medicine?"

"Yes, and your eyesight will be even better than before. Take that thing off. You don't need to wear it anymore. You will get used to it slowly. In about 10 days to half a month, your eyesight will be fully restored."

"Oh yeah! Great! Xuan gege, we’re going to Tianshan, right?"


"I have never been there before! Is the scenery beautiful?"

Luo Xuan was speechless. He felt that she was taking this as a vacation. "It's very cold. We’ll have to buy more clothes to keep you warm."

"Then once we find the dragon, you’ll just have to drink the dragon’s blood and the poison will be detoxified, right?"

"Theoretically, yes."

"How did you get poisoned? Did that person named Xuanyuan Zhan harm you?"


"Then who hurt you? I will definitely avenge you!!!"

"...No one hurt me… It was all my own fault." Luo Xuan looked sad.

"But Brother Lan Shu said he falsely accused you of stealing some pictures from that tower? So many people were after you, that’s why we had to sneak around and keep a low profile throughout this journey."

Luo Xuan kept quiet.

"Isn't he the leader of the martial arts world? Why is he so bad? Xuan gege, what kind of grudge do you have between you guys?"

Luo Xuan glanced at her helplessly and changed the subject. "Since you know, you should understand that this journey is very dangerous. I can't take care of myself and I can't protect you..."

"Tsk, here we go again. Of course I know. You got poisoned, you are a patient, so I am here to protect you! I don’t need your protection! By the way, Xuan gege, if we can’t find the dragon, what should we do if your poison is not detoxified? Will you die?"

"No. With my skill, my meridians will not break, but I would pretty much be a disabled person."

Liu Li's body trembled. "Huh? It’s so terrible?!" Liu Li looked at Luo Xuan and said distressedly, "Don't worry, even then, I will always be by your side to take care of you!"

Luo Xuan looked at her small face filled with persistence and determination, and his heart violently shook. He quickly turned away. "All right, time for bed!"

"What? It's only 8 o'clock. If I go to bed so early every day, I will eventually turn into a bun." She turned to look at the room. Damn, there is only one bed. Xuan gege definitely won't allow me to sleep in the same room with him.

Sob... The nights during ancient times are so boring. There aren’t any entertainment facilities.

"Hey, Xuan gege, tell me a story!"

“A story? What kind of story?”

"Tell me about your heroic deeds!"

Luo Xuan shook his head helplessly. "There’s nothing to tell. I have never liked participating in martial arts fights."

"What about stories of chivalry and justice?"

Luo Xuan shook his head again. "I also don't like to participate in other people’s business."

"What? If you see a very pitiful person being bullied, won’t you help them, Xuan gege?"

Luo Xuan looked at Liu Li and spoke in an old-fashioned, lecturing manner, "You have to remember that those who are pitiful have bad qualities about themselves. The so-called fated people should take responsibility for themselves. Don't act recklessly and intervene indiscriminately without clarifying things. Otherwise, it would only cause trouble for yourself."

Liu Li tried her best to hold back her smile and said solemnly: "This little one understands..."

She looked at Luo Xuan’s handsome profile and felt secretly happy. Regardless of the difficulties and dangers of the future, as long as she could keep walking with him like this, it was worth it.

"It's getting late. Go to bed." Luo Xuan felt very tired. According to his calculations, the poison will be triggered at least once tomorrow. Nonetheless, he should be fine after two hours.

"Okay. Then Xuan gege, you should rest earlier too. After a day of travelling in the carriage, my bones are about to fall apart. Why are the roads in ancient times so uneven? No wonder the people's living standards were generally not high. If you want to get rich, you should fix your roads first..."

Liu Li yawned and went back to her room next door while chattering endlessly. At night, because the oil lamp was lit, the room was dim, and everything fell back to that foreign ancient scene. She always felt that an unjust dead female ghost would appear. She trembled for a long time, but because she was too tired, she soon fell asleep.

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