Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 10.7 — The Strongest Daoist

Old Ghost’s story was just like an illusion come to life. Su Wan had been standing aside as she watched him in the dark fire, massacring dozens of people within the entire Su Mansion.

The Daoist priest who was invited for a huge sum of money finally had his soul swallowed by Old Ghost. His death was extremely miserable.

The love between human and ghost has always ended in tragedy.

"Old Ghost, just let it go."

Su Wan sighed and stood up gently: "Your wife, she, she wants you to live well and live on for her."

"Let it go?"

Old Ghost's eyes became a little gloomy, and a smear of dark green flashed in those deep, dark pupils: "Buddhism says that if you put down the butcher knife, you can become a Buddha right away. If I let go, Xiao Wan's (小婉) traces in this world will be wiped out by time. I don’t want to let it go. Even if you are not her, you will stay here in place of her."

Old Ghost waved his hand again and the whole room turned back into its original appearance.

This was the place where Su Wan lived a hundred years ago. Since her death, Old Ghost has never left this land.

He had always been waiting, waiting for Xiao Wan's (小婉) return...

"Old Ghost, you’ve saved me. I will keep it in my heart. I will find a way to repay your favor, but I cannot stay here with you, because… I also have a loved one."

Thinking of Su Rui, Su Wan's gaze became firmer: "If he can't find me, he will also feel heartbroken and despair."


Old Ghost stared at Su Wan's eyes: "You are a ghost now. Humans and ghosts never have good endings. Have you forgotten?"

"Yes, I am a ghost, but he is not an ordinary person, he is….. an exorcist."

Su Wan couldn't help but smile when she said this: "Even so, we still want to be together, together forever."


Old Ghost just sneered disdainfully at Su Wan’s words: "The exorcists in this world are cold-blooded and ruthless. They fight against the Heavens and wreak havoc in the world of mortals. Su Wan, don’t delude yourself, he will not come looking for you."

"He will."

Su Wan whispered. Her tone wasn’t particularly strong and instead seemed to be just stating a fact very calmly.

Feeling her confidence in that person, Old Ghost's eyes flashed: "If he comes, I will terminate the contract and let you go!"


Su Wan didn't expect Old Ghost to say this so easily.

"Ah, don't be happy too early. Humans are hypocritical."

Old Ghost hummed and slowly disappeared in front of Su Wan.

After Old Ghost completely disappeared, Su Wan finally had time to check her spirit body. Now, her spirit body could solidify even in the day. This was all because she swallowed that red-clothed ghost.

Su Wan guessed that that female ghost had lived for at least a hundred years and was very diligent in cultivating. It was a fluke that she could survive.

Now that she was trapped here, she could only adapt to her circumstances and focus on cultivating. As long as Su Rui comes to Nancheng, he will naturally find her.

Just like this, Su Wan started her cultivation in this world in Old Ghost's lair. In a blink of an eye, more than half a month had passed and there was still no news from Su Rui’s side.

Su Wan carefully recalled the plot points. She guessed that this period of time was probably the key moment for Ma Yue’s contract with the Dragon Spirit, so Su Wan was not worried, but requested for Old Ghost’s help to pay attention to any activity near the Su family's house.

In the end, another half month passed and there was still no news from Su Rui, but the people from the Su family began to spread the news privately looking for Eldest Young Miss Su who had run away from home!

Su Zhenzhen was gone!

Su Wan suddenly had a bad feeling ——

Su Zhenzhen was using her body and now that her Yin Qi was leaking out, she would definitely subconsciously rush to Mount Mao to find Xun Randou for help in a panic and how much trouble would she encounter on the way from Nancheng to Mount Mao?

In case she unluckily got herself killed, what should she do when Su Rui found out and mistakenly thought that Su Zhenzhen was her when the news came out?

And if Su Zhenzhen escaped by chance, news of her journey will also reach Su Rui’s ears. At that time, Su Rui would chase after her, thinking that Su Zhenzhen was her. This would only make him stray further and further away from Su Wan.

"Old Ghost, I'm going to find him, otherwise the night will be long and fraught with dreams."

Blu: night will be long and fraught with dreams - a long delay means trouble

Su Wan knew that Su Rui would not recognise the wrong person, but what should he do if he ran into danger because of Su Zhenzhen? After all, this world is a crisis-ridden world.

"You’re not waiting for him anymore?"

For this whole month, Old Ghost has been hanging around Su Wan, watching her expression change from the initial indifference to the current anxiousness: "Do you know that with your current cultivation base, you will have your bones eaten without anything left before you can even reach Nancheng? Eh, I forgot, ghosts are boneless."

Old Ghost made a rare joke.

But Su Wan just stared at Old Ghost's eyes seriously: "Let me look for him. I must find him."


As soon as Old Ghost raised his hand, a cluster of dark flames burned in his palm: “Do you believe me or not that I will scatter your soul right now?"

Scatter my soul?

Su Wan smiled, "You won't. If you can really watch on as my soul scatters with your own eyes, you wouldn't have intentionally saved me that day."

Su Wan's will was steadfast.


Old Ghost coldly snorted, but when he raised his hand again, a golden chain materialised in his palm.

This was……

Su Wan's pupils abruptly shrank. The aura she felt from the golden chain really made her heart palpitate in fear.

This was…… an Immortal artifact!

The legendary immortal artifact!

"Who are you?"

At this time, Su Wan stared at Old Ghost with a gaze filled with incredulity.

How could there be such a god-defying existence like the immortal artifact in this world? This was by no means allowed by the laws of the world.

Old Ghost’s identity seemed to be increasingly mysterious.

"I'm just an old ghost."

As soon as Old Ghost raised his hand, the golden chain flew to Su Wan's palm: "This is a pseudo-immortal instrument and it doesn't have any attack ability. It can only cover up the Ghost Qi on you and allow you to walk safely in the human world."

So that’s how it is. It seems quite reasonable.

Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. The golden chain automatically wrapped around Su Wan's wrist. The golden light dissipated and Su Wan's wrist immediately had an additional dark golden bracelet.

"Get ready, let's set off right away."

Old Ghost snapped his fingers and he immediately changed into a set of the currently most popular sportswear. He was also carrying a backpack on his shoulders. Paired with his slightly young face, he really looked like a highschool student.

"You’re coming with me?"

Su Wan looked at Old Ghost. She didn't expect that he would go looking for Su Rui with her.

"Of course. I want to personally see you give up on him and then come back with me obediently." Old Ghost looked confident.

Su Wan:......

How persistent are you? I already said I am not Su Wan (苏婉)~

Su Wan was speechless at Old Ghost's obsession, but with him taking care of her along the way, Su Wan could also be completely at ease. She should be able to smoothly meet up with Su Rui with Old Ghost's cultivation base, right?

Su Rui, where are you?

At this time, thousands of miles away at the foot of Mount Mao.

"Heh (sneer)."

Su Rui spat out a mouthful of blood, his entire face pale as a sheet.

Although he used that d*amned forbidden technique to forcibly summon a dragon spirit to contract with, the spirit that was summoned turned out to be a black dragon!

The black dragon was evil, lustful and was a disgrace to the dragon clan.

When the black dragon descended upon the world, the entire Ma family was shaken. The fact that Ma Yue used the forbidden technique had already caused dissatisfaction among the family elders. In addition, everyone always had high hopes of him and he only summoned the trashiest black dragon. At everyone’s suggestion, the patriarch planned to punish him by sending him to ponder over his mistakes at the mountain behind the Ma family’s residence for a year.

How could General Su accept such an unreasonable punishment? In his anger, he injured the group of elders and left Ma residence that same night. As a result, members of the Ma family chased him wildly along the way. People who had been jealous of Ma Yue's status secretly plotted to harm him with underhanded methods, wanting to kill him!

Because Su Rui used a forbidden technique in the hidden chamber that day and injured his foundation, he could only flee while fighting. He originally went all the way south and planned to go to Nancheng to find Su Wan, but who knew he would hear the news about the eldest young miss of the Su family going to Mount Mao for help on the way there?

After knowing that Su Wan’s body had issues, Su Rui immediately changed his route and headed to Mount Mao. Who could’ve thought that as soon as he entered the territory of Mount Mao, he would be ambushed by Ma Yue’s former enemy…..

"Little Yueyue, you look like you’re on the verge of death."

At this moment, a black figure suddenly appeared beside Su Rui and the handsome man smiled evilly: "Little Yueyue, do you want Benwang’s power? Those stupid humans have no idea how powerful Benwang is. Evil is the most powerful source of power in this world."

"Shut up."

Su Rui wiped the blood from the corners of his lips and coldly looked at his contracted dragon spirit: "Do you think I have fallen to the point of using you to help me?"

What a joke.

Su Rui sat on the ground quietly recovering his spiritual power. He had been running away and hiding, but he didn't really want to fight them to the end because he still has to save his spirit powers to save Su Wan…...

Oh my, Little Yueyue is angry!

The black dragon narrowed his eyes. You don’t need me? One day, you will use me, because I sensed the evil trait in you.

That day when Benwang was summoned by the darkness in your body, it was very powerful…...

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